17th May lockdown restriction easing


Good afternoon all

With the next set of lock-down restriction easing taking effect from 17th May we detail some important information below. We look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

Step 3

From Monday 17th May 2021


One of the biggest changes being the reference to social distancing. This being the statements as follows: –


a).           30 person limit meeting outdoors.

b).          Up to 6 people or 2 households can meet indoors.  You must not interact with anyone outside of your own group (of 30 people outdoors or six people indoors).

c).           social distancing remains in place but if you are meeting friends and family, you can make a personal choice on whether to    keep your distance from them, but you should still be cautious.


So from the Clubhouse scenario, Gary has set up the seating at a 1 metre spacing and on the circular tables this amounts to a maximum of 4 people around each table.  But if up to 6 “friends” want to get closer they can do so. This does not break any rule/guideline/law for a visit to the club. once at that figure of 6 they should not interchange with any other group in the clubhouse. It is the “groups” choice to agree to reduce the social distancing rule. That is unless skgc decide otherwise.



Locker/changing rooms are reopened this includes the shower areas but at reduced capacity.

Toilets and wash-hand basins in locker rooms remain in use

Social distancing measures are to be observed at all times in these areas.

As our facilities are quite restricted in area, we would advise that you still continue to arrive ready to play golf and do any changing in the car park area. The same applies following your game.


Step 2:-

Golf From Monday 12th April.

a) Competition golf restarts.
b) The course is open for play for up to 4 players in any one group.
c) Golf lessons are available to be booked.
d) The Pro Shop can reopen.
e) There is to be no indoor mixing/meeting of people during this Step- 2 period.
f) The practice area is open you will need to use your own balls; they should be clearly marked as yours.
g) The tee opens for playing at 07:00 each day until further notice.
h) You must have a tee time booked onto the system in order to play.
i) If you invite a guest or guests please ensure that you use the booking system and use complete their details when booking them in. Please ask them to also use the QR code to confirm their presence at the club.
j) The golf club will be available for use by visitors, guests, societies and other clubs.
k) There will be available (near to the 1st tee of the day) the QR- code reader to use for the track and trace system that is still in operation. View QR Code
l) The clubhouse will be open for the use of the toilets and wash facilities.
m) The clubhouse will be open for use of the lockers (for placing and retrieving items) not for changing facilities.
n) The club electronic scoring system will now be in use.
o) Toilets / washing facilities will be available near to Tee box 10.
p) Play will start from either the 1st or 10th tee dependent as follows: – Odd date days start from the 1st tee. Even date days start from the 10th tee. Always,Sundays commence from the 1st tee.
q) Social distancing must be observed at all times while at and on the club premises / land.
r) Please come as prepared as you can to play, the changing rooms are open only for storage during this Step- 2 period.
s) Please try to avoid turning up no more than 10 minutes before your start time.
t) 2 households or a maximum of 6 people can meet outside (social distancing rules apply).
u) Flags will be in place on the greens, please refrain from touching them and they are to be left in the hole at all times. Balls will not drop to the normal bottom of the hole.
v) Slow Play. You must be considerate to other players on the course in your vicinity. Please be aware of you pace of play and your position in relation to the other players in front or behind you. If you are holding other players up and there is space in front of you for them to play, then you need to let them through.

Step -2 Catering. From Monday 12th April

1) There will be food and drinks available for consumption on and off the club premises in this Step-2 period.
2) At the clubhouse, food and drink will be available for you to order and consume outside the building. There is to be no eating or drinking in the Clubhouse itself. A marquee will be erected outside of the Clubhouse and there will be a table service only.
3) Social distancing rules are to be adhered to.
4) Orders will be taken at your table by a member of the Catering Staff. You should remain at the table you have occupied until you a have finished and are going to leave.
5) Should you be waiting some time to be served then one person can make their way into the clubhouse (following the one way system) and ask for one of the staff to come out to serve you.
6) Other tables/benches outside the Clubhouse can also be used by you to order and consume food and drinks from the Club bar/Catering facility.
7) You can also use the marquee for consuming drinks from the drinks machine.
8) Please advise a member of staff when you are leaving so that the tables/benches can be cleaned to make ready for the next people who want to use them.
9) The halfway house will be open on Thursdays and Sundays for food and hot and cold drinks. What is available will be posted at the 9th (so either the 9th or 18th tee) tee of your game along with the telephone number to ring through to place your order.( This will help in keeping play flowing rather than waiting for the food / drink you have ordered being prepared when you reach the halfway house). Please use your phone away from the place of play and in consideration of all those around you.
10) You can order your food and drink when you start your round if you wish, if you then ring when you are reaching you 9th tee box you will only need to give your name which will be matched with what you have previously ordered.
11) The opening times will be dependent on the uptake from the players.
12) Please confirm your tee time booking to the person serving you at the halfway house, when either ordering or collecting your order.
13) The drinks machine in the clubhouse will be available for use but drinks have to be consumed outside of the Clubhouse.

Bar, Kitchen & Shop/Office hours will be advertised on the club website, clubhouse front door and notice boards and may change from time to time.

The SKGC Management Committee

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