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Captains Blog Stardate 16042019/1

Good Day Gentlemen and welcome to this weeks blog.

Today we Played the unusual “Bogey” Competition, 48 members played coming in with some good scores.

There were 4 2’s today, Bill Smith and Duncan Bustin on the wrong holes.  The 2’s which counted was Jim Lee and Mike Brookes, Well done gents.

In Cat 1:-

1st was Jim Goodrum with +3 (On countback)

2nd David Lesage also  with +3

3rd Gerry Newby with +2.

(Is this format OK Jim or would you like the font bigger so you can understand and read it easier?)

In Cat2:-

1st was Allan Williams with +3

2nd Bruce Fairly with 0

3rd Jim Meadows with -1

Well played to you all.

Stardate 18042019/2

Today was busy with a Stableford Competition 40 Members played in this competition, and a Seniors Match against Tydd St Giles.

The Stableford Competition saw 3 2’s, unfortunately Tony Gwillym was on the wrong hole, However, David Lamyman and Alister Grant got their 2’s on the 2nd hole (£20 thank you very  much).

In Cat 1 :-

1st Cliff Smith  36 Points

2nd John Taylor 35 Points

3rd Geoff Dutton 34 on countback from Graham S Williams

Cat 2:-

1st was Allan Williams 37 Points

2nd Tony Gwillym 36 points on countback.

3rd Jeff Stamford 36 Points

Well played Gentlemen, good scores.

In the Seniors Match today against Tydd St Giles we came a credible 2nd losing 4/3.

Pete Turner won nearest the pin on 14 with 8′ 10″, sadly this didn’t help him win his match.

Thank you team for your support today.  Sadly we can’t win them all, but next Thursday might be our time.


For those of you who might have thought you were nearer the pin on 14 instead of Pete, this was part of the Match Play only and not the Stableford (Sorry). you lost.

Please check the Seniors notice board in the changing room for up and coming information and competitions.

Thank you all for your support this week and I will see you next Tuesday.


Bald Eagle





Captains blog Stardate 06042019/1

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, I say that because I do know some Ladies do read the blog, especially Hazel Milner, so welcome to you all.

This week was very busy, starting on Saturday when the Seniors played the Rabbits and Hare’s, each fielding 12 players, unfortunately the Seniors lost 5 – 1  this is mainly due to all the shots which they had to give to the opposition,  thank you for your efforts Gentlemen.

Stardate 09042919/2

Today we played a challenging and interesting team Stableford , 1 score to on 1 – 6,   2 to score on 7 – 12, and all three to score on 13 – 18, the back 6 holes always catch players out which makes it more interesting.

The results are:- 3rd place Pat Stewart, Geoff Dutton and Alister Grant, in 2nd place:- John Taylor, Jim Goodrum and Gerry Newby, 1st place:- Pete Turner, Cliff Smith and T Reagan.  Well done gentlemen.

There were no 2’s on the correct holes.  The only two of the day was Bob Palmer on the 14th hole, Unlucky Bob.

Stardate 11042019/3

What an interesting today was with some great results and right down to the last few players coming in.

Worthy of mention is John Fisher who had two Eagles in the round. A 2 on the 13th hole stroke index 1 and a 3 on the 6th hole par 5, outstanding, well played John.

The other 2’s were John Taylor on the 11th hole and Pete Turner on the 2nd hole, unfortunately John Spooner and Terry Reagan got a 2 on the 14th which didn’t count.  Well played gentlemen.

Bill Dark paid out to 4 places in both categories today:-

In Cat 2:- 4th place went to Tony Dixon with a 71, 3rd place to Neil Taylor with a 70, 2nd went to Jodie Kirschner on countback also a 70, and the winner  was Terry Reagan with a 69, excellent golf guys.

In Cat 1:-    4th place with a 73 was Duncan Bustin  (Good to see, Normally he sets himself low targets and constantly fails to achieve them)well done Duncan only kidding.  3rd place on countback Gerry Newby with a 73,  2nd also with 73 John Taylor and the winner of Cat 1 was Cliff Smith with a fabulous 66.   The overall winner of the Dave Burns Trophy   with an outstanding 65 off 8 handicap  was Pete Turner,  well done to you all gentlemen I hope you enjoyed your day.

There were quite a few changes in handicap today the increases are:–  Pat Stewart from 13 – 14, Jeff Stamford 29 – 30, John Spooner 16 – 17, Mike Key 19 – 20, Tony Harvey 19 – 20 and amazingly John Fisher 7 – 8, even with two Eagles in the round. (The computer works it out not the committee).

The decreases in handicap :– Tony Dixon 26 – 25, Jodie Kirschner 23 – 22, Terry Reagan 22 – 21, Cliff Smith 17 – 15, Neil Taylor 26 – 25 and finally Pete Turner 8 – 6 making him the lowest handicap golfer in the Seniors Section (Well played Pete). and congratulations gentlemen.

Thank you for all your support this week, please check the Seniors notice board in the changing rooms for up and coming events/competitions.

If you wish to play in the AM/AM you will need to place your entry A.S.A.P as there are only a few places left (Speak to Bill Dark as soon as you can and he’ll take your money).

Keep swinging that golf club, you know it makes sense.

See you all next week.

Bald Eagle.



Captains Blog Star date 02042019/1.

Good day gentlemen and welcome to my blog for this week.

What a week of complete opposites, Today we saw it horrendously  cold and wet,  35 of us braved the conditions, only 11 intrepid golfers returned.  24 players saw sense and came in to get warm and dry.

The 3 clubs and a putter competition didn’t prove to be  very popular (then again it could have been the weather).

The winner if Cat 1 was Geoff Dutton with a very respectable 35 points, second was Gerry Newby with 33 and 3rd Jim Goodrum with 30 points (see Jim you got a mention this week).

In Cat 2 Rob Baldwin won on countback  with 31 points, second was Alister Grant and 3rd Dave Heath with 27 Points, your perseverance paid off gentlemen well done.

Stardate 04042019/2

Today’s medal saw reasonable weather, although the wind did have an effect on the scores, it was also a day of differing contrasts. 60 members turned out, what a fantastic turnout.

First of all Happy Birthday to Bruce Fairley and thank you for the tipple on the bar.

3 players were disqualified for playing off the wrong tee on the 4th hole (should have gone to Specsavers and have your colour-blindness checked)  They were Colin Underwood, Tony Gwillym and Bruce Fairley (not a very nice birthday present Bruce).

Nearest the pin was won by Gerry Newby with a wonderful 3′ 9″ (well done Gerry).

There were 7 2’s today, unfortunately only one counted on the 2nd hole, well done John Fisher £20 on your card.  The 6 none scoring 2’s were Colin Clark, Michael Fell, Gerry Newby, John Stephenson, Dave Proctor and Dave Tasker (unlucky gents).

Bill paid out 4 places today, In Cat 1, in fourth place with 78  was John Stephenson (consistent John same as last month) Third place was Michael Fell with 76, 2nd Place on countback was Jim Goodrum (Another mention Jim) and the winner was Duncan Bustin with 75 (more improvement Dunc, keep it going)

In Cat 2, Fourth place was Alan Jude with 79, third Mel Moxon with 77, second with 74 Rod Sanderson and the winner with 72 Norman Beavis Well done to you all gentlemen.

The only changes in handicap were both decreases, Norman Beavis down to 21.6 and Rod Sanderson down to 21.5 (well played gents).

Thank you all for your support this week, next week on Tuesday we have a team Stableford competition and on Thursday Dave Burns Trophy (qualifier off yellow tee’s)

Please check the seniors notice board in the changing room, there are plenty of notices/competitions coming up in the near future.

See you all next week

Bald Eagle




Blog from the cattle shed caretaker.

Sorry Captain Gerry, don’t wish to invade your blog territory, but we have to let the members know and it is at short notice.

To all Seniors, we have been informed by the catering chairman Mike Mawson that there will be no Bacon baps as from this coming Tuesday morning the 2nd of April. Any more information will be given out as and when we get it.



Captains Blog Star date 26032019/1

Welcome to this weeks  Captains Blog.

Today we played a Stableford Qualifier, with 40 Plus going out on the course.

There were 5 two’s today, 4 of which did not count (all on the 14th hole).  Tony Hall, Gerry Newby, Mel Moxon and Don Donovan (Hard luck gents).

The two which did score was Norman Beavis gaining him £20.00 to himself (Well done Norman).

The winner of Cat 1 with a majestic 38 points was Cliff Smith, 2nd was Bob Palmer with 35 points  and 3rd  on countback also with 35 points was Jim Baxter.

Cat 2 winner was David Lamyman with 37 points, 2nd on countback was Jodi Kirschner and 3rd with 36 points beating Don Donovan into 4th place on countback was Norman Beavis (hard luck Don, well played Gentlemen).

Star date 28032019/2

Today the section played a Texas Scramble and a Match against Boston Seniors.

The Texas Scramble saw some very impressive scores with all three teams within 1 score of each other.  The winners with a score of 65 were Tony Dixon,  Steve Cockcroft and Eric Langley, 2nd place went to Mel Moxon, Terry Dixon and John Stephenson with a score of 65.5, finally in 3rd with a score of 66 were Richard Attwell, Graham Horton and Jodi Kirschner, well played to you all.

In the Seniors March each team fielded 12 players, the result was quite pleasing as our team were giving away a lot of shots to the opposition.  we ended up with a draw 3-3 Great result gentlemen thank you for playing out of your skins.  Even Duncan won (He’s improving each game).  However,  he remains the vainest man I have ever met,  he comes out of the shower, dry’s himself off and then blow dry’s his hair under the hand dryer on the wall. (only you could do something like that Dunc).


Yours truly lost, so no doubt Duncan will probably say I played like a Turkey   and didn’t soar like an Eagle.

Please check the Seniors Notice Board each week as there are plenty of events coming up,

Next Tuesday we have a 3 clubs and a Putter competition and on Thursday April’s Medal off white tee’s.

Thanks for your support, see you all next week.


Bald Eagle





Star date 21032019/2

Unfortunately I haven’t got any results for today at South Kyme, so I will add them to next week’s blog.  However, in the away match v Boston West the team were victorious with a 4½ – 2½ win.

The 2 loss came from a two very unexpected pairings, Shawn Farren/Terry Reagan (1) and Pete Zammit/ Bob Palmer (1). Shawn was injured and didn’t play well which is acceptable, so what happened to the other 3. (answers on a postcard/Stamp).

The ½ point came from the pairing of Duncan Bustin/ Norman Beavis (you are improving Dunc keep going).

I’d like to thank the whole team for their support and turning up on time apart from Jim Baxter who thought I meant 09.00 was the arrive time and not the tee time. (Better late than never Jim).

Please check the Seniors Notice Board each time you come to the club as there is lots of information coming up over the next few months.

See you all next week, thanks for your support.

All the best

Bald Eagle.



Captains Blog Star date :- 19032019/1

Good day Gentlemen and welcome to my blog for this week, and what a busy week it has been.

First of all and extremely worthy of mention is Harry Lee, he has decided he can no longer carry on playing golf,(his body is telling him a story).  Harry has been a member of the Seniors Section for over 20 years, which is when South Kyme was in its infancy.

The Seniors Section wish you well Harry, come and see us anytime.

Today saw a Seniors Stableford Competition and a Seniors match against the Ladies.

First of all, 30 of you played the competition, in Cat 1, Pete Turner came in  with a very credible 38 points, 2nd was Martin Howard with 35 points and 3rd Jim Goodrun on 34 points.

In Cat 2, David Heath won with 37 points, 2nd was Mel Moxon with 36 points and 3rd Tony Gwillym on 35 points.

Well done to you all gentlemen.

There was a 2’s festival today with nine in all, sadly Mel Moxon and Jim Ferguson got them on the wrong hole.  The other 7 managed them on the right holes.  However, with so many 2’s it wasn’t viable to pay out, so Bill Dark very kindly donated the money to the water jar, thank you Bill/Gentlemen.

The Ladies V Seniors Match was won by the gentlemen with a 5 ½ – 2½ victory.  After the match, Duncan Bustin excused himself before the finish of proceedings with the excuse (I’ve got a piano lesson) can you imagine!!!  It would be like a Gorilla playing the piano with fingers like he has.  (He is practising to become Eric Morecombe, by playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order. Good luck with that Duncan.

Myra Lesage the Ladies Captain very kindly split the takings for the day into our respective charities, Thank you Myra.

I saw another funny thing today (Well I thought it was funny) the ex-captain Zammo carrying milk to the halfway house, how the mighty have fallen, from Captain to milk monitor in one move.


Captains Blog: – Star Date 12032019/1

Good Day Gentlemen and welcome to my blog for this week.

Sadly the weather gods were not with us this week, Tuesday we had horrendous winds and the threat of heavy showers.

Notwithstanding this, there were 7 intrepid golfers who braved the elements to play.  Martin Howard, Geoff Dutton, Alister Grant, Graham S-Williams, John Stanford, Tony Gwillym and Colin Underwood, well done gentlemen, even though you only played 9 holes (at least you had a go, not like the rest of us cowards).

Star Date 14032019/2

Unfortunately the weather was even worse today, Torrential rain at the start of the monthly Medal, which to be fair did improve along the way as we got into the round, (Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t my fault I am not a water wizard, at least this year is slightly better than the start of last year, ask Zammo he’ll tell you a story. (you can sit on his knee if you like).

My Vice Captain Duncan, one minute was going to play, then he wasn’t, in the end he did, (He used to be indecisive now he’s not so sure). Well done Dunc.

44 seniors braved the conditions today (you could say we are all mad) but that’s indicative of the spirit of the Senior Section.  Although there was some reluctance at the start to actually go out and brave the conditions.

Nearest the pin was won by Alan Williams with a magnificent 4’ 3” into the teeth of the wind (Well done Alan).  He did get his 2; sadly it was the wrong hole.  There was one other 2 on the 11th Hole won by yours truly.

Cat 1 was won by John Stephenson with a gallant net 78, 2nd was Shawn Farren on countback and 3rd Terry Dixon with a net 79.

Cat 2 winner was Richard Attwell with a superb net 78, second on countback was Alan Broome and 3rd also on countback was Tony Gwillym (must have been the practice on Tuesday Tony?) well done gentlemen in such challenging conditions.

There were no increases or decreases in handicaps today as the wind did have an effect on the scoring (It was Brutal out there).

Next week’s diary.

On Tuesday there is a Stable ford non qualifier/ seniors team v Ladies at 10.30.

Thursday a Med/Stab / Seniors Match away at Boston West.

Please check the seniors notice board for information on competitions and Matches which are all about to start next week.

Gentlemen well done to you all and thank you for your support, see you next week.

Chow for now

Bald Eagle.

Captain’s Blog Star date 07032019/1

Good Day Gentlemen, Firstly, I would like to thank all the Committee for guiding me through what could have been a very hectic first week as Captain, and secondly to you the members of the Seniors section for supporting my charity/project and turning up for my Drive-in.

As far as first weeks go it ran very smoothly, probably because I was only here for 1 day of it, due to a previous booked appointment, thank you again.

On Tuesday you had a Stableford Competition where 47 members went out to play, the weather although windy and cold at first turned out reasonable.

In Cat 1, David Le Sage came 3rd with 33 points, Jim Goodrun 2nd with 35 Points and Geoff Dutton a very credible 1st with 37 points, congratulations gents.

Well done to Duncan Bustin on getting a 2 on the right hole for a change.


In Cat 2, Robert Baldwin came 3rd on count-back with 37 Points, Second was Tony Gwillym also with 37 Points, but the winner with a marvelous 39 Points was Alistair Grant, gaining him a handicap chop, unlucky but well deserved. (Only Joking).

Handicap increases were Shawn Farren, Tony Hall, Graham Sylvester – Williams, Pete Turner and Alan Williams, all gaining 1 Stroke.

Star date 07032019/2

My Drive in today went very well with quite few members turning up for the Spectacle of my drive, I must say my bum was sixpence/half a crown especially with all watching, until I hit the ball, thankfully it went 169 yards 7 inches (much to my relief).  The funny thing is that my drive in the match v the Vice Capt. only just made it passed the ladies tee. (I obviously peaked too soon).

44 Members went out in the Captain V Vice Captain match which had a wonderful result in my favour, the score 9 ½ to 1 ½ a thoroughly majestic scudding wouldn’t you say Duncan! (Oh dear, how sad never mind).  Although the number one who lost was myself and Alistair. (Such is Life).

Nearest the pin was won by John Swift with 4 ‘ 6” well done John. There were four two’s, all on the wrong holes (what numpties).

Guess the drive distance was won by Pete Zammit, 2nd came Rob Baldwin and 3rd John Spooner (well done guys).

Sadly my prize for nearest to my drive on the 9th hole had to be cancelled as the marker was moved, wasn’t it Mick Mawson, who thought it was the longest drive, a forgivable mistake, and especially as it was a marker on the fairway (Should have gone to Spec Savers Mick).

Many thanks to you all in helping raise £245.50 towards my charity (Air Ambulance) and my project which is for equipment to help maintain the golf course.

Next week we have a non-qualifying Medal on Tuesday off the Green Tee’s, followed by the March Medal off yellow tees on Thursday.

Please check the senior’s notice board for updates and Seniors Matches.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Cheers for now

Gerry (Previous AKA the Bald Eagle)

(Duncan will probably say I played like a Turkey today).