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Zammo’s Blog

14th December

Good afternoon gentlemen and welcome to my blog, not many of us turned out today only 35 but this was probably because of the change of day due to our Christmas party being held on Wednesday night. I can assure you this was a one off in fact we have already provisionally booked the same venue for next year, but next year it will be held on a Thursday night (in fact the date is Thursday the 12th December 2019 so get it in your diaries now) therefor it should not interfere with our golfing schedule.  The reason we will be going back to the “Poachers Inn” again next year is because we had a lovely party on Wednesday, The food was excellent and plenty of it, the dinner plates were hot for a change, the service went like clockwork, and we were made very very welcome.

The disco was very good too with Vera Lynn topping the night,the venue was well spread out, if you just wanted to socialise and not wanting to hear the music you could have gone to the lounge in the bar, but if you wanted to do your dirty dancing, and there was a lot of dirty dancing going on, you could take to the dance floor. I tell you, you should have seen Me and my dad Colin Underwood doing the Limbo, we didn’t even have to bend down to go under the stick.  So yes a very good night over all with nothing but positive feed back from those members and their loved ones who attended, so please go and find  your “Dancing shoes” (we know a song about that don’t we Paul) and join us next year.

Back to golf, and it was nice to see Bob Russell and his better half Madge in the club house today, Bob has had a few health issues with his shoulder and that is why we have not seen much of his Charming persona…..NOT,  so get better Bob we need another effigy to stick the pins in.

Again back to golf, and our “Whiskey Stagger” there were 2 two’s today both on the 14th Trevor East and Alistair Grant,  sorry boys wrong hole, but David Proctor did win a bottle of, yes, Whiskey for being nearest the pin with a 6 foot – 6 inches measure.

We went down to 4th place as in previous years for the winners so 4th in Cat 2 was Dick George with 36 points, 4th in Cat 1 was Mick Mawson with 35 Points beating Peter Zammit and Roger Mead on count back, in 3rd place Cat 2 was Alistair Grant again with 36 points beating both Dick George and Richard @well on count back. In 3rd place Cat 1 was Trevor East with 36 points. In 2nd place Cat 2 on Count back with 37 points was Tony Gwillym, and in 2nd place Cat 1 also on count back with 38 points was Jim Goodrum. In 1st place in Cat 2 was my dad Colin Underwood with 37 points, and in 1st place in Cat 1 also 38 points was Cliff Smith.

So to the overall winner, and do you know what, I slagged him off so much today that I am running on empty, I cannot think of anything nasty to say to him anymore, except well done Ray Duncan who came in with a cracking score of 42 points which makes Ray the 2018 overall winner of the  “Whiskey Stagger”. Just to put your mind at ease Ray’s card went straight to the Handicap Chairman Roger Mead and Ray was chopped one shot immediately, so a double well done Ray.

Next week: Our last Winter League before Christmas on Tuesday and Christmas Hamper on Thursday, for more details on this read previous blog.

Before I close you might have noticed that our Green Keepers have painted a white line in front of the greens, please abide by these lines and drive or push your  buggies / trolleys around it, on the outside preferably.

Thank you


Zammo’s Blog

11th December 

Good afternoon Gentlemen today the 98th of December, I must say you boys don’t miss a trick do you. I will rattle through the days results but please do stay with me for some more important news.

The weather this morning looked like it was going to be a nice day, but then the fog came in and we were very lucky to complete the days play. 63 Seniors turned out this morning, yet another strong turnout for our Winter League, and despite the fog Pete Williams still managed to score a hole in one on the 14th. Some people will say, yeah that’s cause he couldn’t see what he was doing, I described it, in my presentation as a “Barns Wallace” over the water, climbed the bank and rolled forward into the hole, others inquired if it was the Driver that he took to the ball, but seriously Pete, Well done mate,  despite all of these friendly banter remarks it will be your name that will go on the Board, Well Done Pete.

There were two other two’s who along with Pete and both pick up £15 each and they were Bob Palmer also on the 14th and Geoff Dutton on the 8th.

The results went, in Cat 2: second place Alistair Grant 32 points and winner Terry Regan 33 points. In Cat 1: second place Jim Baxter (freshly back from down under) with 29 points, and the winner Graham Tillman with 31 Points. Well done you four boys.

On a sad note for those senior members who have been in the section over 10 years, we mourn the passing of one of our dear friends Alan Line, Alan was a lovely man and in the course’s infancy a very big and helpful asset to South Kyme golf club, our thoughts are with his family, and may he rest in peace. I have not got any details of the funeral but as soon as I have any dates I will put them forward.

I also got some very sad news this afternoon from David Knight seniors captain of Sandilands Golf Club, and that is that Sandilands golf club will be closing down with immediate effect after tomorrow. We have some very close friends at Sandilands and over the years through our matches we established a great friendship and needless to say a lot of banter was had between us, we feel for you boys and you will always receive a warm welcome from us whenever you want to come and visit us.

We are sorry to see yet another golf course close it’s doors  in such a short space of time after Canwick Park and Immingham, and that my dear friends just shows how precarious  golf courses are, and that we are no special case, so we really should look after what we’ve got at the moment, enhance it and enjoy it.

Tomorrow evening it’s our Christmas Party, even at this late time any raffle prices will be most welcome, just bring them with you, you never know you might be taking them back home with you, but joking aside Thank you in advance. The next golf day this week will be on Friday now and not on Thursday, this is only a one of, and that is solely because the only evening that was open to us at the venue for our party was on Wednesday night. If we are satisfied on the night and plan to go there again next year then we will try and book earlier and get a Friday night, so please just for this year put up with this little inconvenience, there will be a half way house open on Friday as well. The first tee will be at 08:00 Hrs but registration will go on till 09:00 hrs as per usual winter mornings.

On Thursday next week is the “Christmas Hamper” this will be shotgun start so please be in the club house by 08:00 hrs for registration and hole allocation. After the golf there will be a little Christmas celebration with me singing Christmas Carols! NO NO NO,  with Mulled Wine, Mince pie and sausage rolls, and presentations.

As from next month because of the unpredictability of the winter weather we will be suspending the “Meal Deal”  the half way house will operate as per normal on a Thursdays, so we are promised. Also starting from the first Winter League Tuesday on January the 8th (on a trial basis, so if we don’t us it we’ll loose it) we will be having the facility of having Bacon Baps in the morning before golf. So as you come in to register the same goes as when you buy a Coffee token you will be able to order and pay for a bacon bap with the registrar and your bap will be made ready for you by the staff in the kitchen.

I’m Tired of writing now so I will say goodbye, see some of you tomorrow evening, and the rest on Friday.



Zammo’s Blog

96th December

Good Morning Gentlemen, sorry I’m a bit late with this blog,  but after golf yesterday I went to Pilgrims hospital to Visit Neil Gilbert. Neil looked very good yesterday and his latest infection has more or less cleared, and he is looking forward to going back to Skegness for his Rehab to try and achieve his aim of being home for Christmas. (We know a song about that it’s called “Driving home for Christmas”)

51 Seniors turned out yesterday for the December medal, the weather was kind to us cause we only had a few spots of rain, and here are the results from yesterday.

Only 2 two’s Mel Moxon on the difficult 8th and he gets nothing but pride for it, and Pete Turner on the 11th and he gets 20 notes for it, I can just hear Pete say “sod the pride give me the money”. Nearest the pin was won by Smicker or 4 F’s commonly known as Cliff Smith with a 7 foot-10 inches and he still missed the birdie.

Cat 2: 3rd place was Bill Dark beaten on count back with net 73, Tony Gwillym also 73 and 2nd place, but the winner of the cat 2 December medal for 2018 was Mel Moxon with a net score of 70.

Cat 1: 3rd place was Pete Turner with a level par 72, 2nd place was Dave Proctor with a net score of 70 , but the winner of the cat 1 December medal for 2018 was Geoff Annibal with a net score of 69. I actually played with Geoff and witnessed a very good round, Geoff really had the big stick and the short stick working well yesterday.

Handicap changes and going up Colin Clark 17 to 18, Steve Clifton 19 to 20, James Goodrum 15 to 16, Gerry Newby 14 to 15, Ian Prior, 12 to 13, Pete Sivill 29 to 30, and finally Graham Tillman 16 to 17. Only one deduction and that goes to the best score of the day Geoff Annibal goes down from 14 to 13.

Next Tuesday back to the Winter league, and then for only next week on Friday and not Thursday we have the “Whiskey Stagger” we will only have 1 Tee instead of our normal 2 on Thursdays, so we will be starting at 08:00 hrs sharp so don’t be late we will however close the book at 09:00hrs. The following week on Thursday we have the “Christmas Hamper” this will be a shotgun start at 08:30 am but please be in the club house no later than 08:00 hrs, so you can register and be allocated your starting hole and partners. After the golf we will have Mulled wine , sausage rolls and mince pies to celebrate our last Thursday get together before Christmas.

Take care Gentlemen and I’ll see you all on Tuesday.


Zammo’s Blog

04th December

Good afternoon my friends and welcome to my first December blog, the festive month, the month of giving, (the month of headaches more like) the month of festive foods, ( the month of gluttony more like) for those religious of you, it’s the month of The re- birth  of baby Jesus ( well I was thought in my younger days that Jesus will come back  at the end of the world on judgement day, so how come he is re-born every 25th of December) I’d better get of the subject of Christmas or I will never stop and please do not show this blog to the Pope because he will excommunicate me, and I will be damned to burn in hell for ever.

Well now to golf, 57 seniors turned out today on a cold and frosty morning, (we know a song that goes like that, “In the ghetto” Elvis Presley) but after the sun came up it turned out to be a very pleasant winter’s day, with no wind and relatively warm too.

There were 5 two’s today, four of them as usual on the wrong whole 14th, and that was Me, Terry Dixon, Tony Hales, and Allan Williams, the only two that counted and he got 20 smackeroons for it was Rod Sanderson on the 11th.

The winners in Cat 2 were: Second place Tony Dixon on count back with 30 points from Allan Williams and Tony Gwillym, and in first place with 34 points and a massive h/cap cut to come was Tony Hales.

The winners in Cat 1: Second place with 31 points (back 9 – 21) was Terry Dixon and in first place also with 31 points (back 9 – 22) was Mike Rowe.

On Thursday we have our December Monthly Medal off the yellow Tees, also the “meal Deal” for those who interested in it, we also have our Monthly Draw where all the proceeds will be paid out to the Lucky Lucky winners. Next Tuesday we have our Winter league round 5, the following day on Wednesday the 12th at 19:00 HRS our Christmas Party at the Poachers Inn, Boston. where we will also have a raffle so any donations towards the raffle are most welcome and thank you in advance. Then our next roll up after that will be on Friday the 14th and NOT Thursday the 13th. So on Friday the 14th we will have our “Annual Whiskey Stagger”

That’s all for today folks, so from your Captain “A Merry Christmas” and a great big Humbug from me.


Zammo’s Blog

29th November

Afternoon Gentlemen and sorry I am a day late with my report, however since there was nothing to report it did not matter at all how late I am.

All I can say about yesterday is that rain stopped play, even though there was no rain because some of us hardy people from the Mediterranean, and three others namely Bill Dark, Shawn Farren and Jodi Kirschiner went out to play and we had a very good round of golf in very testing condition, No fair weather golfers here mate, unlike the rest of the senior section who were scarred off by the forecast.

Enough slagging for now, next week, Tuesday Winter League, and Thursday the December Medal off Yellow tees, also the “Meal Deal” is on on Thursday.

Have a pleasant weekend.


Zammo’s Blog

27th November

Good evening my friends and welcome, I’m sorry I could not be with you this morning but I had to do my good Samaritan deed for this year, and anyway I’m sure I wasn’t missed.

60 Seniors turned out this morning and we were lucky that we did not have the kind of weather we are experiencing at the moment as I am writing this blog.

There were 4 two’s today and as per usual one was on the wrong whole, that man being Pete Turner on the 11th. The other three all scored on the 14th and getting £10 each were Mike Brooks (again), Dave Le Sage and Chris Fowell.

The winners in Cat 2 this morning were Alistair grant with 30 points and second place and with 31 points and winning Cat 2 was Ricardo @well.

Winners in Cat 1 second place with a massive 33 points was Gerry Newby, but with an even massive score of 34 points and winning Cat 1 was Geoff Dutton. (cut him cut,cut, cut, cut.)

On Thursday we have a Texas Scramble and lets hope this weather will improve by then.

Bye for now.


Zammo’s Blog

22nd November

Good evening gentlemen and welcome to our blog again, 43 seniors went out today and I am pleased to announce that 43 came back, despite it being a dreary, misty, cold day, all be it dry and no wind.

We played a stableford non qualifier and here are the results: starting with the two’s competition where 4 two’s were scored one of them on the wrong hole, Mike Rowe on the second, but Paul Eales on the 8th, Mike Brookes and Alistair Grant both on the 14th, each getting £16 for their efforts.

The winners in Cat 2 were: second place with 35 points Neil Taylor,  beating  both Alistair Grant and Mike Brookes on count back, and in first place was Jody Kirschner with 37 Points.

In Cat 1: second place went to Mike Rowe with a good score of 38 points, but with 1 point better  and first place was Mick Mawson with 39 points.

Next week, Winter League on Tuesday and a Texas Scramble on Thursday, My and your thanks go to Pete Williams for putting a bottle of Fire Water on the bar to celebrate his Birthday with us, Happy Birthday Pete, and while on mentioning Pete, I would like to bring to your attention the December Monthly draw, all the proceeds of the draw will all be paid out to the winners so don’t forget to get “Your Lucky Lucky Numbers”. 

You all have a nice weekend and we’ll do it all again next week.


Zammo’s Blog

20th November

Good afternoon gentlemen and welcome to my blog on such a miserable wet cold day. Despite the weather 54 seniors went out this morning and 53 came back in, with only one fair weather golfer giving up on the 11th hole, Storming Norman definitely does not live up to his name.

There was only one two scored today, this being Dennis Nattrass on the 14th therefore on the wrong hole.

The winners in Cat 2: Jeff Stamford with 29 points and second place, but in first place with a very good score of 34 points,  Pete Burton.

In Cat 1 the winners both scored 32 points, so on count back, with a back 9 of 18 points was Cliff Smith, and with a back 9 of 19 points and winning Cat 1 was Mac Towers.

On Thursday we have a stableford non qualifier, and hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder, I would also like to thank Tony Hall and Mike Key for each putting a bottle of fire water on the bar for their Birthdays last week, finally the Meal Deal list is on the board for those who are interested.

Before I go may I just bring to your attention that there is still time to come and share the Christmas Party with us at the “Poacher’s Inn” on Wednesday December the 12th, because of possible hang overs and a late night there will be no Seniors roll up on Thursday the 13th, instead this will take place on Friday the 14th.

Have a good evening one and all and see you all on Thursday.



Zammo’s Blog

15th November

Good afternoon my dear friends and welcome to the Euro zone, cause that is where we will be this time next year. Forty five seniors turned out this foggy morning to what was supposed to be a Stableford qualifier, however due to as I’ve already mentioned thick fog, myself and the rest of the committee decided to make it a non qualifier, the reason for the change was that the fog was so thick that it was touch and go whether we would be able to start play at all, and even though we teed off on time, if the fog got any thicker, we would have had to abandon play and it would have made the qualifier null and void anyway, however as it was, the fog started to lift about 08:45 and it turned out to be quite a pleasant day.

So after all that we come to the results, the nearest the pin was won by the Welsh Dragon himself Tony Gwillym with a measure of 5 foot- 7 inches, don’t drink that wine all in one go Boyyo.

There were 8 two’s today, with 2 of them on the wrong hole, Bill Dark and Dennis Nattrass on the 14th, however Dennis nattrass got himself another 2 on the 11th along with Pete Talbot. The remaining 4 two’s were all scored on the second and they were Yours Truly, Shawn Farren, Mike Mawson and Chris Fowell. The pay out for the two’s today was very low under £5 each and two members already told me to put the money towards my project fund so thank you for that.

The winners in Cat 2: in third place and  beaten on count back with 36 points was the Welsh bomb shell (no not Tom Jones) Tony Gwillym, in second place also 36 points Jeff Stamford, and the winner was Steve Clifton with 37 points.

The winners in Cat 1: on 38 points and third place, the better half of the Williams sisters Graham Sylvester Williams, In second place with 39 points was Terry Dixon, and  the winner with 41 points and the best score of the day overall was Shawn Farren. Well done Shawn and the rest of the winners.

Next Tuesday we will be back on the Winter League, and on Thursday we will once again have a stableford non qualifier. So take care for now boys and if you have just come back from a holiday in Europe and have got some Euros left over, don’t go to the bank and change them back into Sterling, keep them, because you will be using them next year to pay your subs. The Zammo has made his prediction.

Have a nice weekend


Zammo’s Blog

13th November.

Good afternoon gentlemen and as we greet in Maltese Keef in Tom (how are you all)  I hope that you did not miss my wit too much and thanks for the nice welcome you gave me this morning, it really felt like I am back home, which of course I am, especially among such good friends.

In my absence there has been an unfortunate change, Gerry Newby my vice captain had to resign his post due to personal problems, but Gerry Grimshaw has stepped in and taken over as your vice captain this year and as your captain in 2019,2020, we confirmed all this in our committee meeting earlier on this afternoon. On behalf of the seniors section Thank you to both Gerry’s (Adolf will be pleased to hear me thanking the gerries) On a serious note Gerry Newby I hope things will work out well for you mate, and Gerry Grimshaw is a member who over the years has been very supportive of our section and I’m sure he will make a great captain, and I am also sure we will give him all the support he needs.

My other thank you’s before I come to today’s results goes to John Spooner who once again volunteered to look after the “Seniors open” for this coming year, this is quite a demanding task and it helps the committee tremendously to know that such a task is in the safe hands of  John who over the past few years has done such a fantastic job looking after the “Seniors open” Thank you too to Tony Hall for the bottle of Fire Water on the bar Happy 69 Birthday Tony. And finally my thanks goes to Martin Howard who kept the blog going in my absence.

On to today’s results where 65 seniors turned out for our second round of the Winter League, there where 7 two’s today 4 of them on the wrong holes, trust Bill Dark and Martin to change the holes just when I get one, the other 3 poor unfortunates were Dick George also on the second like me with  Paul Hocking and Barry Short both on the 11th. The 3 two’s that counted were Ray Duncan, Alan Jude and Mike Rowe all on the 14th and they got £17 each.

There were also some silly scores for the winners today, and I say silly because these boys who scored so well today are really Silly. Boys you want that kind of score towards the end of this comp in February, now you have to carry on the comp with a severely low handicap, and there you were thinking you are so clever, remember he who laughs last, Laughs, laughs and laughs (That is one of my Maltese sayings).

So the winners of Cat 2: in second place with 31 points was David Heath, and in first place with a remarkable 37 points  and a 2.7 handicap cut was Dick George.

In Cat 1: it was the curse of the Duncan’s with little Duncan (Duncan Bustin) only scoring 35 points and into second place, but in first place was big Duncan (Ray Duncan) scoring 36 points, and a 2.1 and a 2.4 handicap cut respectively, and you call yourselves clever. Seriously boys a very well done great great scores.

Onto Thursday, where we will be playing a stableford qualifier off the yellow tees, and may a I also  apologies for not putting the Meal Deal List on the board before I went away, I will be putting one out by Thursday and the meals will be, since they have proved to be the most popular, Ham, egg & chips, and Savoury mince, mash and Yorkshire pudding.

Before I close may I just say how pleased I was to see both Rob Baldwin and Pete Talbot out there playing once again and we wish all our other absent friends well.

Take care


Zammo’s Blog

8th November

Good afternoon Gentlemen.

Again, in Pete’s absence, it falls to me to publish today’s results.

44 players went out for today’s Team Stableford, on what started as a damp and windy day but turned out nice in the end.

There were no 2’s scored on any holes today so the 2’s pot will roll over to next week.

Today’s results were, in 2nd place, Stew Milner, Tony Hall & Alistair Grant with 76 points and the winners were Gerry Grimshaw, Terry Dixon & John Taylor with an impressive 82 points.

Next week, on Tuesday will be Week 2 of the Seniors’ Winter League (Week 1 Results can be found on the Web Page & Noticeboard) and on Thursday will be a Stableford Qualifier (weather permitting) to be played off the YELLOW TEES.

Martin H (on behalf of Pete Zammit)


Zammo’s Blog

6th November

Good evening Gentlemen.

I apologise for the lack of sarcasm/humour/Maltese language in this post. As you probably know, Peter is away in Malta.

64 Seniors went out for the 1st round of the Winter League today, 63 of them actually competing in the League.

There were 8 two’s scored today, 3 of them on the wrong hole (14th) by Mel Moxon, Terry Regan & Jeff Stamford. Do the same next week chaps as we are going to alternate two’s holes each week.

Winning two’s were Mel Moxon (11th), Tony Hall (11th), Colin Clark (11th), Ian Brereton (2nd) & Ian Prior (2nd) – each winning £5.

The winners today were – in Cat 2, 2nd was Jeff Stamford with 32 points and the winner was Tony Hall with 33 points. In Cat 1, 2nd was John Taylor with 32 points and the winner was Mike Brookes with 33 points.

Please ensure that you use the correct Scorecard for your Handicap Category – Cat 1 is 0 to 19 Club Handicap and Cat 2 is 20+ Club Handicap (No movement between Cats once the League has started). Using the wrong Scorecard could mean that the winnings are paid to the wrong player!

Martin H (on behalf of Pete Zammit)


Zammo’s Blog

01st November.

Good evening gentlemen and once again welcome to my blog, before I go into today’s results I would like to let you know about the welfare of our friends Neil Gilbert and Keith Myatt. Starting with Neil, better news regarding Neil, he has been passed medically fit and discharged from Lincoln Hospital, he has been taken to Skegness General (Gloucester ward) for rehabilitation and intense physio to built up his strength, we wish him well.

Keith Myatt as far as I know is still in Lincoln Hospital, I will phone Mrs Myatt later on with a plan to go and see him again on Saturday. Keith is suffering from a complication where he cannot move his legs, this complication occurred after his knee operation which was a successful operation. I am hoping for some good news of which I will inform you, and may we also wish Keith well.

OK on to today and 51 seniors eventually braved the damp conditions this morning and went out to compete in November’s monthly medal. Due to the wet conditions in the early hours some of the greens were unplayable so we were on the aprons, therefore the competition became a non qualifier, but the medal was still contested.

The nearest the pin as always was on the 14th green, however this was one of the greens that was closed so we had to shoot on to the Winter green, and as always there is going to be someone that hits a great shot and this someone today was Graham Sylvester Williams with a 5 foot – 5 inches winning himself 2 bottles of wine.

There were 3 trwo’s today, all on the right holes this time and each player won himself £8, all were scored on the 11th green and they were Paul Eales, Pete Turner and Chris Fowell.

The November Cat 2 monthly medal was won by John Dyson with a score of 69 net, beating into second place Tony Gwillym with a score of 71 net, and in third place also with a net 71 but (beaten on count back), was Colin Underwood.

The November Cat 1 monthly medal winner was Chris Fowell with a great score of 67 net, this was with 2 eights on the card as well, Definitely a handicap review in my books, in second place, also a very good score of 68 net was David Tasker, and in third place with a net 71 was Shane Wilcox. Well done gentlemen.

For those that put their names down we had our Second serving of our “Meal Deal” as always this went down very well thanks to Janet, Shannon and Abbie.

Next week sees the start of our Winter League on Tuesday so don’t forget to take extra cash for your entry fee. For those new members that has never played in our Winter League, this competition is played over 14 holes (holes 1,2,7,8,9, and all the back 9)  from the green tees, the duration of play is over 14 weeks with the best 10 rounds  of the 14 counting in the end, so one can afford to miss one week or two and still be in the competition. This is a very enjoyable competition as the handicap’s can go down very quickly, but not so quick to go up. An Eclectic competition is also in the mix, so hopefully we will have a better Winter than the last one. ENJOY.                            On Thursday you will have a team comp, so good luck.

I will not be with you next week as I will be going to Sunny Malta for a week, and no, Brexit is not until the 28 of March Ha Ha, I will also be buying some Maltese delicacies to put in my Christmas Hamper to try and poison you lot so please don’t forget to try your luck in the Hamper.

So I wish you all well, and have a great weekend with your loved ones, I will see you all on the 13th November ain’t you all lucky.


Zammo’s Blog 

31st October

Good evening my dear friends and welcome to my belated blog, I am sorry that I did not update my blog yesterday but after working on the course and not getting home till 17:45 pm, I was too knackered to get cracking with my blog.

Once upon  a time, on a very bleak damp cold October morning, 42 senior nutters went out to play a Winter League warm up stableford competition off the Green Tees.

There were 4 two’s scored yesterday 3 of them on the wrong holes yet again, and they were Norman Beavis on the 8th, with Cliff Smith and Pete Turner both on the 14th. Bob Palmer is the only one that got it right scoring a two on the second hole and getting £20 smackers for it.

In cat 2 – John Dyson, Doug Tasker , Pete Burton, Mel Moxon, Rod Sanderson and Mike Young, all lost on count back to Tom Kelly with 35 Points.  The winner of Cat 2 was Tony Hall with 42 points.

Cat 1 – in second place with 38 Points was Cliff Smith and the winner with 41 points was Pete Turner.

I would like to notify both Pete and Tony that your cards went to the handicap Chairman for review and both of you lost a stroke each, Pete has had 2 cards  submitted in the last 2 weeks both with 41 points and Tony with a score of 42 points deserves to be cut, HuH serves you both right, no seriously well done boys.

Tomorrow we have our November Monthly medal, off the yellow tees, and for those who put their names down the “Meal Deal” so don’t go and have a hearty breakfast in the morning as you will be getting a bacon bap.

See you all tomorrow,


Zammo’s Blog

25th October

Buena Sera Signiori, and welcome to my blog. Once again the Golfing Gods shone brightly on us today and encouraged 63 aged gentlemen to come out and stretch their aching bones.

We Played the Doug Tasker over 70’s trophy or at least only those that are 70 plus, in the past I threatened to report Doug Tasker for ageism but owing to the fact that I’m nearly there myself I think I will let it lay.

For us Youngsters we also played a Stableford qualifier so I will start with that if I may. the overall nearest the pin today was won by non other than Pete Williams with 6 foot- 1 inch, I actually asked Pete if he wanted to donate his wine, but he soon told me where to go in his usual polite way. Well done Pete shame you didn’t get the birdie.

Again overall there were 4 two’s today, two of them as always on the wrong hole John Hand on the 8th and John Stephenson on the 14th, the two that counted were Shawn Farren and Steve Clifton both on the 11th.

So to the under 70’s: in third place with 39 points and beating John Hand on count back was Steve Clifton, also on 39 and second place was Neil Taylor, and the winner of the under 70’s with a very good 40 points was Paul Eales.

The over 70’s, in third place with 38 points and beating both Pete Williams and Colin Underwood on count back was Geoff Dutton, in second place with 39 Points was Tony Gwillym but the winner of the “Doug Tasker Trophy” for 2018 with a massive 42 points was the Brummie himself  Dennis Nattrass. Well done Dennis.

Being a qualifier there were some handicap movements, going up from 15 to 16 Jim Baxter, from18 to 19 Ian Naylor, from 19 to 20 Dick George, and both from 22 to 23  Mike Osborne and Norman Beavis.                                             Going down: Steve Clifton from 20 to 19, and Dennis Nattrass from 22 to 21.

Next Tuesday we have a non qualifier Winter league warm up, basically we will be playing 18 holes of the green tees, and them on Thursday we have the November Monthly Medal off the yellow tees,  and for those who wish to partake  in the Meal Deal the list is still on the board but it will come down on Tuesday.

You and your loved ones, Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you next week.


Zammo’s Blog

23rd October

Good evening me old fruits and I hope you have got your thermals all ready for the cold snap we are expecting this weekend. Before I go to today’s results I would like to mention how nice it was to see Gerry Grimshaw out playing again, and also how nice it was to see Graham Horton and Rob Baldwin both paying us a visit after their hospital treatments over the last few weeks, Pete Talbot is at home and recovering well, so it just remains for us to wish both Neil Gilbert and Keith Myatt more positive progress in their recoveries.

We Had our annual RBL Poppy appeal today and I would like to thank all of you seniors who through your generosity raised £141- 75 p this morning through the selling of Poppies, we will still be selling poppies on Thursday to those members who were not at the club today.

So today we played a stableford qualifier for the “Alan Jude RBL Poppy appeal Trophy” there were 50 of us out this morning, I would also like to welcome a new member to our senior section Mr Alex Brewer, Alex I hope you will enjoy our Senior section and Welcome, oh don’t worry mate we are very good at looking after your financial outgoings as well, much better than any bank.

The nearest the pin today was won by Gerry Grimshaw with a very close measure of 3 foot- 8 inches which he duly converted into a birdie, Gerry also scored another 2 on the difficult 8th, but Gerry mate they were the wrong holes, mind you both myself and Stewart Milner got it wrong as well scoring our two’s on the 14th. The only 2 two’s that counted today were Shawn Farren on the 2nd and Alistair Grant on the 11th, well done boys.

We paid winning money down to fourth place today so there was no Categories today, and in fourth place with 37 points on count back from the Reverend, was Chris Fowell, in third place with 39 points was John Hand, beating John into second place on count back also with 39 points was Mike Key, but the winner of the  “Alan Jude RBL Poppy appeal Trophy” for 2018 with 40 points was Pete Shucksmith, well done Pete.

A couple of handicap adjustments: going up from 17 to 18 Gerry Grimshaw, form 21 to 22 both John Dyson and my dad Colin Underwood suffer the same faith. there was only one reduction and that was John Hand going down from 16 to 15.

On Thursday as you all know we have the “Doug Tasker over 70’s” this is also a stableford qualifier,  as will be  for the rest of us youngsters. The over 70’s on Thursday will start on the 1st Tee and the youngsters will start on the 10th tee, but owing to the fact that there are not so many youngsters amongst us, once we are all finished on the      10th, the rest of the over 70’s will be using both tees.

That’s all for today folks, don’t forget that a week on Thursday we have our November Monthly medal and as we have been doing for most of this year we also have our “Meal Deal” on Medal days, the list for those who wish to have the “Meal Deal” is on the board so get your names down.

Thank You All


Zammo’s Blog

18th October

Greetings my dear friends and welcome to my blog, what a cracking day we had today weather wise, the sun really does shine on the righteous and no one can be more righteous than me, and just like a colony of Galapagos islands Iguana’s 60 of you came out to bask in the sunshine.

Today we kinda had 3 competitions in one, so I start first with the Medal of Medals, the number in this comp was very small due to some medal winners members having other commitments and partly due to some greedy, selfish, inconsiderate so and so’s  like Duncan Bustin who won 3 medals and Norman Beavis  2 medals over the season hoarding it all (well done boys, it’s not sour grapes, just had to get that one in, so don’t do it again).

So in the Medal of Medals, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place all came in with a net score of 75, on count back then and  in 4th place was John Spooner, in 3rd place was Terry Dixon, and in 2nd place was Paul Eales, but the winner of the 2018 Medal of Medals with a net score of 73 was Ian Prior. Well done Ian (so what happened to you two Duncan and Norman, don’t tell me, the weight of your medals dragged you down, ah you poor little darlings)

On to the Stayers Salver, for those who are not aware the criteria for winning this trophy is, that you at least had to play 6 medal rounds over the year and that you have not won any competition during the current year. However you can still compete in the event and win the day, but not the trophy, if you don’t meet the criteria.

Before I go to the winners there was a nearest the pin competition as always on the 14th for a couple of bottles of wine, and this was won By Tom Kelly, beating Mac Towers,and Rod Sanderson the only other 2 names on the sheet.

There where also 5 two’s today, alas as always  two of them on the wrong holes and these were Roger Mead on the 14th, and Tony Hales on the 8th. The other 3 that got it right got £20 each for their efforts, all were scored on the 2nd and they were Paul Eales, Dave Tasker and making a habit of it, so you’d better cut it out Stewart Milner.

So the winners of the day and the Stayers Salver were (and here we paid down to 4th place), loosing out on count back in 5th place with 37 points was  Robin Brown (37 / 18) Winners:  in 4th place with 37 points (37 / 19) was David Heath, in third place and winner of the 2018 Stayers Salver was Tony Hall with 38 points (38 / 17) in second place on the day also with 38 points (38 / 21) was Mick Mawson, but the winner today of the scratch Stableford was the Reverand  Mike Young with a score of 39 points.( I can just see the reverand Mike young just like the Kenny Everatt character with those big white gloves jumping for joy and singing (“BROTHERLY BROTHERLY BROTHERLY LOVE”)

Next Tuesday we have the RBL Poppy appeal so please bring some extra money with to buy your Poppy, then on Thursday we have the “Doug Tasker over 70 trophy” big entry in this one, only because we are all getting older, I remember when I first joint the Senior section there were only a hand full of over 70’s competing now it’s the other way round, and what’s more, you will have at least another 5 that I can think of joining in next year one of them namely ME.

That concludes the story of the day so I bid you all a good evening and a pleasant weekend,

Goodnight children,


Zammo’s Blog

16th October.

Good evening my dear friends of the senior section and welcome to my blog, we do apologise for changing the Texas scramble for today but we did not anticipate a big turn out and with a small number it is hard sometimes to manage a team event. In the end 36 seniors turned out this morning and played a stableford non qualifier instead.

The results were thus, there were no two’s, so the money rolls over to Thursday, and the winners of each category were:

In Cat 2: Runner- up with 35 points Colin Underwood, and in first place with 39 points David Heath.

In Cat 1: Runner- up with 40 Points Barry Short, and in first place with 41 points Pete Turner.

Myself and another 16 seniors played in our end of the season Texas scramble with the ladies, Sue Roberts as always did a grand job organising this event which was won by Yvonne Prior, Sue Waller, John Spooner and Bob Palmer, the scores were all very close and all who played enjoyed a good fun full of banter round.

Next Thursday sees us play the Medal of Medals, and the Stayers Salver, but before I go just a couple of items of interest.

One, it has been suggested to me to put it out to you, How do you feel on our Meal Deal day if you have your coffee token on arrival as present, but you have your bacon bap in the half way house after 9 holes, instead of on arrival as in present,  and then your meal after play, please let us know how you all feel about this proposal.

Two, owing to the fact that our golf course is sharply rising up the popularity charts we have another request for an exchange day like the one we had last year with Toft. Well this coming year Toft would like to do another exchange day and Waltham Windmill golf course wants an exchange day with us as well, (Waltham Windmill is where we had our away day in July).

We will put out a notice on the board asking members to register their names if they would like to take part in these exchange days for us to get a rough idea of numbers.

That is all for now folks, see you on Thursday.


Zammo’s Blog

11th October

Good afternoon / evening me old harthies, and welcome to my blog on our final Seniors match of the season, but before I go on to today’s overall scores I want to mention our Invitation day that took place yesterday.

With the Golfing Gods smiling on us and rewarding us with one of the most beautiful days in October, 66 seniors from clubs that we play friendlies against through the season, participated in our end of season Invitation day. We at South Kyme seniors have been hosting this event, which we, actually started years ago, and year on year it has proved to be a very welcomed event, hence the good turnout.

Our Green keepers Shaun and Paul were both out at first light to cut and iron the greens for us, helping us to provide our guests with probably the best I have seen our golf course, thus the number of congratulations and high praises that our guests directed at our club, so thank you Shaun and Paul.

Janet and her staff once again did us proud with the carvery that was laid on, once again every customer highly satisfied, and full of praise, so Thank you Janet and all your hard working staff.

My Thanks go to Maureen Dark who was as always running the raffle and thanks also to those members who contributed prizes for the raffle, also once again thanks to Maureen and Maz for looking after the half way house and supplying us with our traditional Invitation day soup and Bread, also to Maz for helping out sorting the score cards. Thanks also go to Norman Beavis and Terry Regan for filling in the reserves pairing space. However although Norman helped out with the booking in Mr. Regan did nothing but give me grief, but in the immortal words of Kenny Everett’s Cupid Stunt “It was all done in the best possible taste”.

I saved my last big thanks to Bill Dark who looked after the bookings, the draw, the money, the paper work, thanks Bill without you it would not have been such a successful day.

My overall final thanks go to all the seniors that bought raffle tickets, and donated money at the half way house, all together my charity “Parkinson’s” is £326.30p better off thanks to your generosity.

To the winners, 4 nearest the pin’s, on the 2nd getting 2 bottles of wine with 7 foot – 11 inches was Jim Burden from Woodthorpe Hall, on the 8th again getting 2 bottles of wine with exactly 5 foot was Ray Smith from Boston, on the 11th again 2 bottles of wine with 13 foot – 4 inches was Richard Woodcock from Woodhall Spa, and finally the star prize of a bottle of whiskey on the 14th with 69.5 cm was Chas Taylor from Boston.

In the individual pairing score for first place was 72 points, 3 pairs came in with 72 points so on count back in 3rd place was myself and Shawn Farren ( how ironic is this, by winning the Stableford qualifier from Shawn himself, the previous day, my h/cap went down by 1 point, that 1 point would have seen me and Shawn winning the pairs event, sorry Shawn mate, believe me, nothing personal) in second place on count back were Bruce Hayes and Andy Craft from Blankney but the winners were K. Corlukes & I. Poole from Sleaford.

The overall winners of our 2018 Invitation day with 193 points narrowly beating Tydd St Giles by 1 point were Sleaford., so well done to Sleaford and we hope to see you all again next year,

So we come to today, in the roll up there were only 24 players that went out for the Med / Stab competition, and only 1 two was scored by Stewart Milner on the 11th. with such a low turn out we could only pay up to third place, and in that 3rd place was Mike Key with 20 points, in second place with 19 points was Alistair Grant, but the winner today with a score of 17 points was Stewart Milner, a very well done Stewart for a clean sweep.

Finally to our last match of the season where we hosted Blankney, again the Golfing Gods smiled on us because it turned out to be a very nice day once again despite a few spots of rain very early in the morning. The nearest the pin  and winning two bottles of wine with a measure of  3 foot – 4 inches was Bob Ledger from Blankney.

Myself along with Norman Beavis played against our old friend and acting Blankney captain 2LL’s himself Phill Johnson and his partner Roger Fry, Phill was a very much valued and supportive member of South kyme seniors for a number of years, as always with his beaming smile and layed back attidude he is definitely missed but I still hate him for beating me today, well done Phill and Roger it was great yo be playing with you again Phill, as for the overall score of the match, it went 4 -3 to South Kyme, so well done boys and thank you for playing today and for supporting me and your senior section all through our match season. I will be putting out the overall results of our matches in my next blog, I am far too tired to do all that tonight, so with that I bid you all good night and Sweet dreams (if you’re not able to do it anymore at least you can dream about it)


Zammo’s Blog

09th October

Afternoon campers and welcome to my blog, before I go on to today’s results I would like to notify you that now the seniors knock out finals have been completed and so congratulations to Barry Short who won the singles, and to Len Westlake & Alan Cowie who won the doubles, well done all three of you.

There were 46 seniors that went out today on a lovely morning to play a stableford qualifier, but although the weather was lovely, a bit breezy yes,  but then at South Kyme we are used to a bit of wind, the scores were a bit poor by our standards, on the other hand you could have all been protecting your handicaps, since there were only 2 scores under par.

There was also only one two scored, on the 11th, not that Barry Short is complaining by being the only to score the 2 cause he got £20 for his efforts.

So in second place in Cat 2 was John Swift with 35 points, and the winner of Cat 2 was Bill Smith with 41 points.

In second place in Cat 1 with 34 points beating Trevor East on count back was Shawn farren, and the winner of cat 1 today was yours truly with 38 points.

Handicap adjustments: going up  Tom Kelly from 24 to 25 and John Taylor from 14 to 15.

Going down Bill Smith from 28 to 25, and Peter Zammit from 11 to 10.

Thursday sees us complete our match schedule for this year with a home match against Blankney, and for those seniors not in the match you will be playing a Med-Stab competition.

See you all on Thursday,


Zammo’s Blog

04th October

Greetings my friends and welcome to my blog. I would like to start by giving you an update about two of our members who lately underwent serious operations. I’ll start with Graham Horton who had his operation last week and it’s been quite successful, Graham is doing very well and is expected to be home today, so well done Graham and we all hope to see you back amongst us soon, to keep us updated on the politics of the day.

The other member is Neil Gilbert, whose operation was also successful, but unfortunately for Neil while in Hospital he contacted the very serious infection of Septus, this not only knocked Neil back for six but for a dozen and more, however after being in hospital for over 3 months now Neil is very very slowly making some improvement, the latest is that with the aid of some special apparatus Neil can now get in and out of bed unaided by the nursing staff. I will be visiting Neil again on Saturday and I will give you another update next week.

Before I go to today’s results, I must mention that yesterday we played our last away match of the season at Louth golf club, unfortunately we lost the match by the score of 4-2, with 2 of our losses both coming on the 18th and losing by one, but well done to the 2 winning pairs, Paul Eales & Gerry Grimshaw, and Terry Regan & Chris Fowell.

On to today’s Monthly Medal results now, where 54 seniors went out to the October medal, there were 3 two’s with Stewart Milner on the difficult 8th and getting nothing for his efforts, sorry Stewart, but the one’s that counted were scored both on the second hole and they were Shane Wilcox and Steve Clifton.

Nearest the pin and here I was brides maid again this time to Graham Sylvester Williams, after nailing an 8 iron about 6 foot from the pin I could already start tasting that wine, only to get to the measuring box and find out that Graham got there before me with a 4foot- 6inches from the pin, the swine, I tell you those Williams sisters are at it again, if it’s not one it’s the other. No seriously Welcome back Graham it’s so nice to see you back amongst us playing and very well done mate.

So the winners today: In Cat 2 third place with a net score of 71 was Jody Kirschiner beaten on count back, in second place also net 71 was Neil Taylor, and the winner of the October Cat 2 Monthly medal with a net score of 70 was Alan Broom.

Cat 1 and some very good scores here with the top 6 players under par, Jim Lee 71, Shawn Farren 70, Pete Turner 69, so in third place on count back with a net 68 was Len Westlake, in second place (and after a rest) also with a 68 was Graham Sylvester Williams, but the winner of the October Cat 1 Monthly medal with a great score of 67 was Duncan Bustin (I’ve got to blow Duncan’s trumpet here, cause even though he’s so full of wind he ran out of puff blowing it) Joking aside, Well Done Duncan and Alan.

Handicap changes: going up from13 to 14 Shane Wilcox, from 25 to 26 Doug Tasker, from 19 to 20 Mel Moxon, from 27 to 28 Alam moore and from 14 to 15 Jim Ferguson.

Going down: from 18 to 17 Graham Sylvester Williams, and from 12 to 11 Duncan Bustin.

Before I go, I must make you aware of slow play. we are now experiencing rounds of well over 4 and a half hours for a 3 ball, and well over 5 hours for a 4 ball, I know in medal play format the game takes longer because every shot has to count, and I also know that we are all Seniors and what’s more getting older, so I don’t expect you to go running round the golf course, but please if at all possible try and keep up with the game in front, and more important Try and be aware of  how long your round is taking, also when you finish your round try and get your score cards to the club house as soon as possible, so we can close the competition and do the presentation so we can all go home, please remember that most of your committee members were at the club house at the crack of dawn to get the whole thing started.         I very much do appreciate your consideration and thank you.

Next Tuesday we have a Stableford qualifier from the yellow Tees, on Wednesday your senior section will be hosting our annual Invitation day, then on Thursday we have our last match of the season at home to Blankney while the rest of the crew will have a med-stab.



Zammo’s Blog

02nd October

Good afternoon Gentlemen, now that I had my little siesta, I can sit down and tell you all about today’a adventures.

It was on a beautiful crisp sunny morning that 42 seniors, 2 of them as guests, turned up to do a Waltz on the Hallowed turf of South Kyme, where they were all looking to put a little white ball in 18 holes in a small number of shots to accumulate lots of points, and win themselves some gold coins.

Two lucky seniors managed to put their ball in the hole in two shots, both on the second, thus finding a pot of gold at the bottom of the hole of £20 each. These two lucky boys were Pete Turner and David Lamyman.

Some very good scores were also achieved with the winning total being 83 points, There were 3 groups with 83 points but we could only give gold coins to the first 2 groups, so losing on count back in third place were Pat stewart, Trevor East and Mike Key (back 9 – 40points), in second place and having 4 gold coins each put in their Card treasure box were Shawn Farren, Pete Shucksmith and Richard Attwell (back 9 – 42 points), and our winners of 6 cold coins each with 83 points (back 9 – 45 points) were The reverend Mike Young, Harry Stanley, and one of our 2 guests, because of the policy we’ve got that guests cannot win any money his winnings will go in the Captains fund / Charity. This particular guests wanted to give our senior section a go, he told me how much he enjoyed himself and that in him we have another prospective senior member, but what is more important is that we will also have another South Kyme member.

That my elderly boys, alas no girls (although I don’t know so much about that) that concludes our little adventure for today, Good bye.

On to Thursday, it is our October Monthly medal played from the Yellow Tees. the draw had been made as always a week prior to the medal date, but some seniors for one reason or another still add their names to the list after the draw had been made. May I remind those members that add their names to the list after the draw, that we do not turn anyone away after the draw has been made, but by not registering your name on the list for the main draw then you get what you are given.

We as your committee put the Monthly Medal entry list a good 3 weeks to a Month prior, so there is plenty of time for anyone to put their name on the list to be included in the main draw, we also honour those members that wish to go out early, or late, or even sharing a buggy as long as we are notified, so please, so that you will not be disappointed in the end, just put your name down on the entry list prior to the draw, which always takes place a week before the actual medal is due to be played. Thank you.

We also have our “Meal Deal” on Thursday so to the 14 seniors who put their names down for the meal deal don’t go and have a healthy breakfast before you come to the club, as we will be looking after you by keeping your cholesterol level’s  up giving you a Bacon Bap and coffee on arrival.


Zammo’s Blog

27th September

This is Dixon of Dock Green “EVENING ALL” and welcome to my blog, today most of you enjoyed (not) a 3 club stableford competition or in Colin Underwood case a 2 club competition because Colin lost his 5 iron early in the round and did most of the comp with 2 clubs, he was reunited with his 5 iron in the club house.

There were 3 two’s each winning £5 and they were, Mike Osborne and Pete Turner on the 11th and John Taylor on the 2nd.

Even with 3 clubs there were good scores to be had, winners in Cat 2 were, second place with 36 points Stewart Milner and the winner of Cat 2 with 37 points was Pete Williams.

In Cat 1 and runner up on count back was Eric langley 37 points (back 9-17) and beating Eric to first place again with 37 points (back 9-18) was Jim Goodrum.

Next week, on Tuesday we have a team event, a waltz, then on Thursday we have our Monthly medal and our Meal Deal, the medal will be played off Yellow tees.

We also Hosted Woodthorpe Hall to our penultimate match at home today, and what a lovely summer’s day we all had, the visiting boys, as always enjoyed our course and our hospitality, they like us, were very gracious to Janet and her staff for yet another lovely meal after the match, and the score of the match went to us with a 5 – 2 win, my thanks go to the boys who played in the match, and we’ll do it all again next week at Louth.

Take care gentlemen,


Zammo’s Blog

25th September

Afternoon Gentlemen and what a lovely one it is too, weather wise, and on a just as lovely a morning, all be it a bit chilly first thing, 45 seniors turned out to play a non qualifier roll up Stableford competition.

There were no two’s today, so today’s money will roll over to next week,  So on to the winners, and in Cat 1 loosing out on money on count back with 33 points was Paul Eales (back 9-16 points) so in second place also with 33 points (back 9-18 points) was Mac Towers, and the winner of Cat 1 with 34 Points was Mike Rowe.

In Cat 2, second place with 38 points was Colin Underwood ( Colin said thanks boys, but he needs the money to pay for his new buggy) and the winner of Cat 1 with a massive 43 Points was Bill Smith. As is  our procedure Bill’s card will be put forward to the handicap committee for a handicap review, so expect a handicap cut Bill, but very well done indeed anyway.

On Thursday we have a home match against Woodthorpe Hall and the rest of the seniors will be playing a 3 club and a putter Stableford competition.

After the above mentioned match we only have two more matches to finish up the season, one against Louth Away on Wednesday the 3rd of October and the last match of the season is at Home to Blankney on the 11th of October, I am very much down in the number of players for both these matches, if anyone out there that reads my blogs and would like to play but cannot be at the club to put their names down on the team sheet, you can always drop me an email    address

Thanks boys, also just a quick reminder that there are still places available for our Christmas Party, to be held this year on Wednesday 12th December at the Poachers Inn on the A52  into Boston, Price £24 per head / £48 per couple, if you would like to join us, just see Bill Dark, he’s very good at making you loose some weight from your pockets, Bless him he’s a very kind considerate man is our Bill.

Take care and see you on Thursday.


Zammo’s Blog

22nd September.

Good evening bloggers, sorry I am a bit late with this blog but there were a few things happening since Wednesday so because there were no results to give out on Thursday I thought I will wait till today and give you a run down of events since Wednesday.

I will work my way backwards and start with today. I have just got home from visiting Neil Gilbert in Hospital, since he was admitted to hospital on the 2nd July for his operation Neil suffered one mishap after another. The latest mishap is, he was being given a blood transfusion on Thursday and his body reacted badly to it. He was comfortable this afternoon and quite talkative, but understandably so, he is getting fed up with it all, because the operation that he went in for has been successful and he should have been home weeks ago. He is putting on a bit of weight though, so maybe once they do administer the rest of the blood transfusion and hopefully there will be no more bad reactions,  he will make some quicker progress, for anyone that would like to visit him,  he is on Hatton ward room 17.

Back one day to yesterday, on a very windy day 6 of us took part in the Tydd St Giles invitation day, we did not do all that well but despite the howling gales we still had an enjoyable day. The course was in a very good condition, as were the greens, so no excuses just bad play on our behalf, but that’s golf.

Onto Thursday, a very short report regarding the golf in the morning “RAIN STOPPED PLAY”, however Rob Baldwin did go out with a new member that needs to put in three cards, so well done Rob, you’re a hero, very brave or mad, the latter I think.

In the evening we had the AGM, and here I would like to apologies to 5 ladies who I forgot to thank officially in my report to the floor, these ladies are Maureen Dark for doing our raffles, Jane Eales and Helen Kirschiner for doing the half way house on our seniors open, and once again Helen Kirschiner, Heather Dopriella and Shirley Westlake for the lovely cakes they baked for us on our Seniors AM.AM and Seniors open day, I am very sorry ladies, but I have amended my report to express my thanks, which will be minuted in the AGM report.

Last event took place last Wednesday where we had an away match against Welton Manor, we managed to come away with a half 3.5 to 3.5 thanks to John Spooner & Roger Mead, Shawn Farren & ian Brereton, and Terry Regan & Chris Fowell who all won and Bill Dark & Paul Eales who got the all important half, thanks boys.

Next week, Tuesday we have a Stableford non qualifier, and Thursday we have a home match against Woodthorpe Hall, for the rest of the section you have a 3 club and putter Stableford competition.

See you next week


Zammo’s Blog

18th September.

Good evening gentlemen and welcome to “The Blog”, 37 seniors went out this morning to play a stableford competition going round the back 9 twice. Now I know that some of you were hugely disappointed to find yourself playing on the aprons, but I did say in last weeks blog that due to this week being “Course Maintenance week” there are likely to be disruptions. There were also a few complaints that the temp greens were not cut, this is also true but the reason that the greens were not cut was, that the 3 green staff and the 3 volunteers helping them, simply did not have the time to do so. our main task was to Hollow tine the greens, and get them cleared of the plugs , over the first two days, so on Wednesday they could be seeded, sanded and brush matted in so we can use them on Thursday, hence the 6 of us starting at 06:30 am and not finishing till well gone 16:00 hrs on both days.

I hope I gave you a good enough reason for the greens not being cut, and that brings me now to today’s comp. There were no two’s scored today, so the money will roll over onto Thursday, and now for the winners.

Even though the temp greens were not in such good condition due to not being cut, there were some terrific scores scored on them, In cat 2 There were 2 men finishing with 40 points each, Mike Key and Bill Smith, with Bill beating Mike on count back, so to the winner, coming in with a massive 42 points was David Lamyman.

In Cat 1 and in second place was John Fisher with 35 points and the winner with 38 points was Gerry Grimshaw.

Thursday I hope we will be on the main greens once again and although we haven’t got anything in the programme I’m sure we will come up with something on the day. Also may I remind you that on Thursday in the evening we have our AGM at the club house starting from 19:00 hrs, if you can, please attend.

Take care everyone



Zammo’s Blog

13th September

Good evening my fellow mature men in years, and welcome to my blog, I will start by thanking Pete Sivill for his bottle of fire water to the boys on his 70th Birthday Thanks Pete and Happy birthday mate and we hope to see you with us soon, also welcome back to Fred Wright who at long last came to join us.

On a really beautiful morning 37 seniors went out followed by another 14 in the match against Sandilands, A non qualifier Stableford comp was played with some good scores to be had. Two’s, there were 3 two’s but 2 of them were on the 14th, oh oh sorry wrong hole Mr Tony Hales and Mr Jim Lee, but David Lamyman who knows a thing or two about making money scored on the right hole the 2nd and getting today’s pot of £18 all on his own.

The winners of Cat 2 were: 3rd place with 36 points David Lamyman, 2nd place with 37 points Tony Gwillym, and the winner of Cat 2 today was Tony Hales with 38 points. I can see John’s Fisher’s coaching is beginning to show here.

Winners of Cat 1: in 3rd place with 37 points Gerry Newby, in 2nd place with 38 points was Pete Turner and the winner of Cat 1 today with 40 points was Martin Howard. well done Martin, as with every one that scores 40 and over, Martin’s card has gone to the handicap Chairman for review.

In the match against Sandilands we also did very well coming in with a score of 4.5 to 2.5 to South Kyme seniors, my match along with Partner Terry Regan was a hard fought one against the Sandilands captain David Knight and his partner Doug Collard, eventually we won by just 1 up, incidentally Doug used to play professional cricket and boy he could play those cover drives well over 250 yards I tell you, but the best score of the day went once again to Bill Dark and Steve Clifton who won their match 4 and 2.

The nearest the pin was won by Terry Regan with 8foot- 8 inches, Terry got two bottles of wine for his efforts and he promptly donated one of the bottles for my next raffle, Thanks Terry.

After the match we sat down for another exquisite meal by Janet, and in his speech the Sandilands  Captain David thanked Janet and her staff, he also complemented the good condition of our course and how much the Sandilands boys look forward to come over and play at South Kyme, so much so that they had their away day here earlier in the year.

Next week as I mentioned in my last blog is Course Maintenance week, there will only be 9 holes open on Tuesday but we still intend to have a roll up, playing the same 9 twice, and it will most probably be the same on Thursday.

Take care boys, you and your loved ones have a nice weekend.


Zammo’s Blog

11th September

Good evening Gentlemen and welcome to my blog, before I go onto today’s events and results, a quick update on our friend Neil Gilbert. I went to see Neil this afternoon and I came away from the hospital a lot happier than I did last Wednesday. Neil is still in isolation but he is improving very slowly, he was a lot more talkative today,  his eyes are a lot brighter, and his colour is back a vast improvement on last Wednesday.  He still has a problem to swallow, so he is fed through a tube, but his strength is slowly coming back he can lift his arms and he can also stand for a couple of minutes he said. As I said he is making slow progress but it is going to be a long journey to full fitness, he sends his best wishes to everyone and lets all hope there will be no more set backs.

Now on to today’s events, we cancelled the team event as we thought that due to the bad weather forecast there would not be too many seniors turning up, in the end 41 seniors turned up more than expected, but the bad forecast was right and it turned out to be quite a wet morning, some of us got cold feet and packed up after 7 holes, however there were a few brave hearts or should I say nutters that carried on playing so the results went like this:

Two’s, there were 5 two’s today each getting £5.50p , and these rich peeps were Gerry Newby, John Taylor, Pete Turner, Bill Dark and Bruce Fairley.

Cat  2 Runner up was Tony Dixon beaten on count back with 36 points, (20 back 9 15 back 6)and the winner also with 36 points was Terry Regan (20 back 9 16 back 6).

Cat 1 Runner up with 37 points and also beaten on count back was Shawn Farren (19 on back 9) and the winner being Cliff Smith also 37 points (21 on back 9).

Thursday will be a stableford non qualifier roll up, and we are also hosting Sandilands for a home match. Before I go just a bit of information, The meal deal for October is on the board, also our last matches in October are on the board, plus our annual Texas scramble with the ladies, and may I remind you that next week is Course Maintenance week so we will have some disruptions, I will try and keep you posted as to what’s happening.

Have a good evening and I will see you Thursday.


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6th September

Greetings fellow members of the senior section and welcome to my blog. Before I go into today’s  results I have got a result to give out from last Tuesday the 4th September. On this day 3 of our senior section members namely Paul Eales, Bill Dark and Ray Duncan took part in the seniors open at Rutland county, and the winner of this open was our own Ray Duncan with 40 points, so a very well done Raymondo.

We played the September medal today and 58 seniors went out on a beautiful morning to make battle on the hallowed turf.

The nearest the pin it grieves me to say was taken away from me by Mike Brooks with a 5 foot- 8 inches and he duly converted the put, well done Mike you get 2 bottles of wine for your efforts.

There were 4 two’s however 3 of them on the wrong holes and they were, Geoff Annibal on the 8th, and both on the 14th were Mike brooks, and Jim Baxter. The only two worth money today was scored by a modest Gerry Newby on the 2nd getting a nice £20 note for his efforts, well done Gerry.

So on to today’s results and in Cat 2:  Third place went to Mel Moxon with net 76, also with a net 76 and beating Mel on count back was Neil Taylor, and the winner of the September cat 2 monthly medal with a net score of 70, was Norman Beavis.

Onto Cat 1: and in third place with net 70 was Gerry Newby, in second place with net 69 was Dave Proctor, and the winner of the September cat 1  monthly medal with a very good net score of 68 was Paul Eales. Well done Norman and Paul.

So we come now to the handicap changes, and going up are Richard Attwell from 20 to 21, Rob Baldwin from 24 to 25, Stewart Milner from 25 to 26, Ian Prior from 12 to 13, and finally Pete Williams from 26 to 27.

Handicaps going down are, Gerry Newby from 15 to 14, Dave Proctor from 11 to 10, Norman Beavis from 23 to 22, and finally Paul Eales from 9 to 8.

So onto next week were on Tuesday we have a team event, and then on Thursday we have a home match against Sandilands with the rest of the senior section playing a stableford non qualifier roll up.

Thank you all for your time, have a good evening and weekend and see all next week.


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3rd September

Evening Campers Hi De High, another beautiful sunny morning, a little change from the scheduled programme, we played hidden pairs instead of drawn pairs, this was because we did not anticipate a big turn out and we were proved right, in the end 33 players went out.

There were 4 two’ s two as usual on the wrong holes, John Fisher on the 8th and Harry Stanley on the 14th, but winning £8 each for getting it right were David Heath on the 2nd and Mel Moxon on the 11th.

As the drawn hidden pairs came out there were 3 pairs who finished with 73 points, thus equally sharing, the little spoils of the day between them. and they were: Terry Regan 39, & Gerry Grimshaw 34, David Heath 41, & Alan Moore 32, and finally Rob Baldwin 31 & Bill Smith 42.

September Monthly medal on Thursday, there will be no meal deal on Thursday as we had the meal deal last Thursday but the one for the October Medal is on the board, also all you need to know about our Christmas Party on the 12 December, notification on the board.

I also pinned on the board the entry form for the Tydd St Giles invitation day, this is on Friday 21st September and it is a team of six players, I’ve already got 3 names I need 3 more, any one interested please put your names down, the cost is £20 a head with a meal after play.

You all have a nice evening and see you on Thursday.


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30th August

Good evening Gentlemen and welcome once again to my blog. Today we had our Seniors Championship and 61 of you turned out on a beautiful morning to contest the Pat Stewart Trophy.

There were 6 two’s today, 2 on the wrong holes Shawn Farren on the 8th and Mick Mawson on the 14th, the other 4 each getting £7.50p for their efforts were Tony Gwillym, Pete Williams, and Alan Williams on the 2nd and Ian Prior on the 11th.

The nearest the Pin and winning the Alan Moore nearest the pin trophy was Norman Beavis, Norman also won a nice bottle of fire water, also donated by Alan Moore. ( Thank you Alan).

So to today’s winners and in 5th place with a Gross 84, net 71 and beating Terry Regan on count back was another Terry, Terry Dixon. In 4th place Gross 85, net 70 was Michael Rowe, in 3rd place on count back also with a net 70, gross 78 was Pete Turner, in 2nd place with gross 87 net 69 was Mick Mawson, and the winner and  Senior Champion for 2018 also winning the Pat Stewart trophy with a magnificent score of 75 gross, net 65 is Shawn Farren, Shawn also wins the lowest Gross cup for his gross score of 75, a very well done Shawn. so come on Everyone     “didn’t he do well”.

Handicap changes: and going up from 8 to 9 Paul Eales, from 14 to 15 Jim Lee, from 12 to 13 John Stephenson, and finally from 24 to 25 Alistair Grant.

Going down: from 18 to 17 Mick Mawson, and from 10 to 9 our champion Shawn Farren.

There were 24 of us who sat down for our meal deal after play so thanks to Janet and her staff for looking after us and thanks to Susanne for coming in early this morning to do our bacon baps, while I’m on about the meal deal, the new notice for our next meal deal in the October Monthly medal will be on the board next week, on the notice there will also be a space for those members who do not wish to have the meal deal but would like a bacon Bap in the morning, to enter their order, along with their name.  My thanks also to the greens staff Shaun and Ken for their hard work on our great course and with a new green keeper starting today I’m sure that our course will keep on going from strength to strength.

There are still lots of places left for our Christmas Party, (all details and entry form on the notice board) this year we are going to the “Poachers Inn” on the A52 to Boston. This is a wonderful venue and we have had some very good feed back regarding this venue, the cost is £24 per person for senior members and one guest, any other guests will have to pay the full price of £29. For those that do not wish to drive after having a few drinks on the night you can book a room for the night, you will have to make your own arrangements.

Before I go just a quick update on our dear friend Neil Gilbert, myself and Bill dark went to see Neil in hospital after golf, Neil is at long last doing well, he was very chatty and in good spirits, he still has problems swallowing but even that is getting better and he also has a lot of movement in his arms and legs now. We passed all your best wishes to him of which he was very grateful and hopefully if he keeps improving as he is he will be sent home in the near future.

That’s it for today folks, don’t forget that Seniors golf in on Monday and not Tuesday next week, so till then Addios Amigos.


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28th August

Good afternoon my dear friends and I am sorry I could not be with you this morning but I am having problems with my water works, not that kind of water works, I’ve got a water leak and I had to wait for Anglian water to come and see to it.

There were 41 seniors out this morning for the 3 club and a putter competition, and 4 of them managed to score two’s, however Colin Underwood got his two on the wrong hole and you don’t get any prizes for the wrong hole “Not in this game” anyway the other three scoring two’s and getting a hefty sum of £15 each were Paul Eales, Jim Lee and Jim Goodrum ( always the Jim Jims I think we should start calling them the Jammy Jam Jams) joking aside well done you three.

The competitions winners went like this:

Cat 2:
1st:  David Lamyman – 36 points
2nd:  Terry Regan – 35 points
Cat 1:
1st:  Shane Wilcox – 38 points
2nd:  Shawn Farren – 37 points.
So on to Thursday and as you know it is the Seniors Championship, we also have the meal deal on that day and I am  told there will also be a half way house for those who wish to buy Bacon or Sausage baps.
May I also bring to your attention that as from the October Monthly medal we will have our meal deal as now, but there will also be a space on the entry sheet for those members that wish to purchase a Bacon bap, at the full price, as long as they pre order it the same as we pre order the meal deal.
Next week please take note that the seniors roll up will be on Monday the 3rd September and then on Thursday the 6th September we have our Monthly medal.
Take care everyone.

Zammo’s Blog

23rd August


Greetings my fellow Senior citizens and welcome to my blog. I often wondered when I’m writing these blogs about how many of you do actually bother to read them, so I gave you a little tester in my last blog, by giving you some duff Gen about a 3 club competition, and judging by the amount of verbal abuse I received this morning, it tells me that quite a lot of you do actually pay attention to my dribble every couple of days. Seriously I do apologies and as you found out this morning it was not a 3 club comp, but a stableford comp as per programme, still we had a bit of fun about it and no one got hurt.

So to the days results, 33 players went out, and there were 4 two’s scored, John Taylor managed to get it wrong again by getting a two on the 14th, but John day and Colin Underwood both on the second and Alan Moore on the 11th all got it right and they picked up £11 each for their troubles.

The Cat 2 Winner and Runner up, both scoring 39 points were Alistair Grant (2nd) loosing on count back to Tony Gwillym.

The Cat 1 Runner up was Jim Baxter with 36 points, and the winner was John Taylor with 37 points. Well done to you all.

We also had a match today against Boston west, once again our guests were full of praise for our course and our greens, they were also very satisfied with the meal afterwards, so my thanks once again go to Janet and her staff for that.

I would also like to thank Trevor Stanley (Harry Stanley’s son) for filling in at the last minute for the opposing Captain Bill Liard who although he came to the match he was in no fit state to play as he was feeling very unwell so he was told to go home. As for the result, again a very close one going in favour of Boston West, winning by 4 games to 3, we won two and halved two, Boston West won 3 and halved two, with the best result of the day going to the pairing of Shane Wilcox and Norman Beavis winning their match 7 & 6, Shane Wilcox doing much of the damage by parring 14 holes. Well done Shane, also Well done Paul Eales for winning the nearest the pin from Barry Short and getting two bottles of wine with a distance of 10 feet – 3 inches didn’t get a birdie though.

On to next week and “listen carefully I will say this only once” ( comedy, Allo Allo) on Tuesday and yes this time I have got it right because we will have a 3 Club Competition, then on Thursday we have the Pat Stewart trophy Seniors Championship.

Before I go I would like you to take note of a couple of dates regarding Seniors golf days. On Tuesday the 4th of September there will be no seniors roll up as on this date is The South Kyme Ladies open day, our roll up will take place on the previous day Monday the 3rd of September. The other date to take note of is the one that follows our Christmas Party on the 12th of December. Our Christmas party this year is on Wednesday the 12th of December (all notices are on the notice board) so because there might be quite a few sore heads on the Thursday the 13th December we decided with Pete Chamberlain permission to hold the Whiskey Stagger on Friday the 14th December and not on the 13th. I will remind you all again nearer the time.

That’s all for now folks, have a great bank holiday weekend, and see you all next week.



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22nd August

Morning gentlemen, sorry I did not write this blog yesterday but it was a laptop fast day yesterday, so now I am breaking my fast on this lovely Wednesday morning.

There was a good turn out yesterday morning, 48 in total, to play a Texas scramble, I say a good turn out because we had at least another 14 seniors taking part in the Waltham Windmill seniors open.

The results of the scramble went as follows

Jim Lee, Jim Goodrum & Rod Sanderson with a score of 65.8
Gary Noble, John Taylor & Stew Milner with a score of 64.4
Harry Stanley, Trevor East & Mike Brookes with a score of 63.3
So on Thursday we have a match against Boston west and for those of you not in the match you will have a 3 club competition.
Thank you and have a good day

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16th August.

Good evening Gentlemen, and welcome to this Thursday’s blog. On a very wet start to the day most of you were scared off by the weather and stayed in bed and who can blame you. However, after the initial first hour of play it dried out and it turned out to be quite a nice day.

Because most of you went AWOL that left only 16 seniors playing in today’s roll up which was a straight Stableford competition, there were no two’s today and due to the small number of players we only paid out first, second and third. Amazingly these three players all came in with 38 points so it all went on count back, and in third place was Martin Howard, second was Alistair Grant, and the overall winner was Shawn Farren.

Next week we have a Texas Scramble on Tuesday and a match against Boston West on Thursday so there will be a roll up before the match.

Today we also had a home match against Woodhall Spa, unfortunately we lost the match by 6 games to 2, but there were some good performances especially by Robin Brown and John Sutton who played against two single handicappers, at one stage Robin and John were 3 up but in the end they narrowly lost the match 2 and 1. Myself and Partner Pete Turner suffered a loss on the last hole to a monster put, with 3 other matches also only narrowly lost. But well done to the only winners Bob Palmer and Ray Duncan winning 1 up, and Duncan Bustin and Norman Beavis also winning 1 up.

The nearest the pin was won by Trevor Mason with a 2 foot-3 inches, however after Bob Palmer told Trevor that to get 2 bottles of wine he had to hold the birdie, Trevor went and missed the short birdie put to give Bob and Ray a half, talk about gamesmanship. Trevor did get 2 bottles of wine after all.

The Woodhall crowd are a great social bunch and all matches were played in great spirits and no shortage of banter too, they were most impressed by the condition of our course and how much they enjoyed playing it, and that kind of praise coming from those boys who’s home course is one of the best courses in the country is something for us to be proud of. There was one single criticism by the Woodhall Captain and rightly so too, where, he went in a bunker on the 4th and his ball came to rest in a deep foot print because the player who went in that bunker before him did not bother to rake it. Just simple things like that reflect badly on our course, a bit of good etiquette and responsibility will not go amiss here.

My final thanks go to Janet and her staff for a very nice meal afterwards and to all of you for playing in the match today.


N.B, Duncan Bustin is looking for a player to play in a Charity day at “The Nottingham Golf and Country Club”  on Tuesday the 25th September, the cost is £50 all in and Duncan will be willing to give whoever, a lift there and back too.

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14th August

Afternoon Gentlemen, and welcome to my blog, I’m sorry I could not be with you today but I’m sure you didn’t miss me, and looking at the scores today you certainly did not miss me.

Anyway enough garbage from me, 52 Players went out this morning to play in our Stableford Qualifier roll up, there were 3 two’s today only two of them were on the wrong hole and these 2 poor boys were Ian Prior and Terry Regan, but Bob Palmer scored it right on the 11th and he picked up £20 for his efforts, (which must have taken it out of the poor old sod).

So to the winners: in Cat 2, third place went to Pete Shucksmith with 36 points (18 on back 9) beaten on count back, second place went to Harry Stanley also on 36 points (21 on back 9) and the winner of Cat 2 today with a good score of 39 points was the front half of “Beavis & Buthead” Norman Beavis.

Winners of Cat 1: in third place and beating BobPalmer on count back with 36 points was Gerry Newby, in second place was John Taylor with 38 points, but the winner of Cat 1 with again a good score of 39 points was Ian Prior.

On Thursday we have a match against Woodhall Spa and for those seniors not playing in the match we have a Med-Stab roll up competition (medal on the front 9, Stableford on the back 9).

Handicap changes, this being a Qualifier there were a few handicap changes,

going up

Steve Bailey 29 - 30
John Sutton 24 - 25
Mac Towers 17 - 18
and going down
Norman Beavis 24 - 23
John Taylor 15 - 14

See you all on Thursday


Zammo’s Blog

9th August

Welcome my dear friends to my blog and yes I am grovelling because after siding with the Scots to help them beat England at the “Banter Cup” yesterday I feel I must grovel so as not to be exiled.

Yes we played the Banter Cup yesterday and what a resounding VICTORY it was for the Scottish team and their Mercenary golfer (me). Only one Scottish pair suffered a loss with the other 5 pairs winning, making the final score a 7.5 to England and 16.5 to Scotland (what a trashing). It was a very good day’s golf followed by a lovely meal of Haggis and chicken breast with neeps and tatties and boy it was lovely, thank you Janet. My thanks also go to new senior member Bill Smith for filling in for the Scottish team at the last minute partnering Gerry Newby who came in dressed in the full regalia really looked good, well done Gerry for promoting the spirit of the Banter cup, John Spooner who also came in wearing an England tee shirt, I was wearing my Tartan hat, but it got too hot so I took it off half way round, plenty of Tartan sashes around and the early ceremony of hoisting the English and Scottish flags, Pat Stewart bringing in a bottle of fire water, all in the Spirit of the Banter cup, well done boys, and on behalf of the England captain Bob Palmer my thanks go to John Sutton and his son Ian for filling in at the last minute for the English team coming away as the only winners in the England side.

Finally I would like to thank the Scottish captain Bob Russell and his better half Madge for getting the embroidered towels at their cost, and for both teams contribution  to my Charity / Project a total sum of £115, hope you all had a good day and we will do it all again next year.

We come now to today’s Bogey competition where 4 tremendous scores came in well below par, so their score cards have been forwarded for a handicap review. These players were Geoff Dutton, Doug Tasker, Tony Gwillym and John Taylor. Gentlemen I have just received an email back from the Handicap chairman and he said, he could have easily have taken 2 shots of each of you, but he is feeling kind and only deducted the four of you one shot each, so please check your handicap next time you play.

So today’s results were: in Cat 1 on count back with a score of -1 was Martin Howard from Mac Towers and Pete Turner respectively, in second place with +2 was Jim Baxter, and the winner of Cat 1 with a great score of +8 was John Taylor.

Onto  Cat 2 and some really good scores here, in third place on count back with a +8 was Doug Tasker, in second place also with a +8 was Tony Gwillym but the winner of Cat 2 with a great score of +9 was Geoff Dutton, super scores boys well done, don’t forget to check your new handicaps Ha Ha.

There was also 3 two’s all on the 14th and thus the wrong hole, and they were Mac Towers, Terry Regan and Dave Proctor.

Next Tuesday we have a Stableford qualifier, and then on Thursday we have a home match against Woodhall Spa where incidentally  I am still short of one player so please if you can play let me know asap, the rest of the section will play a Med / Stab roll up.

Before I go I would like to thank all those senior section members who attended the EGM last night showing your support for this beloved club of ours.

Thank you


Zammo’s Blog

7th August

Greetings my mature adults, (mature adults! sounds like something we can watch but cannot do anymore) I’m sorry I wasn’t with you at the presentation but I had to go and have my Gnashers seen too. Before I go into announcing the winners I’ve got Three important messages to give you.

Number one, please don’t forget the important EGM tomorrow evening in the club house at 19:00 hrs please attend, number two is that I have changed my mobile number, the old mobile wasn’t very useful to me as I wasn’t getting a signal at home thus not always getting your calls, anyway my new mobile number is 07484 684112 and my landline is 01526 322888, and finally it has been noted that there are still some of us who retrieve the ball from the cup with their putter (the putter end not the grip end) because they do not want to bend down. This kind of action is damaging the hole, which is grossly unfair for the people following, so please when you putt out, bend down and pick the ball out of the hole with your hand, if you have a problem bending down then invest in one of these gadgets that fit at the end of your grip to pick the ball up.

We come now to today’s results: 39 seniors went out this morning and there were some very good scores too, there were six two’s today but only 2 on the right holes, the four that do not count are Terry Dixon, Tony Gwillym, Stewart Milner, and Mac towers all on the 14th, but Mac Towers made amends because he got a two on the 2nd, the other two that counted was John Taylor on the 11th.

We had a count back for second and third place both with 129 strokes but beaten into third place with 63 on the back 9 were Dick George, David Heath and Mike Brookes, so the runner-ups also 129 strokes but 61 on the back 9, were Colin Underwood, Tony Gwillym and Steve Bailey. The winners today with an impressive 120 strokes (that’s 16 under par, I demand a recount) are Mac Towers, Stewart Milner and Jim Lee, great score boys, well done.

Thursday we got a Bogey competition so please don’t forget your hankies, till then Addios Amigos ( I said this to make Bill Dark feel as if he’s still on holiday)


Zammo’s Blog

2nd August

Evening Gentlemen and welcome to my blog and the results of our August Monthly Medal. There was a good number of seniors out this morning 68 in total, and a very pleasant morning to play golf in.

Nearest the pin was won by Terry Dixon with a measure of 6 feet-3 inches, so Terry got 2 bottles of wine for his troubles,

Six people scored 2’s today with Ian Naylor and Terry Dixon both being greedy and getting 2 two’s, one on the 2nd and one on the 14th for Ian, and Terry getting a two on the 11th and the 14th,  the other two players with two’s on the 14th and getting nothing for their efforts were, John Stephenson and Harry Stanley, sorry boys. The more clever one’s scoring a two where it paid money were Jim Goodrum and Ian Naylor both on the 2nd and Terry Dixon and Myself on the 11th, all four of us winning £20 each, lovely jubbly.

The results today: in Cat 2, three people with a net score of 72, loosing out on count back and getting 4th place was Tony Gwillym, in third place was Eric woods also net 72, and in second place Mel Moxon with a 72 as well, but the winner of the August Monthly Medal in Cat 2 was Harry Stanley with  a net score of 70.

Cat 1 results: and loosing out in fourth place on count back with a net score of 71 was Dave Proctor, so in third place with 71 was Gary Noble, in second place with a net score of 70 was Jim Baxter, and the winner of the Cat 1 August Monthly Medal was Duncan Bustin with a very good score of net 69. A very well done to all of you “Didn’t they do well”

Handicap changes, going up, Alan Broom from 22 to 23, Robin Brown from 26 to 27, Our new member Tony Dixon, from 25 to 26 (not such a nice welcome I know, but I hope you’ll enjoy your time in our senior section Tony,)  Harry Lee from 28 to 29, Jeff Stamford from 28 to 29, John Stephenson from 12 to 13 and finally John Taylor from 15 to 16. There were only two reductions and that’s Gary Noble from 17 to 16 and Harry Stanley from 24 to 23.

Onto next week a team event on Tuesday and with the match being cancelled on Thursday it will be our normal roll up. I would also like to mention to those members that would have liked to have a Bacon bap this morning and they were told they could not have one because they were not in the meal deal, that this matter will be taken forward with the powers in charge because whichever way one looks at it, it beggars belief that a chance for the kitchen to earn some extra money is turned down like that.

Before I go I must remind you all again of our important EGM   on Wednesday 8th August at 19:00 hrs, if you can, please attend, and another very important notice that I would like you to take note of, this was brought to my notice  by Pete Chamberlain who duly wrote this message so please please take note of it.

Noise levels / Bad Language

Please be aware that SKGC has received complaints from neighbours about bad language they have been met with early in the morning whilst golfers are arriving in the car park and Buggy park.

In the interest of our reputation and to ensure our relationship with our neighbours remains on a friendly basis please be mindful of your language.

Thank you.

Zammo’s Blog

31st July.

Oh by the way did I tell you it’s my Birthday today, I just thought I’ll mention it that’s all. Yes I’ve joined the 69’ers and I hear you say “Where’s the bottle then you mean old git” Don’t fret, The bottle will be on the bar on Thursday, Medal Day, you see I like to do things properly and here I would like to thank the South Kyme Seniors Chior Boys for their rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

Today (on my birthday) there were 49 Seniors playing a team event, myself and Martin welcomed and played with yet another new member Bill Smith, so we excluded ourselves from the competition, took pity on you really as we would have won it hands down. NOT.

Anyway there were two 2’s today both on the second hole, and these Lucky people were  Rod Sanderson and Bob Russell, both winning £20 each, apparently Bob chipped in from off the green, pity he never saw it go in as he had his eyes closed at the time.

Even in a team event second place went to a tie break, and loosing out on count back with 139 (64 back 9) were Rod Sanderson, Alistair Grant, and Stewart Milner. So winning second place also with 139 points but 70 on the back 9 were Tom Kelly, Rob Baldwin, and Shawn Farren.  and the winners today on my Birthday with a massive 157 points were Mel Moxon, Trevor East, and John Sutton, well done you 3 Banditos oops sorry I meant amigos.

That concludes the report on today’s play which also by the way happened to be my birthday, I thought I’ll just mention it on the off chance ” know what I mean Harry”.

Tomorrow we have a match away at Woodthorpe hall, not many seniors put their name down for this match, so I am only going there with 5 Pairs, Thursday is our August Medal day and also for those who put their names down, the medal Meal Deal, oh and there will be my birthday bottle on the bar, cause did I tell you it’s my birthday today, I so nearly forgot to mention it.

That’s all folks, on a serious note don’t forget the important EGM next Wednesday 8th August at 19:00hrs, so if you can please attend the meeting.



Zammo’s Blog

27th July

Greetings all you lovely peeps and welcome to my blog, all of today’s report might mention the “Seniors Open” that took place yesterday, no in fact it’s all about our Open from yesterday.

Before I go to the results I want you all to read this and along with  me express our gratitude to a few people I will mention in my next few lines.

First of all I would like to thank the Golfing Gods for shining warmly on us and providing us with (all be it) a very warm, but lovely day, and although there were some angry looking clouds and a few rumbles of thunder mid afternoon, we managed to complete the whole of the competition.

A great big thank you to John Spooner who took care of the entries, and on the day, the registration of all the players playing, also  keeping the kitchen staff informed about those who were dining. The three hard working Ladies, Maureen Dark for, who as always, taking care of the raffle and doing a splendid job there, even though she never drew any of my numbers. In the half way house Jane Eales and Helen Kirschner for looking after all of the players as they came off after the 9th hole, keeping them fed and watered, also another three Ladies from our Ladies section who baked us such lovely cakes, once again Helen Kirschner, Heather Dopriella, and Shirley Westlake. Our chef Janet and her staff who as always kept everyone fed and watered, and our Greens staff Shaun and Ken and all the volunteers for preparing our course for us, not forgetting Pete and Tracey. All our committee members for their hard work in making yesterday such a big success, and finally all of the 146 seniors who took part yesterday, because without you boys this event could not happen, I hope we served you well, thank you for playing and I hope we will see you again next year.

As I’ve already mentioned we had a field of 146 players and through your generosity by participating in the raffle my  charity “Parkinsons UK” raised £596 plus another £92 pounds at the half way house, so on behalf of my charity Thank you all very much.

We come now to the days results, the longest drives, for the young whipper snappers under 70’s on the 9th was won by Paul Russel who very nearly put his ball on the green with his drive, for the more senior players the over 70’s on the 10th was Geoff Annibal.

The rearest the pin’s, on the 2nd was yours truly, on the 8th I’m afraid I have not got that result at hand, but the winner is already taken care off and whoever you are, Well done. On the 11th and a close one here of 9 inches was Harry Stanley, and on the 14th was Mr.M. Chambers.

There were 12 two’s, each player receiving £11, and they were in the 50 to 64 group, John Fisher on the 2nd, Ian Stewart, Adrian Moore and Paul Russell on the 8th, and finally M.Chambers and Eric Woods both on the 14th. the 65 to 69 group, Shawn Farren of the 8th and Peter Zammit on the 2nd. The over 70’s group, Jim Goodrum on the 2nd, Peter Orbine on the 8th, Harry Stanley on the 11th, and finally P.Greesham on the 14th.

Main event scores on the doors now, in the 50 to 64 group, fifth place went to Steve Barlow, on count back from Roger Mead with 38 points, fourth on count back with 39 points Graham Marshall, third place also on 39 points Barry Skinner, in second place with 41 points was Kevin Onyon, and the winner with a very good score of 44 points  Jim Baxter.

65 to 69 scores in fifth place was Jim Lee on count back from Gerry Newby with 37 points, fourth place also on count back with 38 points Richard Attwell, third place 38 points Dave Walsh, in second place with 40 points David Houlton, and the winner with 41 points Bob Chamberlain.

The over 70’s, and there were 5 seniors here all with 39 points, so all on count back and unfortunately loosing out was Dave Proctor. In fifth place 39 points Colin Price, fourth place, 39 points Alan James, third place 39 points Tony Gwillym, second place 39 points, J.J.McKee and the winner of the over 70’s a very well done to Doug Tasker with 40 points.

That’s all for another year folks, thank you all once again for supporting our “Seniors Open” and we hope to see you all again next year.




Zammo’s Blog

24th July

Afternoon Gentlemen, and welcome to my Tuesday blog, On another hot beautiful morning 43 seniors turned out to play a non Stableford Qualifier.

There were some very good scores this morning and 4 cards, carding 40 points and over went to the handicap  chairman for immediate review. This is in line with a ruling that the seniors committee made, that even though a competition is a non qualifier, any player scoring 40 points and over, his card will be submitted for a H/Cap review.

The results went like this: first the two’s, there were 3 two’s however all three were on the wrong hole, These unfortunates were Pat Stewart and Mike Rowe both on the 14th and Alan Jude on the much harder 8th, hard luck boys, leaving a good roll over building up for next week.

Cat 2 Results: second place with 40 points was Harry Stanley, the winner being Norman Beavis with a good 43 points  (Norman’s card went for review and he was cut yet another shot for the second week running).

Cat 1 Results: second place with 40 points was Pat Stewart, the winner being Trevor East with a massive 46 points, (Trevor’s card also went for review and Trevor was chopped 2 shots from 18 to 16) . Well done to the winners especially Trevor and Norman.

I must here raise a big concern and that is of slow play, I know that we are all seniors and some of us are not able to go as quick as they would like, and I am not asking you to go rushing around, but let’s put things into perspective, four and a half hours for a 3 ball is far too slow, even the Pro’s don’t take that long and we know how slow they are. One observation I made today, as we all know we started play on the back 9 today, I was playing my singles knock out match and when me and my playing partner were on the 4th tee I looked across to my left. the 3 ball on the 15th had just teed off yet the 3 ball behind them were still putting out on the 13th, that means that in less than 4 holes this group had already lost a hole on their group in front. Yet another observation today, the gap in time between the 5th group coming in, and the following group was 40 minutes, I just ask “how can a group loose 40 minutes on the group in front, when there was only 8 minutes between them at the start?” So as the Beatles once said, Please Please me oh yeah,  and try and keep up with the group in front, be aware that it is not very nice for the players behind you to have to wait on every shot they play, especially in Stableford competitions “if you cannot score, pick up” simples.

Yesterday we had a match away at Rutland County, this is a lovely and not so easy course to play especially when the wind is blowing, however although it was very very hot playing there yesterday the conditions were a lot easier to play in with the ball running for miles and I am pleased to announce that South Kyme seniors came away with a 4.5 to 3.5 win, well done and thank you to all who played.

While I am on the subject of matches I am still very very short for our match on Wednesday the 1st of August away to Woodthorpe Hall, I have only got 8 names on the sheet and unless I have at least 12 names down for this match then the event cannot go ahead so please if you can, consider playing. I am also down in numbers for the other 3 matches (all at home) in August, so once again if you can please consider playing.

On thursday as you all know by now we have the Seniors Open and I would like to take this opportunity first to Thank John Spooner for looking after all the entries and and the whole organisation of this big event and with a field of 146 players it is a big event, so once again Thank you John and I would also like to wish you all Good luck and may the best man (me) win, Good luck everyone,

Next week, a team event on Tuesday and there will be a bottle on the bar from me on the day because I am changing my sport and joining the 69’ers, On Thursday we have our Monthly medal and for those interested in the meal deal this is also on the board. I will also be putting a menu for the Meal Deal on our Seniors Championship day later in August so keep your eyes on the notice board.

I would like to finish this blog with a very important information for the senior section, and all those other SKGC members that might look at my blog,  South Kyme Golf club is holding an EGM  on Wednesday the 8th of August @ 19:00 hrs, this is a very very important meeting for South Kyme Golf Club, so if you are able please attend this meeting.

Thank you for your time


Zamm’s Blog

19th July

“Bob Tait trophy” today and 60 seniors turned up to play this pairs double, better ball competition, on another cracking morning of this beautiful Summer we are having.

As I said in my last blog there was a lot of money in the two’s pot, so bar the 14th, the other 3 par three’s were all to be played for. However that did not stop 2 of you scoring a two on the wrong hole 14th and this time the two unfortunates were John Taylor and Mel Moxon, Mel was not completely unfortunate because he did get nearest the pin on the 14th winning 2 bottles of wine. Well done Mel.

The lucky two’s winners  all pocketing £2o each were Pat Stewart, Shawn Farren, Steve Clifton, David Lamyman and Trevor East all on the 2nd and Mike Rowe on the 11th. Well done all of you.

On to the comp winners now, and some good scores too, so in third place on count back with 47 points were  Pete Turner & Steve Clifton, in second place also with 47 points were Pat Stewart & Tom Kelly and the 2018 “Bob Tait Trophy” winners were Ian Prior & Harry Stanley. Didn’t they do well.

Just a quick note about our away match yesterday at Tydd. St. Giles, the result was 3 games all, my thanks goes to those of you who came in at the last minute to enable me to form some sort of a team so this match could go ahead.

Next week, Tuesday we will be playing a non qualifier Stableford, and on Thursday we have the Seniors open with a very good field of over 140 players. Any one of you that would like to donate a prize for the charity’s raffle I will be most grateful to you, I would also like to thank all of those that have already donated a prize.

Thank you and “may your God be with you” (Dave Allen)


Zammo’s Blog

17th July

Evening Gentlemen, and welcome to Tuesday’s blog. Before I go onto today’s event I want to bring last Tuesday Texas Scramble results up to date.

1st Pete Turner, Dave Heath & Alan Moore £8 each, and in second place were  Gerry Grimshaw, Jim Lee and Pat Stewart £5 each.

On to today, there were 46 seniors out this morning on a much more pleasant fresher morning, and today we played Stableford non qualifier, there were also some very good scores mainly in cat 2, so the results went like this, in Cat 1 there were 4 players each with 35 points all fighting for second place, which went to our new member Graham Tillman on count back from Jim Baxter, Mike Rowe and Martin Howard. The winner of Cat 1 this morning was Mac Towers with 38 points, well done Mac.

In cat 2 as I said there were some very good scores with 3 seniors finishing on 42 points each, but loosing out on count back was David Lamyman with a back 9 of 19, so in second place and in the money, also with 42 points back 9 / 20 was Doug Tasker, and the winner of Cat 2 also 42 points back 9 / 22 points was Norman Beavis, well done Norman, and may I remind the three of you that as you scored over 40 points your cards will go forward to the h/cap committee for review even though this was not a qualifier.

There were only 2 two’s both on the wrong hole 14th and these poor unfortunates (snicker, snicker) were Colin Clark and Norman Beavis.  So that makes a fat pot of two’s money of £148 and to get rid of some of this money on Thursday’s comp which is the “Bob Tait Trophy” we will have two’s on the 2nd, 8th, and 11th, with nearest the pin on the 14th.

Thursday’s comp as I’ve just said is The “Bob Tait Trophy” this is a better ball pairs competition with the draw already made and on our web site as well as on the notice board.

I do apologise but I am a bit late this Month with the “Meal Deal” on our August Monthly medal this will be on the notice board on Thursday so please check the board.

If I may also bring to your attention that on Thursday week the 26th July is our Seniors open, we have 146 entries to this event and I will be holding a raffle for my Charity “Parkinsons” this time, so any donations will be appreciated.

Before I go I must also mention that yesterday we played a senior’s match against Sleaford. The result went narrowly against us loosing 4.5 to 3.5. There was one winner though and that was Duncan Bustin who won the nearest the pin in two on the 18th, after putting his drive in the left hand side green bunker, he then put his second shot out of the bunker to just over 5 metres, winning a voucher for a free 4 ball at Sleaford which he kindly donated to me as a raffle prize for next weeks raffle. Thank you Duncan.Tomorrow we are away to Tydd.St.Giles, and then our in-house comp on Thursday, I tell you it’s all go.

Have a good evening everyone and see you Thursday.


Zammo’s Blog

12th July

Good Evening Gentlemen, Nice to see you, to see you nice as our late Brucie always said. Today it was your Captains day or should I say my day and 66 of you turned out to support me, of which I’m deeply grateful. The weather was kind to us too, overcast and cool not cold and not warm very pleasant temperature to play in, and the high scores echoed it.

Also today was the second time that we had a shotgun start, so unlike previous years to last year, as players came in they drew a number to find out which Tee they were starting off, this worked very well and in the end we had a very full club house for the presentation. Before the start of play I also informed the players that we would be playing off the new tee on the 11th, also that the green staff were cutting the greens and ironing them, when immediately some clever so and so namely Alan Broom suggested that I should have given them my shirt and they would have ironed that too (nice one Alan, I owe you one).

Whilst we were waiting for the last group to come in I did a little presentation to Jodi Kirschner We presented him with a Tee chained to a 3 inch nut to make sure he doesn’t loose it, and after the last group came in we went out on the practice green to do our spider putting for a bottle of whiskey donated by Richard Attwell, This was won by Jodi, I think the heavy nut and chain slowed his ball down to about a foot from the bottle thus winning it.

So before I come to the results a few thank you’s, first of all a big thank you to Jane Eales for helping me in the half way house, Jane has helped our senior section out in the half way house along with Lorraine Gilbert for a few years now, sadly Lorriane couldn’t be with us today because of Neil being in Hospital. Back to Jane, Jane knows the job inside out, so under her supervision with me as an errand boy we looked after you all very well I thought, thank you all for your donations in the charity tins we raised £40.80p. Thank you to the director of golf for allowing us to have a shotgun start and the greens staff for the excellent job that they do looking after our golf course, thank you to Janet for the lending of the water jugs, tea towels and chopping board, and last but not least a very big thank you to David Lamyman for his generous donation to my Charity / Project funds. I would also like to thank all those of you who brought a raffle price today, but since we did not hold a raffle today those donations will go forward to the raffle on our Seniors open in two weeks time, thank you all.

The Results, we start with the two’s, there were 7 players who scored a two today each getting £4.50p, and they were Shawn Farren on the 2nd, Alan Jude on the 11th, with Alan James, John Stephenson, Colin Clark, Michael Rowe, and  Cliff Smith all on the 14th. My thanks here go to Shawn Farren and Colin Clark who donated their winnings to my Charity / project fund.

Nearest the pins with each winner winning a Bottle of wine, on the 2nd was John Fisher 9ft-11inches, on the 8th was Gary Noble 4ft-1inch, on the 11th, and I must say here that teeing off the new tee is proving difficult to find the green because there was only one player who managed to hit the green and that was also a long distance from the pin, that sole player was Mel Moxon with 25ft-11inches. Nearest the pin in two on the 12th was Terry Dixon with 5ft-10inches, on the 14th and this nearly proved to be an expensive hole for Allan James with just 4 inches from a hole in one, finally the nearest the fairway marker was Jim Lee 15ft-4inches.

On to the winners now and in Cat 1 in 4th place winning £5 with 40 points was Jim Lee, in 3rd place beating Jim on count back also with 40 points and winning £10 was John Stephenson, in 2nd place and winning £15 with 41 points was Shawn Farren and finally the winner of Cat 1 with a very good score of 42 points and winning £20 Paul Eales.

Winners in Cat 2, in 4th place winning £5 with 37 points David Lamyman, in third place winning £10 with a good score of 41 points Neil Taylor, in 2nd place also with 41 points beating Neil on count back and winning £15 was Graham Horton,and the Winner of Cat 2 and also winner of the Captains Day Trophy for 2018 with a massive 44 points was Alan Jude.

There was also another trophy contested today for the best score amongst the past Captains, this trophy was donated by Micky Bans and this years 2018 past captains champion was Alan Jude with his massive 44 points beating Paul Eales’s 42 points. Well done Alan and hard luck Paul, both very good scores.

As this was a qualifying competition today, we come now to handicap changes, and going up from 17 to 18 Bob Russell, from 12 to 13 Terry Dixon, and finally from 13 to 14 Geoff Annibal.

Going down Paul Eales from 9 to 8, Graham Horton from 27 to 26, Jim Lee from 15 to 14, John Stephenson from 13 to 12 Neil Taylor from 27 to 26, and finally and loosing 2 points for being greedy is Alan Jude from 26 to 24.

Thank you all very much for making my day a great one as I hope I made your day a good one, I would also like to thank Paul Eales and Martin Howard for the great work they did today to make it all work out.

Onto next week, Tuesday is a stableford qualifier, but we might change that as we played a qualifier today and then on Thursday we have the Bob Tait trophy, this is a pairs drawn competition with the draw already on the board and on the web site. Sand witched  in between we have two matches, tomorrow against Spalding and Monday against Sleaford, we also had a match on Wednesday against Tydd St Giles  but due to lack of players this fixture might be cancelled, I am awaiting an answer from Tydds so I’ll keep those few players that put their name down for this match posted.

Have a good evening what’s left of it,



Zammo’s Blog

10th July

Evening Gentlemen, and welcome to my blog, today some seniors played a Texas scramble roll up, however I’m sorry to say I do not have the results as yet, but I will publish them as soon as I have them,

Another 14 of our seniors partnered 14 ladies from the Ladies section and contested the “Cooke Shield”. The Greensomes format competition produced some very good scores, the winning score was 41 points on countback and this was achieved by 4 pairings, so loosing out in fourth place were Shirley Westlake and Alan Jude, in third place were Sue Annibal and Doug Tasker, in second place were Ann Clayton and Jodi Kirschner and the Winners of the Cooke Shield for 2018 were Helen Kirschner and Alan Cowie.

Janet also offered us the meal deal and 15 of us took advantage of this great offer, we were looked after by Susanne and the young Chefette Emma,  thank you both very much.

On Thursday we’ve got “the Captains day” this is a shot gun start so please get to the club by 08:00 hrs the latest, my self along with Jane Eales will be looking after you at the halfway house, then after the golf we will hold the spider putting competition for a bottle of Fire water donated by Richard Attwell.

Before I close this blog I would like to bring to your attention that I am still a man short for our match at Spalding on Friday the 13th July, but I’m drastically short for our match against Tydd St Giles (at Tydds) on Wednesday the 18th of July, I will appreciate it a great deal, if you could put yourselves forward for this match.

Thank you all


Zammo’s Blog

05th July

Greetings my fellow men in advanced years, and welcome to my blog on a scorching hot day, LOVELY, our July Monthly medal took place today and 63 of you peeps turned out today on as I’ve already said a very warm day.
There were 4 two’s today all on the wrong holes sorry, they were Jim Goodrum and John Spooner on the 14th and that greedy vice captain Gerry Newby, he had 2 two’s one on the 8th and the other on the 14th, a word of advice here Gerry, next time read the board properly mate, it might financially be more beneficial to you to do so, there is £113 in the roll over pot after today.

There were some good scores and some very bad ones today but we only deal with the good ones here, so the winners in Cat 2 were in third place with a net score of 73 beating Graham Horton and El Presidente Terry Regan on countback was Richard Attwell, Oh and by the way speaking of El Presidente Happy Birthday Terry and thank you for the bottle of fire water.
Back to the results in second place in cat2 with a net 71 was our own Pete Williams, and the winner of the Cat 2 July Medal after getting back the Tee Peg that he cannot loose was Jodi Kirshiner with a great score of 68 net. Well done Jodi “Didn’t he do well”.
Cat 1 and in third place with a net score of 70 and beating Paul Eales on count back was Jim Goodrum, in second place again on countback with a net score of 69 was Gerry Newby, so the winner of Cat1 July Medal also with a net 69 was Pat Steward.
Well done all of you.
The nearest the pin we were informed was Mike Brooks, this still has to be confirmed because the last group did not bring in the nearest the pin box, and when I went back to get it afterwards it was gone, so when it is found we will confirm and reunite the winner with his 2 bottles of wine.
On behalf of those of us who had the “Meal Deal” I would like to Thank Janet and her staff for looking after us and the savoury mince was lovely, may I also say how nice it was to see Glyn Riley and his wife Tessa at the club today, after Glyn’s recent ill health, we all wish you a full recovery Glyn because we want to see you back amongst us playing.
We would also like to wish Neil Gilbert a speedy recovery after his operation on Monday.
Onto next week, on Tuesday we have “The Cooke Shield with the Ladies section, for those seniors not playing in this comp you will be playing a Texas scramble with individually drawn partners.
On Thursday we have this years “Captain’s Day” this is a Stableford qualifier off the yellow tees, and for the first time it will also be a shotgun start at 08:30 am so please get to the club house by 08:00hrs the latest, all the info is on the notice board and Martin will also put it on our web site tomorrow.
I will be poisoning you lot at the half way house and I will also hold a raffle for my charity Parkinsons” on the day, so any prizes donated for the raffle will be most appreciated, Robin Brown has already donated the brand new Mini car that he won last month.
On Friday we have an away match at Spalding, I’ve just managed to scratch a team together but I am still short of one player for the away match at Sleaford the following Monday the 16th July, as for the away match on Wednesday the 18th July at Tydd.St.Giles I am so short of players that I might have to cancel the match all together if no more players come forward.

That’s all for today folks, so enjoy the weekend and the weather and don’t forget COME ON ENGLAND on Saturday.

Addios amigos you bunch of banditos.



Zammo’s Blog

03rd July

Afternoon gentlemen and welcome to my blog on yet another beautiful sunny day, long may this lovely weather continue.
I will start with our AWAY DAY which took place yesterday at Waltham Windmill, 36 of us seniors enjoyed a lovely day, playing on a lovely course, great hospitality and a lovely fish and chips meal to end a great day.
Waltham Windmill management were very accommodating giving us 2 Tees to start from (1st & 10th) thus the last starters did not have to wait hours before they were able to tee off, also the early starters did not have to wait long for everyone to finish, so I would like to Thank Waltham windmill for that also the catering satff for a lovely fish and chips afterwards and the green staff, the course was in a very good condition .
Before I go to the results I would also like to thank Bill Dark for looking after all the running of the whole affair, collecting the money, getting all the prizes…etc…etc Thanks Bill.

The results went like this, the two’s sweep, 4 players shared £36 pounds between them each winning £9 for scoring a two, and they were Keith Myatt, Dave Proctor, Ian Prior, and Shawn Farren, my thanks go to Ian and Shawn for donating their two’s money to my project.
Nearest the pin, we had two nearest the pin comps one was for a nearest the pin in two on the short par 4, 10th and the other was on the par 3, 14th. They were both won by of my playing partners on the day, leaving me to hold the baby, anyway well done to Gerry Newby on the 10th for a bottle of whiskey, and Ian Prior on the 14th for a bottle of mother’s ruin.
Cat 2 winners in 5th place £5 voucher Ray Duncan, 4th place £10 voucher Norman Beavis, 3rd place £15 voucher Rob Baldwin,2nd place £20 voucher Keith Myatt, and the winner of Cat 2 with 37 points and getting a £25 voucher was club captain Gary Noble.
Cat 1 winners and each winner got the same money vouchers, and they were, 5th place Steve Barlow, 4th place Gerry Newby, 3rd place Paul Eales, 2nd place Mike Rowe and the winner of Cat 1 was Dave Proctor.
As always in this comp there is an overall winner and the winner of the AWAY DAY for 2018 beating Dave proctor on countback with 38 points was Shawn Farren who also gets a £30 voucher, a very WELL DONE Shawn and WELL PLAYED, now you can cut that out remember you’ve got to play me in the singles, none of this silly business of playing well please, so behave yourself.
After the presentation we all drove home and from the reaction and responses I’ve been getting most had a good day and came away very satisfied. There was one incident I must mention, and that is by Jodi Kirshiner who expressed his thanks to John Stephenson for finding Jodi’s Tee Peg, THE PEG JODI CANNOT LOSE cause he’s got it tied to a nut and bolt.
We come now to today’s comp, 33 plus me (I was not in the comp)went out today and played a Stableford Waltz. There were no two’s today so the money rolls over onto Thursday Medal, and there was only prize money for first and second. In second place on countback with 75 points were David Lamyman, Tony Gwillym and Steve Clifton, but the winners today with 76 points were, Trevor East,Dick George and Shawn Farren (I told you Shawn you’d better cut this winning lark out) so well done to all of you.
On Thursday we have our July Monthly medal, and for those who put their names down, there follows our Meal Deal food, so don’t have a hearty breakfast before you come out on Thursday because you’ve got a bacon bap and coffee before you go out to play.
The following Thursday the 12th July we have our “Seniors Captains Day” I will be holding a raffle on this day so any contributions towards the raffle will be most appreciated, I will also be taking care of the half way house, this is a roll up comp played off the yellow tees but for the first time this year we will be having a shotgun start at 08:30 so please make sure you have booked in by 08:00 hrs the latest. All the information regarding this day will be on the notice board.
I would also like to bring to your attention please, although I do have a mobile phone and most of you know my number(07516 825508) but because I live in the most scenic woodland part of Digby (crap, crap) and now that the trees in front of my house are fully in leaf I cannot get a phone signal at all when I’m at home (so much for the scenic crap I hear you say, he lives in a wooden shack in the forest) but no seriously please don’t try to phone me on my mobile, if you need to get hold of me phone me on my land line 01526 322888 and if I’m not at home leave a message and I will get back to you, or you can Text me, I still get texts, eventually, or drop me a line via email on

That’s all folks enjoy the weather and COME ON ENGLAND this evening.



Zammo’s Blog

28th June

Afternoon Gentlemen and welcome to my blog just before England take the field against Belgium “come on England”.
On another beautiful warm morning 44 seniors went out to play Team Stableford today, while another 16 seniors were involved in an away match at Southwell, a very good turn out in total.
There were 4 two’s today 2 on the wrong hole Pat Stewart on the 8th and Jim Goodrum on the 14th, But Duncan Bustin and yet another new senior member John Fisher both pick up £20 each for scoring a two both on the 2nd. A very nice beneficial welcome to John and playing off a very good handicap of 7 let’s hope he doesn’t make a habit of it or we will have to let Pete Williams loose on him, he’ll soon make a big hole in his purse. Joking aside John, if you are reading this blog well done and a very big warm welcome to our Senior section.
The runner ups in the scramble today were David Heath, Mick Mawson and Harry Stanley with 99 points, but the winners were Pete Turner, Dick George and the reverend Mike Young with 103 points.

In the match at Southwell we fell just short of getting a result losing by 4.5 to 3.5, myself and Chris Fowell did well to turn defeat into a win being 2 down with 4 to play we won the last 4 holes for a 2up win, Paul Eales and Shawn Farren won comfortably by 4 and 3, Neil Gilbert and Steve Clifton also done well to turn defeat into a win, being 3 down after the 11th they also came in with a 2up win, the half match was achieved by John Stephenson and Ray Duncan.
Although we did not get a result this was a very good show by our team as most other teams that go to Southwell loose by a much bigger score.
The Southwell course was in very good condition, a very different test of golf is Southwell as the front 9 holes are within the race course itself, the holes are relatively short holes but tight with a lot of out of bounds and water, the back 9 holes are park land, much longer and I think suits us better, as I said a good test of golf, it’s like playing two different type of courses in one which it actually is.
The meal afterwards prepared by Bernie and his staff was a lovely salad ,as always Bernie does turn out a good meal, one of the best meals we get on our travels,along with ours.

So onto next week and for those who are going to our away day we’ll see you at Waltham Windmill on Monday, roll up on Tuesday and Medal on Thursday, enjoy the England match,



Zammo’s Blog

27th June

Good morning gentlemen, just a quick message today with yesterday’s results and a snippet of information.

Sorry but I forgot how many seniors went out yesterday but I think it was 42, the weather was cool and pleasant for the early starters but the sun burnt the cloud cover about 9 o’clock and then it got hot once again, but I’m not complaining and long may it continue.

The scores reflected the good weather because there were some good one’s yesterday,

and they went like this: in Cat 2 the runner up with 40 points was Steve Clifton, but the winner with 41 points was Alistair Grant, In Cat 1 the runner up on countback with 41 points was John Taylor and the winner also 41 points Pete Turner, well done boys, but there were quite a few other good scores of 39, 38, 37, 36’s, keep the Sun shining I say.

On Thursday we’ve a match at Southwell, for the seniors who are not in the match you’ve got a team stableford event, the weather is still set fine so enjoy.

On Monday the 2nd July we’ve got our “AWAY DAY” at Waltham Windmill, all the information you need is on our web site under START TIMES so please check, and also can be found HERE, the weather is also quite promising, so all’s well we will all have a nice day, but even if you have a bad round don’t worry the Fish and Chips will make up for it.

Take care all



Zammo’s Blog

21st June

So after seeing the sun rising through my bedroom window this Summer Solstice morning (not quite the same as my fellow Hippies / Druids at Stonehenge) we got to our own temple at South Kyme golf club on a very windy cool morning.

We had a match against Louth golf club today but before we commenced our match 34 seniors went out to contest a Med – Stab competition.
There were 3 two’s scored but all on the 14th and therefore the wrong hole, and these poor unfortunates (hee, hee) were Mac Towers, Keith Myatt and Graham Sylvester Williams ( I knew at least one of the Williams sisters will feature somewhere)

The winners were first in Cat 2 Geoff Dutton with 15 Points, second was Graham Horton with 16 points (18/13) beating Alan Jude in third place also with 16 points (18/12).
In Cat 1 the winner was John Taylor with 20 Points, second place was Bob Russell with 21 points (18) and in third place was Steve Barlow also 21 points (15).

Tha match against Louth was played in our usual friendly fashion, myself and my Partner Terry Regan played against Louth’s Captain John Hollis and Simon Archer, Simon who works as a green keeper praised the condition of our course and greens, he said how marvellous it was to see how much our course matured over the short years it has been in play as he played it shortly after it opened, so he can see the transformation. In his speech Captain John thanked Janet and her staff for a lovely meal and our green keepers.
The result was a good one for us as we came out winning 6-2 with 3 matches being won by one hole thus showing home advantage, the other 3 wins were a bit more convincing though, Myself and Terry Regan winning 4&2, Duncan Bustin and Norman Beavis winning 5&4 and the best win went to my ace pairing of John Spooner and Roger Mead winning 6&5.
Well done to the team and thank you for supporting SKGC seniors, onto Tuesday next week where we will play a Stableford non qualifier, and then on Thursday where we have an away match at Southwell and the rest of the section will play a team Stableford.

Enjoy a good evening on this the longest day of the year.



Zammo’s Blog

19th June

Afternoon gentlemen and once again welcome to my blog. Forty five seniors turned out today for a stableford qualifier, a much bigger number than I thought will be, that is after our exchange day at Toft Golf club organized by Bill Dark (Thank you Bill) which I was told was enjoyed by all those who went and where the day was won by Gerry Newby, well done Gerry.

Back to today and there was a splendid Hole in one on the 11th hole scored by Trevor East, a very well done Trevor, there were only 3 two’s today one scored on the wrong hole by Allan Williams, but the two that counted were scored, one by the Tiger himself Eric Woods on the 2nd, and the other was Trevor’s hole in one on the 11th and no Trevor you do not get double the money for an ace, anyway Eric and Trevor both pocket £20 each for their efforts.

The results today were: in Cat 2, Third place on countback with 36 Points Alan Jude, second place also 36 points Allan Williams, with the winner being Eric Woods on
38 Points.
Cat 1: in third place on countback with 36 points was Trevor East, in second place also with 36 was Mike Brooks, and the winner of Cat 1 with the best score of today 39 points was Pete Turner.
Handicap changes: there were no reductions today but 4 seniors saw their handicap increase by one point, and they were Pete Williams from 26 to 27, Alan James also from 26 to 27, Anthony Hales from 23 to 24, and finally Jim Lee from 14 to 15.

So onto Thursday where we entertain Louth in a home match and for those seniors who are not playing in the match you will be playing a Med-Stab in the roll up.

Take care all, see you Thursday,



Exchange day

18th June

I’m sure Pete wont mind me using his Blog to update you all on the very successful Exchange Day held at Toft Hotel & Golf Club today. 21 of us played on a warm and breezy morning. We started with a most enjoyable bacon roll and coffee in the Hotel and then played golf. The course was in an excellent condition and the greens were superb. I personally felt it was probably the best presented course I had played this year. As for it being hilly I think people need to get away from Lincolnshire and play. I know I am only a ‘young un’ compared to some but at no time did I feel challenged by the climbs. After the golf we enjoyed an excellent meal. In his post match speech Vice Capt Gerry complimented everyone concerned at the club for the way we were looked after. I would like to add to that my personal thanks to Bob Gore from their seniors committee who arranged every thing for us at their end. I shall reciprocate for their visit to Kyme in August.

The results on the day were in 1st place Gerry Newby with 36pts, followed by Paul Eales with 31pts and in third place was Alan Jude with 30pts beating Neil Jenkinson on countback. There was only one 2, by Shane Wilcox on the 10th winning him £21.

Again thanks to all who attended and I will endeavour to arrange another day for next year.



Zammo’s Blog

14th June

Hello, Good evening, and Welcome, today it looked like most of the seniors were still recovering from yesterday, bar a few brave ones, and I mean brave ones because although the weather stayed dry, it was blowing a gale out there today.
Only 19 seniors turned out for the Stableford roll up, plus another 16 playing in the match against Sleaford.
The winner of the Stableford roll up today was Gerry Grimshaw with 35 points, second place going to Harry Stanley with 33 points, there were no two’s so a mini roll up of £9.50 will roll on to next Thursday.

The match today was definitely a match of two halves, the result went with 2 wins for South Kyme and 2 wins for Sleaford, the other 4 matches all halved, so the final score was 4-4 yet another half.
Well done to our South Kyme winners Shawn Farren + Mike Rowe and Robin Brown + Terry Regan, and only half a well done to Yours truly, Neil Gilbert, Ray Duncan, Bill Dark, Paul Eales, John Stephenson, Duncan Bustin and John Spooner.
The match as always was played in an extreme friendly atmosphere with our neighbours from Sleaford, where Captain Graham Anderson thanked us for our Hospitality and friendship praised Janet and her staff for a lovely meal, and also high praises for our golf course especially our greens, now we all look forward to next month when we go to Sleaford for the return match.

Turn your clocks back over 24 hours now and a few words about our Seniors AM AM where 128 players from South Kyme and other clubs took part. The weather Gods were all smiling on us because we couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise.
It really was a good day Maureen Dark as always doing a great job with the raffle where £454 was raised for my Charity “Parkinsons” plus another £100 from the half way house, my deepest thanks for all your generosity, Neil Gilbert who saw every team booked in and Martin Howard who stood out there all day in the sun getting every one off on the first tee loaded with all the information, our two kind ladies at the half way house Lorraine Gilbert and Jane Eales who worked their socks off and kept everyone fed and watered after the first 9 holes, and Bill Dark who was the treasurer, scrutinising the score cards as they came in, and upgrading the score sheet, tremendous, thanks Bill, the two ladies Heather Dopriella and Shirley Westlake for their cakes and the Ladies section for their mini cake donations, also the Rabbit section for their donations, and finally the kitchen staff who also worked their socks off keeping everyone fed as they finished their rounds.
There were 12 two’s in total each player winning £12, and these were Jim Fergusan, Wayne Sexton, Ian Brereton, Mike Trowsdale, Alan Broom, G.Hopson and Graham Houlton all from South Kyme, P.Lamming and R.Lockhead from Sleaford, N.Scrimshaw and R.Wright from Sutton Bridge and finally Kevin Keep from Belton Woods, may I also add that Kevin Keep from Belton woods also won the longest drive on the 9th.

As in the programme there were only prizes for the top four teams and amazingly the top four teams all finished with the same score or 131 points, so it all had to be sorted out on countback, in fourth place therefore were Belton Woods with a back 9 of 66 points, in third place were the P.Lamming team from Sleaford with a back 9 of 63, back 6, 46. In second place with also a back 9 of 63 but a back 6 43 were the Galleria from South Kyme consisting of Ian Prior, Alan Cowie, Greame Campbell and Len Westlake (well done boys for keeping the SKGC flag flying) and finally the winners came from Sutton Bridge with a cracking back 9 score of 61.
I would like to thank the Captain of the winning team from Sutton Bridge for his kind words after being presented with the winning vouchers where he thanked South Kyme golf club for a well organised tournament, Janet and her staff, but he kept his biggest praise for the golf course and the greens staff, saying what a beautiful course it is to play golf on and also saying what excellent greens we have probably one of the best greens he’s ever played on, those were his exact words.
My last but not least thanks go to Pete Chamberlain for all his organization for such a great event but mainly thanks to Pete for being out there at 4 O’Clock in the morning raking all the bunkers.

If there is anyone I missed out to thank please forgive me, my brain is going numb here, (what brain I hear you say) on Monday we have the exchange day at Toft, for all those who are going have a great day and take you pace maker and your puffer with you.
Our next big events come next month where we have our away day at Waltham Windmill on Monday the 2nd July, followed by the Captain’s day on Thursday the 12th July and then our Seniors open on Thursday the 26th July, so I have to be cheeky once again where I ask for your support and generosity in regards to raffle prizes.


Mucchos Grazias Amigos




Zammo’s Blog

12th June

Greetings and welcome to my blog on the eve of our South Kyme Seniors AM AM. With that may I wish all of our seniors that will be playing tomorrow the very best of luck and also a big thank you to all those members who donated a price for my raffle where the proceeds will be going to my charity which is “Parkinsons”.
I would also like to thank our Ladies section for donating prices for the raffle also for the cakes they baked for us especially Heather, Shirley and Sue Annibal, in the words of Mr. Grace from Grace brothers “You’ve all done very well”.

Today we were supposed to play drawn better ball pairs, however in anticipation that there will not be many seniors turning up today I changed it to a straight stableford.
The weather was not very promising either with a brisk cool breeze and also rain in fact the first 3 balls all packed up after 9 holes, The Wimps. In all 35 seniors went out ( a few more than I thought will turn up) and the results reflected the gloomy morning.
With the score of 36 points being top of the pile we waited in anticipation for the Williams Sisters to come in and top that score, however it must have been the wrong time of the month for them because for a change they both came in with poor scores of 27 and 28 points (they are human after all) so the results went this way, with 34 points and in third place was Pete Turner, in second place with 35 points was Shawn Farren but the winner with 36 Points was Tom Kelly, well done the 3 of you. There was only one 2 scored on the wrong hole and that was Tony Hales, so the 2’s money roll up has now gone up to £77-50.

The details for the Senior’s Exchange Day at Toft Hotel and GC on 18 June 18 can be found HERE.

Once again good luck to you all tomorrow and on Thursday we have a home match against Sleaford with the rest of the seniors playing a non qualifier Stableford.

So that’s all for now folks, good night, sleep well, and don’t forget to take your false teeth out.



Zammo’s Blog

07th June.

Greetings my fellow 62 Monthly meddlers and welcome to my blog this lovely Thursday afternoon.
Before I go into today’s shenanigan and results, a couple of thank you first. As always my thanks go to Martin Howard for coming in and doing the amendments on the Monthly draw and doing the results afterwards, and thanks also to Bill Dark for looking after the money side of things.
Thanks to Janet and her staff for providing us with yet another great “Meal Deal”, my thanks also go to David Lamyman for paying to have the broken down Ball washers on the course replaced with new ones, and finally a big Thanks to Harry Stanley for paying for the new150 yard markers situated in the fairways,
Speaking of the “Meal Deal” the list for next months menu will go on the notice board this weekend, so give the notice board a butchers otherwise you’ll go hungry.
We come now to today’s results, The nearest the pin was won by John Taylor beating Robin Brown by 3 inches, John’s being 2 foot-5 inches to Robins 2 foot-8 inches and both converting their super shots into birdies, well done both of you.
There were 5 two’s today Ian Naylor, Alistair Grant, John Taylor and Robin Brown all on the 14th, oh dear wrong hole naughty boys, oops, the only two that counted, scored on the 11th was that of Mike Rowe who had a shocker today, couldn’t win 2 Monthly medals in a row could you Mike, however you still collect £20 for your troubles mate so well done Mike.
Monthly medal results, in Cat 2 and in third place was Keith Myatt with 78, second was Pete Shucksmith with 76 and the winner of Cat 2 scoring 74 was Alistair Grant.
Cat 1 results, and in third place with 73 points was John Taylor, in second place, well what can I say, in the famous words of Hannibal Lecter
“I am having an old friend for dinner tonight, I will eat your flesh and drink your blood tut-tut-tut-tut-tut” and his protegee Annibal Geoffrey had me for dinner ate my flesh and drank my blood, I played one of my best rounds for a long long time today, coming in with a card with no sixes on it bar the 18th and he still beat me, doesn’t it make you feel sorry for me, Oh come on I am crying buckets here as I am writing this.
Joking aside I finished second on 72 points with Geoff Annibal winning Cat 1 with a great score of 69, a very well done Geoff and Alistair.
As always in our Monthly medals there are ups and there are downs, and the ups are David Heath from 21 to 22, amazing how David always struggles when he hasn’t got the vicar to play with, no blessings you see, and the other person going up was Cliff Smith from 16 to 17.
Going down from 13 to 12 Duncan Bustin, from 11 to 10 yours truly, and the biggest cut (serves him right, no sour grapes here) is Geoff Annibal from 15 to 13, a very well done Geoffrey.
That concludes our June Medal, the list for the July medal is already on the notice board so please go and put your names down and in the right Category column (are you listening Harry Lee) and while you’re there also look out for the Meal Deal list.
On Tuesday we’ve got pairs better ball, this is a team event sort of, so you will be picking a card for your playing partner, This will be followed on Wednesday by The Seniors AM AM, then on Thursday we have a home match against Sleaford and our usual roll up for those seniors not in the match.
Once again may I remind those that are going to our away day on the 2nd July to Waltham Windmill is that Bill Dark is collecting the money for this event, the cost is £32.
So with nothing else to add on, may I wish you all a good weekend.

Sahha. (Good bye)



Zammo’s Blog
4th June

36 Players played in the 6’s competition today, which seemed to be a very popular format.

There were no 2’s today on any holes so the pot rolls over to Thursday’s Medal.

Runners-up today were Jim Goodrum, Ray Duncan & Pat Stewart with 80 points and the Winners were Shawn Farren, Ian Brereton & Dave Heath with 81 points. Very good scoring on a difficult day.

Thursday’s competition is the June Monthly Medal, off the white Tees.

Martin H (on behalf of Zammo)


Zammo’s Blog
31st May.

Evening All, and welcome to my last blog of May. I would like to start with a couple of apologies, the first goes to Shawn Farren who I put in second place in Tuesday’s stableford comp, where in fact he actually won it on countback with 38 points from Graham Sylvester Williams.
My second apology goes to Gerry Newby for not high lighting the fact that he actually successfully defended the Greensomes trophy last week, yes the greedy sod won it two years running, what about us poor mortals?
Seriously well done Gerry, and well done Shawn.

We played the “Dave Tomley” trophy comp today, this is a stableford qualifying competition and we had 65 seniors competing out there, a very good turn out by recent numbers.
There was only one two and this was Gerry Newby on the 8th, alas it was on the wrong hole Gerry, hard luck mate, so a nice roll over kitty will be played for on Monday.
The nearest the pin was won by Geoff Annibal with a 8 foot- 9 inches and he missed the birdie put, Ha Ha, but still got two bottles of wine for his effort, well done Geoff.
So on to the main results now, due to the good turn out we paid scores down to 6th place and that was Roger Mead with a score of 37 points, in 5th place also with 37 points Duncan Bustin, 4th place with 39 points Neil Gilbert, 3rd place with 40 points the old man himself Colin Underwood, runner up this year with 41 points was David Tasker and the winner of the “Dave Tomley Trophy” for 2018 was Alan Williams with 43 points.
This was a qualifier today so there were some handicap changes, going up Bill Dark 19 to 20, Geoff Dutton 18 to 19, Bruce Fairley 30 to 31, Jim Goodrum 15 to 16,Tony Hall 20 to 21, Mike Key 18 to 19, Gary Noble 18 to 19, Mike Rowe 14 to 15, John Swift 25 to 26, Pete Talbot 25 to 26, and finally Doug Tasker 27 to 28.
Only 3 players going down, so from 20 down to 19 Neil Gilbert, from 22 to 21 Colin Underwood, and finally and a cut of 2 strokes and doesn’t he deserve it, is Alan Williams from 22 to 20.
A very well done to all and good to see so many of you staying back for the presentation.
As I’ve already mentioned our roll up next week is on Monday the 2nd June and on Thursday we will have the June medal, remember all those that put there names down on the meal deal there will be food before and after golf.
Also just a reminder that in less than 2 weeks time on Wednesday the 13th June we have the Seniors AM AM, any donations for the charity (Parkinson’s) raffle will be greatly appreciated. And another reminder that with the away day just over a month away we will be collecting the money as from next Thursday the cost of the away day is £32.
Thank you all,


Zammo’s Blog

29th May.

Evening All, today we played a straight Stableford competition instead of the Scratch Stableford as was on the program. The reason is that now with the New CONGU handicap system where it allows players to go above 28 handicap a scratch competition becomes unplayable and also unfair. Anyone that needs a further explanation can see me or Martin or Bill and we will explain it in more detail.

There were 45 Players out and also another 4 who were playing their singles Knock outs, in those matches Paul Eales beat Terry Regan on the 19th hole and the other result went in favour of Geoff Annibal beating Duncan Bustin, well done Paul and Geoff.

The Stableford Comp today was won by the Williams sisters who took a day off from the French Tennis Open to come and take our money, as if they need it.
In Cat 2, winner was Alan Williams with 37 points beating my Dad Colin Underwood into second place with 35 points.
Cat 1 was won with 38 points, there were 3 players with 38 points, Graham Sylvester- Williams, Shawn Farren and John Taylor. So in first place Graham Sylvester-Williams beating Shawn Farren into second place, who in turn beat John Taylor all on count-back.
Well done to all the winners. There were also 2 two’s both on the second hole, and both winning £11 each, and they were Keith Myatt and John Taylor, so not too bad John you had the last laugh after all because you got more money then the winners.

On to Thursday and we have The Dave Tomley Trophy, this is a drawn competition and the draw was made last week as it always is with drawn comps, however I cannot help but notice that there are well over a dozen names entered at the bottom of the drawn list. This I feel makes a mockery of the whole draw. Now I know that there might be a genuine reason for not entering your name earlier (like maybe a hospital appointment or any other could be appointments) but most of the names entered at the bottom seem to be repetitive, there are no excuses of not being aware of these drawn competitions as the entry list goes up a month in advance.
This used to happen a lot in the past, so about 3 or 4 years ago we passed a ruling at the AGM that if you do not enter your name on the list you could lose out playing in the competition. We don’t want to go there again and just because we have relaxed the ruling, doesn’t mean that you should make a mockery of the draw, so PLEASE put your names down on the draw. If you prefer to go out EARLY or LATE just indicate so, and we will oblige but please put your names down.
Enough whinging from me now so I bid you all good night and see you all on Thursday.


25th May

Evening Folks, sorry a day late again, and I hope you didn’t get wet this morning.

This afternoon I went to Gus Crockatt’s funeral. The service took place at Quarrington’s church and a lovely service it was too, ending with the last post and the lowering of the flag, very moving indeed. Representing South Kyme golf club was myself, the club Chairman Paul Hocking, Club captain Gary Noble and members Cliff Smith, Dick George and his good Lady as well as Joe Kelly and his good Lady.

A very good quiz master and a much liked member was Gus, RIP dear friend.

Onto golf, yesterday we Played The Dodman / Tasker greensomes trophy for the old ones amongst us, as well as the greensomes trophy for us youngsters, 55 members turned out on quite a chilli morning, with the sun only breaking through as we were about to finish, but a good day was had by all.

There was no two’s competition but we had a nearest the pin on the 14th and this was won by Alan Williams 5foot – 1inch and his playing partner Norman Beavis converted it into a birdie two, the greedy so and so Norman wanted another 2 bottles of wine for getting the birdie, but he was politely told where to go, so Alan shared his wine with him.

The winners of the Dodman / Tasker trophy were in second place with 38 points Colin Underwood and Graham Sylvester Williams, but the winners with a good score of 40 Points Mike Key and El Presidente Terry Regan.

The Greensomes trophy and in second place with 37 points were Paul Eales and Richard Attwell, with the winners also winning with 40 points Gerry Newby and Gary Noble.

Well done to all the winners, next week we will have a roll up on Tuesday followed by the Dave Tomley on Thursday, this is a drawn competition and the draw is on the notice board as well as on our web site.

Don’t forget to put your names down for the Meal deal if you want to eat that is, which will be on our June Monthly medal, also as our Seniors AM AM is nearly upon us any donations for the raffle will be appreciated, I can announce here that the first price on the raffle for the Seniors AM AM will be A BRAND NEW MINI, yes you read it right a brand new mini car for the first price ( however the mini will only be for the weekend)

Thanks boys, see you Tuesday.


23rd May

In the words of Lionel Ritchie “Hello, how are you” or in the words of Maltese Pete Zammit “Hello, Keef in Tom” all well I hope, sorry for being a day late again but I only got the results today while I was at the club.

Yesterday 37 seniors turned up and played a med-stab competition, in a brisk breeze but as the morning went on it warmed up nicely.

There were only 2 two’s both scored on the 2nd hole and the winners were Jim Ferguson and John Dyson, a very well done both of you.

Once again the winning score is on average still well over level par, but in the words of “Bargain hunt we’ve got a winner and we also got a runner up” and the winners today were: in Cat 1 Geoff Dutton with 19 points and the runner up was Neil Jenkinson with 20 points.

In Cat 2 the runner up was John Dyson with 18 points and the winner and the only player below par was Alan Jude with 16 points. Mind you between you and I these two travel together and mark each other’s card so it could be Dyson, Dyson, or should it be dicey, dicey.

Joking aside well done Alan and well done John, Geoff, and Neil.


The rest of the seniors were playing at Woodhall Spa yesterday, the Woodhall Captain Norman Burdens promised me that he will get us on the Hotchkins course and true to his words we played on the Hotchkins yesterday, so thank you for that Norman.This is quite a tough course with lots and lots of deep bunkers and the type of course that one needs to play it a few times ( if they can afford it) before you are able to do well on it, needless to say we suffered a big loss, we lost by 7 matches to one, although the last 3 matches were close scores and could have easily gone our way, but they didn’t, so we just have to make sure that we will reap revenge when they come to South Kyme in August, well done team and thank you for representing our senior section.


Tomorrow Thursday we have the over 70’s Dodman /Tasker greensomes Trophy and the under 70’s greensomes trophy, so we will see you there, and don’t forget that the June medal is not far now and as you all know by now we are doing our Meal Deals on every medal day, the menu list is on the board so if you havn’t got your names down please do so, the choices this month are “Ham Egg and Chips” and “Curry and Rice or Chips” after your round, you also get a bacon Bap and a token before you go out to play all for £8, so what is it “Deal or no Deal”.


You must all think I’m a telly addict but believe me I hardly ever switch the thing on, so until tomorrow have a good evening and,


Good Byee, Good Byee, wipe the tear baby dear from your eyeee.

Zammo’s Blog

18th May 2018.

Gentlemen of the senior section in the words of David Frost “Good evening and Welcome”.
This week my blogs were both a day late, however better late then never, and we start with the non qualifier medal round played yesterday, 36 seniors turned out on a bit of a chilly morning but as the day went on it turned out to be a nice day.
Once again the scoring was not that great with nobody finishing below par for the round.
The winners were: in Cat 1 Jim Ferguson with 76 points, and second place also with 76 points but beaten on countback Gary Noble.
In Cat 2 the winner was Alan Williams with 72 points, and in second place the Brummie himself with 74 points Dennis Nattrass.
There were only two 2’s Mike Key on the 14th, and Jeff Stamford on the 2nd. Well done to all of you.
There was also a seniors match yesterday played at Blankney, Blankney has changed the way they tee off in their matches and I must say it worked out very well as the groups to go out last did not have to wait nearly an hour before they teed off.
The new system is with 2 matches starting on the 3rd hole, 2 on the second and the last 4 groups going of the first.
As the results started coming in I thought we were in for a white wash because after 4 matches we were 4 down, but then our ex South Kyme boy 2 LL’s himself Phill Johnson came to the rescue by kindly loosing to Mike Rowe and Neil Jenkinson, this was followed by another win for us won by Paul Hocking and Barry Short, and I started getting excited, but our 7th pair unfortunately lost and that sealed our faith, but the last Pairing of El Presidente Terry Regan and the other half of Beavis and Butthead, Norman Beavis came in with a win making the final score 5 matches to 3 in favour of Blankey,
My thanks go to the team for playing, to the Blankney seniors for their hospitality and the blankney greens and Kitchen staff for a good conditioned course and a nice meal afterwards.

Onto next week, but before we go there, I would like to wish all the seniors that are Playing in the “Small Beers AM AM “ tomorrow good luck.
On Tuesday the roll up seniors will play Med – Stab and there is also a match played against Woodhall Spa.
Thursday is Greensomes Day with the over 70’s playing in the Dodman / Tasker Trophy and us youngsters playing the Greensomes trophy, all this ageism shouldn’t be allowed.

Take care all of you youngsters and oldens.



Zammo’s Blog

16th May 2018.

Evening Golfers “Hi De High”, First of all I apologies to those members that stayed behind yesterday that I was not there to do the presentation, but I had a dental appointment at 14:00hrs and believe me after nearly an hour and a half under the dentist’s drill I would have rather been doing the presentation, a lot less painful at least.
So thanks to Pete Williams for seeing the last group in and also many thanks to Pete Chamberlain for closing the competition.

There were 50 players out today on a lovely warm morning, and considering that at least 10 seniors were playing their knock-outs that is a very good turn out by recent numbers.
I would also like to welcome yet another new member to our senior section Mr. Colin Dixon (I hope you are a rich man Colin) welcome Colin and what a blessing playing you first round of seniors golf with the Vicker.

There were 4 two’s yesterday but again 2 of them on the wrong holes, namely John Hand on the 14th and Graham Sylvester Williams on the 8th, the other 2 two’s that counted were both scored on the 11th and the winners were Pete Turner and Colin Underwood (well done Dad).
Allegedly there was also a hole in one scored by Mike Rowe according to the “How did I do”. however this was an error, the wrong score was entered incorrectly.

The winners of the Qualifying Stableford competition were, in Cat 2 and Runner up was Tony Gwillym with 36 points and the winner of cat 2 was Gary Noble with 37 points, may I point out now that this is the second week in succession that the winner of a competition had Harry Lee as a playing partner, so take note, if you want to win play with Harry.
Cat 1 and runner up on count back with 38 points was Neil Jenkinson, with the winner also on 38 points being Terry Dixon.

Handicap changes, reductions only, so Gary noble goes down from 19 to 18, Neil Jenkinson from 15 to 14 and finally Terry Dixon from 13 to 12.
A very well done to all of you, 16 seniors will be playing away at Blankney ( for those who are playing Jacket and Tie for dinner please) on Thursday while the rest of the section will have a non qualifying roll up medal off Yellow Tees.

May I also bring to you attention, The funeral of our departed friend Gus Crockatt will take place at 14:30 pm on Friday the 25th May at Quarrinton Church followed by cremation at Grantham Crematorium, afterwards there will be a wake at the pub in Silk Willoughby, also as a mark of respect for Gus’s family the Coppin Shield which was to be played on the same afternoon at 17:00hrs is now cancelled and a new date will be rearranged.

I would also like to mention for those senior players who have put their names down to play against Southwell, that this fixture will be played at Southwell and not at South Kyme as per programme, this was a venue reversal, as on the date we were due to play at Southwell last month their course was flooded.

Well done boys




Zammo’s Blog

10 May 2018.

Good afternoon gentlemen, I will start my blog today by informing you that sadly yesterday Gus Crockatt passed away in the morning.
Gus was a very active member in our section until the illness got hold of him and he couldn’t play with us any more, but he along with his close friends Tony Barth and Joe Kelly still came down and played a few holes amongst themselves.
What Gus will always be remembered for though is that he started the Quiz at our club a few years ago and how everyone who attended the quiz loved the relaxed way he used to go around and host the quiz.
RIP GUS, our thoughts and prayers are with your family, no other arrangements are known as yet but when we have them I will put them on my blog and also put them on the notice board.

Now to golf, 33 seniors turned out today for the roll up stableford, where 4 two’s were scored today, alas 3 of them namely Stewart Milner, Rod Sanderson and Rob Baldwin all getting a two on the wrong hole (Mr. Baldwin how come you are so good at getting a two on the wrong hole??? don’t you read the notice board) the only two that counted was scored by Geoff Annibal on the 11th.
The comp winners were, in Cat 2 Alistair Grant with 36 points and in second place the Brummie himself Dennis Nattrass with 35 points.
Cat 1 was won by Geoff Annibal also with 36 points and in second place was Dave Proctor with 33 points.
Well done to all of you and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

There was also a home match today against Spalding, myself and my partner Mike Rowe had a great tussle against Spaldings Captain Peter Bridge and his Partner David Brotherton, there was never more than one hole in it all throughout the match eventually we ran out winners by winning the last hole. Our team also won the day with a score of 5 games to 3, a couple of significant wins for our boys Norman Beavis and Robin Brown winning 6 and 5, along with Pete Turner and John Stephenson winning their match 8 and 7.

May I also add that all of the Spalding team were very very impressed with the condition of our Golf Course and greens, Dave Brotherton who goes back and played when South kyme first opened praised us all for the way we are, year on year improving our course and how he thinks that South Kyme is by far the best golf course of the new ones that came into being over the last 30 years. Peter Bridge the Spalding Captain also echoed David’s comments regarding the course and he asked me to pass a great thank you to the greens staff, Peter also thanked Janet and her kitchen staff for yet another fantastic meal, Here on behalf of the South Kyme boys I would also like to Thank Janet for a great meal once again.
Well Done team and thank you for playing, our next match is next Thursday at Blankney and may I remind all those who will be playing that the dress code at Blankney is Jacket and tie.

Take care and in the words of Grace Brothers “You’ve all done very well”



Zammo’s Blog

08 May 2018.

Good afternoon Gentlemen of the senior section, today we played the “Perry Bogey” competition and on a beautiful warm, sunny morning it was a bit disappointing to see so few of you turning up to play as only 41 members turned out to compete and enjoy the weather.

There was only one two today on the second and winning £20 was Barry Short, well done Barry. As there were so few of us only first and second place in both Cats got money today, in Cat 1 second place and beaten on countback with a +1 was Roger Mead winning the pricey sum of £4, also with a +1 and winning £7 was Graham Sylvester Williams. A word of advice here Graham “you don’t want to do that again, beating the Handicap Chairman might be detrimental to your handicap mate”
In Cat 2 and also in the money and second place was Graham Horton with a scratch score, but the winner and by a good margin over all the field, and winning the Perry Bogey trophy for this year with a score of +5 was the big man Peter Sivill. A very well done Peter not only you had to play well, but you also had to keep Harry Lee under control, no mean task that.

So onto Thursday where we will be entertaining Spalding at home, as for the rest of the section you will be playing a non qualifier Stableford .

See you all then



Zammo’s Blog

03 May 2018.

Good afternoon gentlemen and welcome once again to my blog. I would like to start by thanking Janet and her staff for providing us once again with a lovely meal, every one that sat down today, and there were 20 of us, once again were very satisfied and keep asking me to arrange it again.
Well there is nothing to arrange because it’s already done, Janet has agreed and gave me a menu to choose from, so this MEAL DEAL will happen on every Monthly Medal day, I will put up a menu for June’s medal on the board so keep your eyes peeled, but for those who are interested it will be Ham, Egg and Chips (as this proved to be very popular) and the second choice will be Curry with or Chips.

So on a lovely bright Spring morning 55 seniors set out to play our May’s monthly medal. The course stood up well to yet another big downpour yesterday and although a bit wet in places it played well and the greens were in immaculate condition once again.
Nearest the pin with a measure of 7 foot, 4 inches was Robin Brown winning two bottles of wine which he immediately handed over to me for our Seniors AM AM raffle next month, Thank you very much Robin, or should I say Grazzi Hafna. You rotten lot I will have you all speaking Maltese by the time I finish my term and then when Brexit comes along you’ll all be chucked out of the country along with me.
There were 4 two’s today, 2 of them on the 14th (wrong Hole) they were John Swift, and Jim lee, but the other two which counted were John Stephenson on the 2nd and also on the 2nd was David Tasker.
The winners today were in Cat 2. Third place Robin Brown, second place, the other half of the Tasker family Doug Tasker, and the winner of Cat 2 was Steve Clifton.
Winners of Cat 1 were, in third place on count-back Jim Goodrum, second place Duncan Bustin, and the winner of Cat 1 this month was our new member Mike Rowe, well done to all of you, I must say here that if Duncan Bustin came along a 150 years ago when they only used to play 9 holes, he would have been hard to beat because he can only perform on 9 holes.

So onto next Tuesday gentlemen where we will be playing our “Perry Bogey” off the yellow tees. This is not a drawn competition, it will be on a roll up format.
Nothing more to report but as I’ve already mentioned we have the Seniors AM AM next month (Wednesday the 13th June) my charity this year as you all know is Parkinson’s and as per usual, we will be holding a raffle, so any members that want to contribute a price for the raffle, I appreciate it and thank you very much in advance.

See you next Tuesday so till then it’s “Arri ve Derci Seniors”



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01 May 2018.

As the Terminator always said “I’ll be back” well here I am and I’m back. I would like to start by thanking all of you who knew about my loss and expressed your deepest sympathy to me (even though you did not know her) for the passing of my dear sister last Saturday whilst I was in Malta. That is what makes our senior section and our club such a a commendable place because of the great respect we all have for each other, so once again I thank you.

I got back from Sunny Malta and as promised I brought the Sunshine with me, so on a lovely Sunny all be it a bit fresh morning 48 seniors turned out to play a team event stableford.
The course was in superb condition, even with the adverse weather you had while I was away, and with the trees all coming into blossom, lovely manicured fairways, and superb greens (although my putting as usual didn’t compliment the greens) it was a pleasure to be out there playing on a course that we should all be proud off.
There were only 2 two’s today Pete Turner on the 8th and David Warner Brothers on the 14th, well done both of you.
The winning teams were: in second place with 73 Tony Gwillym, Harry Lee and Graham Horton, and in first place with a score of 78 were Pete Turner and the Williams Sisters, Graham Sylvester Williams and Alan Williams.
A very well done all of you, and we will see you all on Thursday for May’s Monthly Medal.

Sahha u Grazzi Hafna (oops sorry I’m in England now not in Malta) never mind I will let you work it out for yourselves what I’m saying.



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26th April

On behalf of Peter, who is now in Malta and the sun has come out, although yesterday’s rain meant we had to have a Stableford Non-Qualifier, here are today’ results:

39 players turned out, and in Cat 2, 2nd place went to Tony Hall, beating both Neil Taylor and Tony Gwillym on count-back, all with 29 points, and the winner was John Dyson with 33 points. In Cat 1, 2nd place went to Vice Captain Gerry Newby who beat Geoff Annibal on count-back with 31 points and the winner was Geoff Dutton with 33 points.

There was only 1 two scored on the correct hole (2nd) by Robin Brown.

A quick reminder for those that have not yet entered, but would like to, the Seniors’ Open AM-AM (4 man team) is on Wednesday 13th June and the Seniors’ Open (individual) is on Thursday 26th July. The available tee times are filling up rapidly so get your entry forms (available from the foyer) submitted as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!


on behalf of PeteZ


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24th April

Greetings my fellow seniors and a word of warning “ Keep all your measuring tapes under lock and key, there is a collector amongst us”.
On a quite and relatively pleasant morning 59 seniors went out to play April’s monthly medal combined with the Dave Burns Trophy, these as you know were re scheduled events that were affected by the weather but at least they are out of the way now.
The golf course is in pristine condition and when you think that only 2 weeks ago we couldn’t play on it, it is remarkable how quickly and how well it has recovered.

So on to today’s winners, nearest the pin on the 14th was the infamous measuring tape collector Graham Sylvester Williams who beat yours truly by a mere 2 foot -8 inches and to make sure that no could beat him, he promptly put the measuring tape in his pocket. Gentlemen this is not FAKE NEWS this is how far some people are willing to go to win 2 bottles of wine. Only joking Graham, and very well done mate.

There were 4 two’s today but only 3 of them counted each Winning £9, and the winners were Paul Eales and Steve Clifton on the second, and the other one for good MEASURE was Graham Sylvester Williams on the 11th, Jody Kirschner got his 2 on the 8th alas Jody you get nothing, ha, ha.

The medal winners in Cat 2, third place go to Rob Baldwin with a 74, second and beaten on count-back with 73 strokes was John Dyson, and the winner of April’s cat 2 monthly medal also with 73 strokes was Norman Beavis.

The Cat 1 winners were in third place and beaten on count-back with 73 strokes Dave Proctor, in second place also with 73 strokes was David Tasker, and the winner of April’s Cat 1 monthly medal also winner of the Dave Burns Trophy with 72 strokes was John Taylor. Very well done to all of you especially you John.

Handicap reviews: going up Steve Clifton from 19 to 20, Trevor East from 17 to 18, Graham Horton from 27 to 28, and finally Keith Myatt from 18 to 19. Only one person getting a reduction and that is our overall winner John Taylor going down from 16 to 15.

Thank you all for playing, on Thursday you have a Stableford qualifier from the yellow tees, I’m off to sunnier climes so I will see you next Tuesday and in the words of Grace Brothers “You’ve all done very well”



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20th April

I happened to be at the club today and Martin passed me yesterdays results, so as promised here they are.
Thirty four seniors went out on a most beautiful morning, and although the scores were not all that great but there was an Eagle on the 16th scored by Bob Russell.
There were 5 two’s, 4 on the 14th, and they were Del Sumner, Alan Williams, Pat Stewart, and the greedy Scots man Bob Russell with a birdie on the 14th and an Eagle on the 16th, but even so with all that bravado he could only finished 4th, however very well done Bob, I’m sure you’ll be telling us how you did it next week, but you must come clean and the truth is you didn’t see it go in because you had your eyes closed.

Right the results were: second in Cat 1 was Geoff Dutton with 35 points and the winner of Cat 1 was Jim Goodrum with 38 points.
Cat 2 runner up was Tony Gwillym with 36 points and the winner was The Reverend Mike young with 40 points.
Well done to all of you, see you all Tuesday.



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19th April

Hello my dear senior golfing brothers Keef in Tom now that at long last, the golfing Gods have taken pity on us and have given us such lovely weather over the last couple of days.
I have missed out on my blog for last Tuesday as I was away playing a match at Boston, also on Tuesday we were able to finish our Winter League and here is a summery of some of the winners:
The winners of Tuesday’s comp were: in Cat 2 and in second place beaten on count-back with 31 points was David Lamyman, and in first place also with 31 points was Doug Tasker (you can see why these boys are millionaires they keep taking money from us poor pensioners). Well done you two.
In Cat 1 also on count-back and in second place was Mike Brooks with 30 points, and the winner also with 30 points was Trevor East. Well done you two as well.
There were only 2 two’s Mike Brooks on the 2nd, and Alan Williams on the eleventh.
A very good turn out as well of 47 seniors.
Now we come to the overall winners of the 2017/18 Winter League. The overall winner and Champion for this year was from Cat 2 and it was Alan Williams winning £50, The winner of Cat 2 and winning £35 was Neil Gilbert, and the winner of Cat 1 also winning £35 was Cliff Smith.There were winners down to 7th place in each category and a list of these winners is on our notice board. The Eclectic winners both winning £35each were in Cat 2 David Lamyman, and in Cat 1 Pete Turner.
A very well done to all the winners and lets hope that our next winter league will pan out a lot smoother this coming winter.
As I mentioned earlier we had a couple of matches this week, the first match was on Tuesday at Boston. The Boston captain, Captain Stuart and his boys were very welcoming, although they were not so welcoming when it came to the score because they beat us by the score of 5.5 to 0.5, our only two boys earning any credibility with a half were John Spooner and Paul Eales. The Boston course was in good condition, the food was good, the sun was shining and a good day was had by all, so thank you Boston.
Today was our second match this week and this was at home to Southwell. We were meant to be playing this fixture away at Southwell but after all the bad weather we had recently the Southwell course was not in a fit state to be played on so we switched the venue of the fixture around thanks to Bill dark for coming up with this idea.
So on a Glorious morning we went out to do battle, the course as I’m sure you all agree not only looked beautiful but it was in excellent condition, when only this time last week we could not even play on it. The south Kyme boys did us proud this time and we ran out winners by 5.5 to 2.5.
After the match we sat down to a Steak & ale pie, chips and peas, followed by a lovely desert and coffee, and my Thanks go to Janet and her staff for a lovely meal at short notice as we were then followed in a couple of hours later by a big society of 32 players.
The Southwell Boys left our place completely satisfied and they also thanked the South Kyme greens and kitchen staff for such an enjoyable day so much so that they would like to play the return match back at South Kyme.
I have to say sorry here because I haven’t got todays results from Martin as he had to go early and although all the results were in the computer, Fred Flintstone here don’t know how to access the results so it’s best to leave it to Martin who knows what he is doing. Pete Chamberlain could have done it for us but Pete was very busy trying to sort out the society that I mentioned earlier, and to make matters worse for poor Pete one of his buggies he hired out went Tom & Dick on him so he really had his hands full.
I will be putting the scores for todays comp in my next Blog.
So for next week, on Tuesday we will be playing the Monthly Medal / Dave Burns Trophy as one competition, this was forced on us by the weather, and there is no draw for this one, it will be played on a roll up basis.
Hopefully after next week we can get back on schedule, the sun will carry on shining on us, and that hopefully there will be no more interruptions.

Cheers folks

Arri ve derci.

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12th April

Morning Campers, once again we had to cancel our scheduled fixture for today due to the course’s front 9 holes still being very wet, for those who played the back 9 today can appreciate how wet the other half must be.
The fixture we had today ie the combined Dave Burns with the April Monthly Medal will now hopefully be played on Tuesday the 24th April, there will be no draw for it, it will be played on a roll up basis. Martin will also put notes of this on the notice board and on our web site, so please check on these.

We Played a back 9 hole stableford comp today and the winners were:
The Tasker family.
In Cat 2 Runner-up Doug Tasker with 17 Points losing on count back to the winner also with 17 points Tony Gwillym.
In Cat 1 Runner-up also on count back and with 19 points was Martin Howard (Mr. Howard is going through a nice purple patch at the moment, well done, and keep it up Martin) and the winner also with 19 points was the other half of the Tasker family David Tasker. (Hey Guys do you think they were marking each others card)
Only one two today and wining £20 was Jim Goodrum (it was worth staying Jim wasn’t it.)

There is a glimmer of hope regarding the weather for next week so hopefully we can start catching up with our programme, On Tuesday 17th we will be looking at completing the winter league, then on Thursday we have got a home match (re-arranged venue) with Southwell, the rest of the seniors will play as per the programme.
For those players who are selected to play in these matches, you will receive an email from me with the info, simply because of all the re-scheduling we have had to do lately there was no time to put the selected team sheet on the board for you to think of your availability.

That’s all Folks



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Wednesday 11th April.

Good afternoon gentlemen, you are probably asking yourselves why is he writing a blog on Wednesday when we play golf on Tuesday.

Well there is only one way, and one word to describe Tuesday and that is “WASHOUT” once again the golfing Gods leaky bladders did their business again.

So, onto Wednesday where today we played our match against Sandilands at Sandilands. Even though this is a links course right on the coast and sandy based it still didn’t escape this awful weather we are having. All 18 holes were in play but in some areas there was a lot of standing water and consequently no buggies were allowed on the course.

Because of the no buggy rule at such late notice the match was reduced in numbers from 8 pairs a side to 6 pairs.

So on a cold, breezy, damp, and foggy morning the pairing of myself and Norman Beavis commonly known as Beavis & Butthead set out against Sandilands senior captain David Night and his Partner Ron Christmas, a very good match where we went 3 up then they came back and went 1 up, then we went 2 up again eventually ending the game with an honourable half, Bob Russell and new senior member Chris Fowell followed us in with another half, But then Shawn Farren and another new senior member Mike Rowe came in with a 4 and 2 win followed by our best win of the day by Bill Dark and Steve Clifton winning 6 and 4, another halved match by Paul Eales and Neil Gilbert gave us the win of 3.5 to 2.5 because my last, and my ACE pair John Spooner and Roger Mead suffered their first loss of the season.

Well done team and thank you for representing South Kyme seniors.

Weather permitting our next match is on Tuesday the 17th April at Boston, This is also a reduced team of only 6 pairs, so owing to the fact that most of the players picked for this match are not in any kind of contention for the Winter League, we will also go ahead on Tuesday and try and finish up our last match of the Winter league, we don’t like doing this, but because of the amount of golfing days we are losing due to the bad weather we are experiencing, we are falling way behind with our programme so unfortunately  we have to take these drastic measures to try and catch up.

Mucho Grazzias

Adios Amigos.

Zorro…. ops sorry Zammo.


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Saturday 07th April

Today the Seniors’ Section played our annual friendly home match against the South Kyme Rabbits, 6 matches went out in very nice conditions, it’s been a long time since we could say that we played in very nice conditions.
The seniors came out winners with 4 matches to 2, the winning pairs being Neil Gilbert and Keith Mayatt by one hole, Paul Eales and vice Captain Gerry Newby, and Neil Jenkinson with John Stephenson both pairs winning by 4 and 3, and the final winners were my ACE team John Spooner and Roger Mead winning 5 and 4. The 2 losing teams were Yours truly with Mick Mawson losing
2 and 1 and Dave Le Sage with Geoff Annibal losing 3 and 2. Well done team and thank you for representing the Seniors’ Section, Also my thanks go to the Rabbits captain Andy Davies and his team, but not to Andy’s partner Mark Williamson because I could not get the better of him, The SWINE! oops sorry I meant the Rabbit. Well played Mark.

This match today was played in conjunction with the Club Captains’ Drive-In which had to be cancelled 3 weeks ago due to the snowy conditions.
In this main event our senior section members who were not playing in the match also did very well, with John Stephenson winning the guessing of the Captains drive, our new and young whipper snapper seniors Nick Fewings winning nearest the pin in two on the 9th and Steve Barlow the nearest the pin on the 14th, but the biggest congratulations go to the overall competition winners again 2 members of the senior section namely Harry Stanley and Martin Howard.

If there were any more senior winners in the main comp whom I haven’t mentioned, please forgive me as I am writing this from what I can remember and my memory ain’t what it used to be.

So onto Tuesday and hope against hope we will see the completion of our winter league.

Grazzi Hafna


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Thursday 5th April

At long last the golfing Gods took pity on us and gave us a lovely sunny day to play our golf today, however because of their weak bladders (the golfing Gods that is) early on in the week the course is still very wet in places so once again we had to cancel our scheduled programme and play a stableford comp going round the back 9 twice.

A good turnout of seniors enjoyed the sunny weather and 4 players secured a birdie 2 on the 14th to each win £6 and the winners were Steve Clifton, Neil Taylor, Doug Tasker, and Graham Horton, my thanks go to Doug and Graham for donating some of their winnings to my Charity / Project fund.

The winners of the competition were: Cat 2, in 3rd place with 36 points Tony Gwillym, in 2nd place beaten on countback with 37points (17 on the back 9) was David Heath and the winner of cat 2 with 37 points (20 on the back 9) was Graham Horton.
Cat 1 winners were: in 3rd place beaten on countback with 37 points (17 on the back 9) Jim Baxter, in 2nd place also with 37 points ( 21 on the back 9) Shawn Farren, and the winner of cat 1 with 40 points was Pat Stewart. Very well done to all of you winners.

Due to the cancellation of our Monthly medal today we are combining the Dave Burns and the April medal together and hopefully we’ll play it next Thursday, also weather permitting we hope to play our last winter lge round on Tuesday.
The draw for the Singles and doubles knock outs are on the board, Martin is collecting the money which is £2 per person per event as usual there are still places left to fill for our matches, entry list are all on the board.


Zammo’s Blog
29 March 2018

Today was a day for presentation at the end of our re-scheduled March monthly medal.
First off was last year’s captain Bill Dark presenting LMER his chosen charity with a cheque of well over £2000. Also as last year’s captain it was appropriate that Bill presented the Crystal trophies to last years winners, and thank you to those members who stayed behind to receive their trophies.
Thank you Bill for your presentation and on behalf of our senior section thank you for your captaincy last year and a very successful one at that.

We come now to our March medal results, 64 seniors went out this morning where at long last the sun was shining on us, and playing off the yellow tees and on main greens seemed to effect us all, so instead of coming in with some fantastic scores it had the opposite effect on us because the scores were a bit poor so to speak with the winning scores of only 71 net in both categories.
Nearest the pin on the 14th was Terry Dixon winning a couple of bottles of wine, there were also 5 two’s, two of them on the wrong hole, Terry Dixon again on the 8th, and new senior member Nick Fewings on the 14th.
The other 3 winners each winning £17 were club captain Gary Noble, and Pat Stewart on the 2nd and Graham Sylvester Williams on the 11th , here I would like to say thank you to Graham for donating the winings to my Charity / project.

Medal winners in Cat 2, 3rd place with a score of 74 David Heath, 2nd with 72 was Jody Kirschner, and The winner with a score of 71 was Steve Clifton.
Cat 1, in 3rd place beaten on countback with a score of 73 was Nick Fewings, 2nd also with 73 was Jim Baxter, and the winner of Cat 1 with a score of 71 was Roger Mead.
Well done to all of you, now for handicap changes, going up Shawn Farren 9 to 10, Tom Kelly 23 to 24, Mel Moxon 18 to 19, Harry Stanley 23 to 24, John Stephenson 12 to 13, and finaly Neil Taylor from 26 to 27.
Only 2 players getting a reduction and they were our winners Roger Mead from 17 to 16 and Steve Clifton from 20 to 19.

Onto next week, Fingers crossed on Tuesday we’re hoping to complete our Winter League and then on Thursday we have the April Monthly Medal (off the white tees) draw is on our notice board and our website, The knock out draw is also on the board and the website for the singles and the doubles, so please check the board, and finally the 4 matches in April are still showing that I am short of players, if you wish to play in these matches please put your name down, I will also be putting next months May’s matches on the board, please comply.

Many thanks, Peter.

Zammo’s Blog

22nd March 2018

 Our first match of the season today at Boston West and me and my fellow South Kyme Seniors were made most welcome by our friends at Boston west.

On a very nice and relatively warm morning we were off, and I must say that the course was in very good condition considering the kind of weather we had over the last 3 months. Myself and partner Mel Moxon had a very good front 9 but we just could not pull away from our opponents Cap Bill Laing and John Chain, we only went into the back 9 with only one hole in front.

The back nine, and after a mistake by yours truly we lost the 10th and before we knew it we were losing by 2, we clawed it back to all square, but unfortunately still ended up losing the match by the score of 2 up.

The team did not fare much better either because we lost the match by 4.5 to 1.5, well done to our only winners John Spooner and Roger Mead winning their match 5and 4, also to Pete Turner and Bob Palmer halving their match.

My thanks go to Boston West ladies who looked after us at the half way house and to the catering staff for a very nice meal after the match.

Our next match is on Saturday the 7th of April against the Rabbits section, this match is being played in conjunction with the Club Captain’s drive-in which had to be rearranged to this date due to the snow we had last weekend.

We have another 4 matches in April. The first is on Wednesday the 11th of April at Sandilands, followed by a match at Boston on Tuesday the 17th with another match 2 days later on the 19th at Southwell, and the last match in April being a home match on the 26th against Rutland County.

There are still plenty of places left to be filled in these matches, so for those who are interested, please visit our notice board.

Finally I would like to Thank Martin Howard for looking after the Senior Section today in our absence and well done to all the winners in the Med / Stab you played today.

Tue 22nd Mar 18

43 players turned out today for the Med/Stab competition, a good turnout considering there was a match on at Boston West.

There was only 1 ‘two’ scored today, by Jim Baxter, unfortunately on the wrong hole!

Today’s results were as follows: Cat 2 in 3rd place was Graham Horton with 19 points, 2nd place was Shane Wilcox with 17 points and the winner of Cat 2 was Tony Gwillym with a tremendous 14 points. In Cat 1, 3rd place went to Bob Russell with 18 points, 2nd place was Gary Noble with 17 points and the winner of Cat 1 was Jim Goodrum with 16 points. Well played all.

Next Tuesday will, weather permitting, be the final week of the Winter League and Thursday will be the re-arranged March Medal.

The results of today’s match will be posted as soon as they are available.

MartinH (on behalf of Zammo)


Zammo’s Blog

20th March 2018

Greetings and welcome to my blog this Tuesday, I might sound happy in this report, and I am, because today the SUN shone and for the first time in a long time we enjoyed playing 18 holes on our beloved course with some of us having to look at the back of the score card’s map to make sure they were not lost, especially on the front 9 holes. The course and the greens played well and we hope that this drying weather will continue.

Today 32 players turned out to play A Scratch Stableford comp, the winners in Cat 2 were, Shane Wilcox on countback from Graham Horton both with 37 Points, ( countback score Shane 22 points,  Graham 19 points.)

Winner of Cat 1 was Jim Goodrum again on countback from Trevor East, again both with 37 points, (countback score Jim 21 points, Trevor 18points).

There was only one two scored today, this was on the second hole and the winner was Bob Palmer winning £19. Well done to all the winners.

Before I go on to the other event that took place today, I have to sadly announce the Passing of a dear old friend of ours Peter Jackson. Peter was a member of South Kyme seniors for a number of years, he was a well-loved member of our section and very highly respected for his quiet and laid back nature, Peter moved to Whitby in Yorkshire some 5 or 6 years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago but he still used to come and see us while he was strong enough. Recently we were told that he was admitted to a hospice where he sadly passed away yesterday.

His funeral will be held on Thursday afternoon (15:00 hrs) the 29th March at Kirkleatham, for any of you who needs more details please contact Bill dark, so farewell Peter may you rest in peace forever mate.

Another 12 seniors took part today in a friendly annual match we have against the Ladies section, this event kick-starts our match season and as usual it was played in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I played with club Captain Gary Noble against new ladies elect captain Myra Le Sage and her partner Elizabeth Jude, we had a good match with a lot of banter, and thanks Liz for the cake you gave us on the 10th, which seemed to work wonders for the ladies because they went on and won the next two holes the 10th and the 11th, but the effect soon wore out and me and Gary ran out winners of our match.

The final result was a heavy defeat for the Ladies but despite the defeat we all had a lot of fun and lots of banter at the presentation, so what remains is to thank all the ladies that took part and thank you the senior players that supported me in this match.

No fees were paid for this match but everyone donated money to the Ladies captain’s charity so thank you for your donations.

While I am on Matches may I remind all seniors that wish to play in matches, that there are still names needed for the oncoming matches in April, all the entry lists are on our notice board.

Thank you.



Below are the selections for the 1st 2 Seniors’ matches on 20th and 22nd March.

If you are unable to play please let Pete Zammit know as soon as possible



Match: Seniors vs Ladies
Venue: South Kyme Tee Off: 10:00
Date: Tuesday 20th   March
The following members have been selected to represent South Kyme Seniors in the above match.
Please arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the first tee off.
Name H/C Name H/C


Peter Zammit 10


Len Westlake 17
Gary Noble 18 G. Campbell 22


Ray Duncan    18


Alan Cowie 20
Martin Howard 17 Alan Jude 26


John Stephenson 13


Jody Kirschner 25


Ian Prior 12


John Dyson 21




Match: SKGC v Boston West GC
Venue: Boston West Tee Off: 09:00
Date: Thursday 22nd  March
The following members have been selected to represent South Kyme Seniors in the above match.
Please arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the first tee off, when coffee/tea will be provided.

Dress code: Jacket and Tie / Smart – Casual

2 Course Menu (£15):

Beef & Stilton Pie

Choice of Sweets

Coffee & Mints

Anyone with a dietary problem please let Pete Zammit know as soon as possible.

Name H/C Name H/C


Peter Zammit 10


Pete Turner 7
Mel Moxon 19 Bob Palmer 13


Neil Gilbert 20


Terry Regan 23
Alistair Grant 24 Norman Beavis 25


John Spooner 13


Roger mead 17


Duncan Bustin 13


Bill Dark 19

MartinH (on behalf of PeteZ)

Zammo’s Blog 15/03/18

Greetings and Welcome once again to a rainy day at South Kyme, after two lovely days we were all hoping for another, but this morning was back to square one and we got rained on again. However over the last 3 drying days the course had recovered enough for us to play 14 holes.

Our schedule for today was the Captain vs Vice Captain, but our Vice for 2018 Gerry Newby has hurt his shoulder and he is out of action, so we decided to still go ahead with our schedule and play 2017 cap vs V.cap instead, since again due to bad weather we failed to play this event last year.
Despite the unpleasant conditions 32 players still went out to play, Nearest the Pin was won by Alan Moore from Mike Key, as for the two’s there was only one player who scored a two on the second, this particular player plays his best golf when he’s asleep so as far as I am concerned he was still in Noddy land when he birdied the second and the fact that he couldn’t talk us through how he birdied it explains it all, He was still asleep but well done anyway Ray Duncan.
The match was won by the 2017 Captain Bill Dark the result 5-3, well done Bill and his Players as for those players who played for me back to training tomorrow.
A big Thank you today goes to Martin Howard who has put in a claim for tippex, he pasted the registration sheet so much this morning that it felt like it was starched, well done for keeping your cool Martin and thanks to Pete Williams for taking over from Martin. Also I would like to thank Paul Eales for collecting the money for the food we had today, also thanks to Norman Beavis for taking over from Paul.
My thanks go to Janet, Susanne and Cameron for looking after us regarding the food. In the end 20 of us sat down to Curry or Chilli after play, with a token and a bacon bap before play, all for £8. The overall feeling and remarks were very positive indeed, in fact even though the weather was against us and hence there were a few absentees, we would like to extend this catering event to our monthly matches, so stay in tune.
NOTICE on the 29th March after our re-scheduled March Medal, Bill Dark will be making his presentation charity money to LEMR and there will also be the crystal trophies presented to all those players that won an event last year, names of winners are on the notice board so please make sure you stay behind a little after play to be present at these presentations.

Tue 13 Mar 18

Once again the final round of the Winter League was thwarted by the weather. The final round will now be played on 27th March (weather permitting), not the 20th, due to the Seniors’ vs Ladies’ Match.

The Captain vs Vice-Captain competition is still scheduled to go ahead on Thursday 15th, even if it has to be played over the back 9 twice.  Food will be served after play for all those who have ordered it.

Two new sections have been added to the Senior’s web page, ‘Important Notices’ – which will give changes to the programme, re-scheduled competition/match dates etc., and ‘Competitions Available to enter on Notice Board’ – which will list all the competition entry sheets currently posted on the Seniors’ Notice Board.

MartinH (on behalf of PeteZ)

Zammo’s Blog     08/03/2018

As in the words of Joe Boswell “Greetings” today once again the golfing Gods decided to have another laugh at us, so after a lovely day yesterday where all the course and main greens were open, they (the golfing Gods) emptied their bladder on us in the early hours of this morning, so once again we had to cancel our scheduled Medal round and instead play an ad hoc 9 hole stableford doing the back 9 twice.

However we did manage to do the Captains drive today where through your generosity by trying to guess how far I would drive the ball I raised £34 pounds. After much heckling and banter on the 10th tee I managed to hit a 186 yds, 1ft, 6 inches drive, the nearest guess of the distance was made by Bill Dark who said 186 yds, 2ft, 11 inches. Well done Bill and thank you for giving my golf some credit unlike some of you with your silly distances. Bill got a litre of Bells whisky, enjoy.

Just a few changes before I come to today’s results, weather permitting, the March medal will now be played on Thursday the 29th instead of the Perry Bogey. The Perry Bogey will now be moved to a Tuesday after we finish our Winter League. A notice of the date will go on the notice board and in my Blog.

Next Thursday the 15th again weather permitting we will play the Captain vs Vice Captain. On the day of this event the kitchen gave us a good deal regarding food. This offer of £8 for a token and a bacon bap on arrival plus a Curry or Chilli with rice or chips after play is still very much on, so please if you put your name down and cannot make it next Thursday please let me or Martin know, and the same goes for those who have not put their names down but would like to take this offer.

Janet also kindly said that for those people who do not want either the chilli or the curry afterwards they can have a bacon bap with chips instead.

We come now to today’s results for the 43 players who turned out today. The two’s hole was the 11th  twice round, and there were only 3 players who managed it, Duncan Bustin who actually birdied it twice but he only gets one payment which he donated to my charity / project so well done Dunc and Thank you, the other two players were Bob Palmer and Mike Key. Rob Baldwin also got a two but on the wrong whole, Shame, ha-ha.

There was much confusion with the final results today,  big, big scores came in from the last group of 44 and 45 points, they had to be wrong and they were, so after Martin and Alan Williams sorted the card out, the right winners were read out.

In Cat 2 and second place on count back with 39 points was Neil Gilbert, with the winner also with 39 points being Doug Tasker.

In Cat 1, second place with 41 points was Mick Mawson and the winner with 42 points was Roger mead.

Well done all of you see you next Tuesday.


Tue 6 Mar 18

Hello Gentlemen of the senior section and welcome to my first blog for the coming season. I have had a very frosty reception to my year, as you all know how cold it was last Thursday when it was supposed to be my drive in and the start of my year as your captain.

As my drive in had to be cancelled last Thursday we will be holding it on this coming Thursday (medal day) at 07:45 just before the tee off at 8 o’clock, so please come and heckle me and try and guess how far I will drive that ball only 50p a guess, however I must warn you, I have been soaking my ball in “Red Bull” so now it has got wings and it will go far.

We come now to today’s competition, 57 very bad seniors turned out to play today and we must be bad, because once again the weather Gods punished us by peeing on us over night so unfortunately we had to cancel the winter league again and play a 9 hole stableford instead.

There were lots of two’s today, 10 in total with Greedy Bob Palmer scoring two on both the nominated holes, and since the pay-out was under £3 each it was decided that the money will go in the water jar, so thank you all for your hard work in getting your two’s, David Heath, Dave Le Sage, and Bob Palmer on the 14th, and once again Bob Palmer, Paul Eales (welcome back Paul after your lay off with your bad back) Mike young, Alan Moore, Colin Underwood, Peter Zammit, Tony Harvey and Pat Stewart all on the 11th. I would also like to Say Happy Birthday to Pat Stewart and thank you for your bottle on the bar.

The comp winners today: in Cat 2 and on count back, in 3rd place with 23 points John Dyson, in second place, again with 23 points David Heath, and the winner of Cat 2 was The Reverend Mike Young with 24 points.

Cat one: in third place again on count back, Pete Turner with 21 points, in second place with also 21 Points Gary Noble, and the winner of cat 1 was Neil Jenkins with 23 points.

Well done all of you see you on Thursday.