“You probably won’t find a better deal for miles and miles…”

Voted one of the 10 best courses in Lincolnshire in 2011. Why not come to South Kyme and enjoy our hospitality and some great golf? Don’t forget to check out our Visitors page for more information. To find us go to the Contact Us page for a map and directions.

Rabbits & Hares

What is a South Kyme Rabbit? you may ask. To answer that important question we need you to answer a few questions…

What is a South Kyme Rabbit?

What is a South Kyme Rabbit? you may ask. To answer that important question we need you to answer a few questions…

  • Are you a member, or intending to become a member of South Kyme Golf Club?
  • Are you just starting to play and you don’t have a golf handicap?
  • If you do have a handicap, is it 16+ ?
  • Would you like to play golf in pleasant surroundings and with friendly company?

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If the answers to the above questions are “yes”, then congratulations, you are hereby an honorary ‘RABBIT’ regardless of age, gender or golfing ability! So that’s what we are, and now for why we exist. We have three main aims:

  • To get people started at playing golf.
  • To improve our skills by mutual support and encouragement.
  • To enjoy ourselves.
  • We play most Saturday mornings from about 09.00am onwards and once a month we have a “Rabbit’s Bash”, which is usually some form of golf competition. We also run a “Rabbit’s Team” which involves handicappers right across the range, to play friendly matches on a home and away basis at clubs such as Boston, Boston West, Kirton Holme and Louth.

For further information about our section please see the notice board by the pro shop.

Mark Williamson


Helen Kirschner

Vice Captain

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20th Year Celebrations

20th Year Celebrations

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Rabbits 20th Anniversary Bash - Report.docx133.84 Kb


AGM Minutes

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AGM Minutes 2014.pdf28.01 Kb
AGM Minutes 2015.pdf225.66 Kb
AGM Minutes 2016.pdf80.76 Kb
AGM Minutes 2017.pdf230.11 Kb
AGM Minutes 2018.pdf130.21 Kb

AM AM Results

AM AM Results

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AM AM Results 2016.pdf486.19 Kb


Eclectic 2017-18

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Eclectic Sept 17 - Feb 18.xlsx15.54 Kb
Rabbits Eclectic 2017-18.xlsx15.96 Kb

Fixture List 2019-20

Fixture List 2019-20

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Order of Merit

Order of Merit

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OOM - Sept-Feb 2018.xls28.5 Kb
Rabbits OOM 2017-18.xls30 Kb

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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Rabbits' Information


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