Opens Entry Forms

View downloadable forms below, any problems – please contact us

Sat. 18th May 2024                 SKGC OPEN AM-AM     details tbc

Sat.25th May 2024                   RABBITS OPEN AM-AM      details tbc

Thurs. 6th June  2024             GENTS OVER 50’S  OPEN  AM-AM     details tbc

Thurs. 25th July 2024            GENTS OVER 50’S  INDIVIDUAL OPEN    details tbc

Tues. 3rd September 2024    LADIES OPEN AM-AM        CLICK HERE FOR ENTRY FORM




South Kyme Golf Club is proud to stage a number of very popular Open Days throughout the year. In the last two years they have sold out resulting in late entries being unsuccessful. If you are interested in entering for one or more of the events before the entry forms are loaded below please contact the club.