As you stand at the first tee your introduction to South Kyme Golf Club is a long and apparently easy par four.  Halfway to the green you will find bunkers guarding both left and right of the fairway. Big hitters beware - keep it down the middle. When you arrive at the medium size green, you will find slopes from back to front and a long bunker on the left hand side. This is one of those greens that will test your skills especially if you are putting across the green. Good putting on here could set you on the road to a good score.

A good length par three but with a decent sized green. Short right

of the green is a small lake. There are also bunkers guarding the

green, positioned to catch any shot that's slightly too far left or

right. To the left hand side there's a long green side bunker and

trees to the back of the green make for an interesting shot for those

golfers with a little too much muscle. If you are really long and left it

is possible to go out of bounds. Beware ... if you do pull your ball

left please give fair warning to the players on the third and seventh


Here again we meet a longish par four which doglegs left to right. Down the left hand side is out of bounds on or over the road. There is also a copse of trees and the end of a cross ditch down the right hand side - but a good tee shot will clear these. However, another ditch runs down the majority of the right hand side of the green before cutting across the fairway with about 80 yards to go to the green. To cross the ditch a new bridge has been built. The bridge, designed by Alec Dodman, one of the Club's leading statesman, was donated by the Club President, Mr Barry Wilson and his wife Junetta. Barry is one of the Clubs characters and has provided outstanding support to the Club since even before it opened. A long iron shot into a good sized green is the ideal but beware the bunker short of the green on the right and the two bunkers on the left hand side of the green. Anything long will run over another of these mounds to give you an interesting little chip shot back.

This is a longish par four. Recent developments have moved the    competition tee to the top of the bank on the left giving a splendid view of the fairway. The large lake dividing holes 4 and 5  menacingly awaits a sliced tee shot. Halfway down the fairway are bunkers to the left and right which, if you find them with your tee shot,  will make reaching the green particularly difficult. There are yet more bunkers as you approach the green so careful course management is required here. The large green is guarded by a bunker front right and back left and is quite deceptive when it comes to putting. Don't be fooled it isn't straight and flat. It is a hole to get you back onto track for that good round if you have dropped a silly shot on the third.

Another long par four that allows you to open those shoulders and go for it. A good drive down the middle will mean a long iron or a fairway wood to a large green guarded by two bunkers, one front left and one front right.   A ditch on the left and the previously mentioned lake, now on your right, makes a straight drive essential.

We now start the return journey to the halfway house with the first of the par fives. A good drive down the middle is essential if you are to avoid the ditch which runs up to both edges of the fairway. Now for the fairway wood or long iron down the middle again that will leave you a nice little chip shot onto an unguarded green. This green also has some subtle variations to make you think about your put for that birdie.

Another par five but do beware of this one as the out of bounds runs down the right hand side. Down the left hand side is a large copse of small trees and some tall conifers which can be frustrating if you get amongst them. A shot down the middle will leave you with a straight shot to the green. This has a narrow opening guarded by bunkers at the front left and right. Hit the ball too long and you have another of these mounds to play over coming back.

The longest par three which, if the wind

is against, can quite easily tempt a lot

of us the pull the three wood from our

bags. Again a large green with really

no trouble in the way but anything right

can be in a copseof trees, anything

short left may find a new copse of

recently planted 'staked' trees. Anything

really hooked can find the out of bounds.

The raised, stepped tee gives a superb

perspective on this hole. The green now

has a crescent shaped bank around the

back which forms a fine backdrop. There

 are bunkers to left and right as you approach the green.

Another par four takes us to the halfway stage. A slight left to right fade sees us in the middle of the fairway although slightly left of centre leaves us with a decent middle iron shot into a green which slopes from back to front. Too far left or right are more of our rapidly maturing trees which will spoil a good score if you get among then. There is a large bunker front right which is waiting to catch the unsuspecting and ruin a great front nine. This green like the first will test your putting ability and may easily give you that dreaded bogey. Through the back of the green and through the hedge is out of bounds so don't hit too long.

All the trouble is down the right hand side where if you slice the ball or have too much fade you can easily find yourself in the ditch, which is out of bounds. A small copse of mature and young trees on the right of the fairway will swallow up any ball that strays that way from your tee shot. The best place to put your tee shot is down the left of the fairway which allows a shot into the green away from the water to the left of the medium sized green. The green slopes from the centre but holds the ball.


A longish par three which requires an accurate shot into the middle of the green. There is a bunker front right and back left. If you come up short the long rough can make your next shot difficult and if you hit too long and go through there is a steep bank to come back up. But don't worry too much, as the green is a fair size and usually holds the ball very well.

he shortest par four on the card and very similar to the tenth in that all the trouble is down the right hand side. This hole has been developed extensively over the last few years and now includes a meandering ditch all down the right side ready to catch an errant drive. A new elevated tee on the riverbank lengthens the hole slightly from the white tees and give you a view of the river that flanks the next hole - just enough to start the nerves jangling! The bail out area to the left side of the fairway is bordered by tree plantations and heavy rough. The better drive is, as always, down the centre of the fairway as bunkers guard the right hand side of the green at the front and side. If you do go through the green there is a nasty little mound round the back that can make your return shot difficult.

At 471 yards from the white tees this is the longest par four on the course. A good shot down the middle of the fairway sets you up for a longish iron shot into a large green. There is a bunker to the front left and two bunkers to the side on the right which if you hit nice and straight do not come into play. However, this hole has also been dramatically remodelled over the last few years and now has hazards aplenty to catch the stray shot. The ditch that flanks the right hand side of the 12th also runs down the 13th and, if you hit the ball a long way, a large pond on the left stops the cautious approach! However, it is close to the green where the fun starts! The large lake that protects the signature 14th hole cuts in front of the 13th green on the left - when you stand with a long iron in your hands the remaining gap looks very narrow!

South Kyme Golf Club's signature hole yet the shortest hole on the course - with a very large green - but also with a very large lake! Members will tell you that a normal four ball usually has only two people on the green from the tee. There is a bunker to the left and another back right which seem to attract balls with monotonous regularity. There is also an out of bounds in the fields to the right and if the wind is in the right direction blowing down the course it can happily take your beautiful high sand wedge shot disappearing into fields on the right.  This hole features a raised tee that can really make you feel the wind and hitting the green makes you feel like a Champion!

Back towards the clubhouse and the third of the par fives. A slight dogleg left to right that will suit the person who fades, but beware the person who draws the ball. The pond that effected the 13th can now catch your ball on the 15th. The ideal shot is down the left of the fairway taking you away from a stand of trees on the right hand side. Given a good length tee shot you now have a decision to make. Twenty yards in front of the green is a large pond that will happily grab your ball for a swim. A bunker on the left and one on the right guard the front of the green. Should you be too strong with your shot, there are also bunkers at the back left and right. The green is of a decent size so there should be no excuse for missing it.

This is the only hole on the course which suits the golfer with the draw. The drive is best down the right hand side of the fairway, as down the left hand side is a copse of trees that can give you a blind shot into a large green. The big hitters amongst us can actually clear this copse but it takes a brave approach! There is only one bunker that is at the back of the green but an inverted saucer shape to the green makes it a difficult green to hold. Should you pull your shot long and left it is possible to land in the pond by the tenth.

Again this hole favours those of us who fade the ball. It is the only blind shot from any tee on South Kyme but that is because of the mounds down the right hand side at about the landing area. Any shot up the middle will leave a nice shot into a good sized green. There is a bunker guarding the front and back left.

At last the final hole and that coffee and bacon roll in the clubhouse are starting to work on our taste buds. The last of our par 5s, a very long way from the white tees back towards the Club House. Again a slight dogleg left to right and anything sliced will might well land on the tenth fairway or among more of those rapidly maturing trees. The best shot is down the left hand side of the fairway that will allow a clear shot into a medium sized green. There is a bunker guarding the front right. If you are too long there are some interesting mounds behind the green that can give you a tricky shot coming back.

 Hole 1      423 yards      416              355

Hole 2       159 yards          149             138

Hole 4       398 yards          389             328

Hole 5       463 yards          413             395

Hole 6       482 yards          474             409

Hole 3       404 yards          391            367

Hole 9       357 yards          350             341

Hole 8       196 yards          188             147

Hole 7       479 yards          461             367

Hole 13      357 yards          350             341

Hole 12      355 yards          331             274

Hole 11      169 yards          157             116

Hole 15      492 yards          476             427

Hole 18      506 yards          458             381

Hole 16      365 yards          357             300


Hole 17      348 yards          341             287

Hole 14      123 yards          107             104


Hole 10      366 yards          354            284