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Thu 18th Jan 18

As I started to write this entry it was to inform you of the details of Roy Senior’s funeral, but sadly as I sat down I had a phone call from Pete Zammit to tell me that sadly Merv Evans passed away earlier this evening.  I am sure you will all wish to join me in offering our sincere condolences to his wife Barbara and their family.  Roy and Merv were popular members of The Senior’s Section  and our meetings on a Tuesday and a Thursday will not be the same without them.  RIP both of you.

Now for details of Roy’s funeral, it will be at 2.30pm on Friday 9th Feb at Peterborough Crematorium with a wake to follow at Peterborough Hockey club.  For those wishing to attend I will research location details and post on our notice board in the next few days.

Suddenly golf doesn’t seem important anymore.



Tue 16th Jan 18

Week 10 of the Winter League was cancelled due to only the back nine holes being open so a 9 hole Stableford was played. 27 players played a very soggy course with the following results: 3rd place with 21 points (Back 6 – 14, Back 3 – 5) was Pete Turner who was beaten on count-back by 2nd placed Allan Williams (Back 6 – 14, Back 3 – 7) and the winner was Keith Myatt with 23 points. There was only 1 two scored today by Gerry Newby on the 14th hole winning him £13.50p.

Thursday’s competition will be a Team Stableford (highlighted score counts double), teams to be drawn in the club-house on arrival, & Week 10 of the Winter League will be played on Tuesday 23rd, both weather and course conditions permitting.


Mon 15th Jan 18



Gentlemen of the Seniors’ Section, we have been given an offer we can’t refuse by our catering staff, (and no it’s not a horse’s head).

For only £8 you will get:




Food will be served after play as players go in. So if you want to be fed put your name down on the list on the Seniors’ Notice Board. Closing date: AGM 22nd February

MartinH (On behalf of Captain Elect PeteZ)

Thu 11th Jan 18

49 players turned out in damp conditions for today’s January Medal. Due to all the pins being on the aprons, this was a non-qualifier off the Green Tees. The results were Cat2 in 3rd place Stew Milner with a net 69, runner up was Allan Williams  with 68 and the winner of the Cat2 Medal was Colin Underwood with an excellent 64. In Cat1 3rd place went to Terry Dixon with a net 70, beating John Stephenson on countback, runner up was Jim Goodrum with 69, who was beaten on countback by the Cat1 medal winner who was Geoff Annibal also with 69. There were no twos on the correct holes today. Nearest to the Pin on the 8th and winning 2 bottles of wine was Shawn Farren with a distance of 5ft 7ins.

Next Tuesday will be week 10 of the Winter League and Thursday will be a Team Stableford (Highlighted score counts double). Teams to be drawn in the club-house on arrival.


Tue 9th Jan 18

There were 44 players out today for week 9 of the Winter League. The results were, Cat 2, 2nd place was Stew Milner with 32 points and the winner was Pete Burton with 35 points. In Cat 1, there were 3 players with 33 points, Keith Myatt with 20 on the back 9 and John Spooner with 21 on the back 9 both losing out to Cliff Smith who had 22 on the back 9 and the winner was Jim Goodrum with 34 points. There were 3 twos today, all on the 2nd hole, with £7.00 each going to John Spooner, Pete Sivill and Bob Palmer.

Thursday’s competition will be the Monthly Medal postponed from last week. Weather permitting it will be a qualifier off the Yellow Tees, otherwise it will be non-qualifying off the Green Tees. There will some minor adjustments to tee off times due to cancellations so please be in the clubhouse slightly earlier than usual to enable us to fill in empty slots.


May I start my first blog entry of the New Year by wishing those of you I have not seen this morning a very happy and fruitful coming year.

Well the weather well and truly beat us today with heavy rain closing the front 9 and leaving the back 9, although playable, very soggy. Because of this it was decided to postpone the January Medal until next Thursday when hopefully conditions may have improved. Tee of times will remain as is, however if you find you are unable to play, or conversely find you can now play, please contact Martin, who will be on duty in the shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He will then publish a revised start sheet by next Tuesday.

The monthly draw, also due to be held today, has been postponed until next week to enable those of you who haven’t paid for your entry yet to do so.

Our annual Presentation Night will be held in the Clubhouse on 2nd Feb, could those of you wishing to attend please add your name to the list which will be on our board in the locker room from tomorrow. The cost for the night will be £2.50 per head which will go towards the cost of the buffet. The list will close  at midday on Thu 25th Jan.

Also on the board from tomorrow will be the list for those wishing to play in the February Medal.

Lets hope the weather improves in the next few days and we can get back to our normal routine.


Tues 2nd January

First of all, wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Only 36 players turned out on a wet (for some) and windy day for Round 8 of the Winter League. Today’s results were Cat 2- 2nd place was Norman Beavis with 30 points (23 on the back 9) beating Richard Attwell on count-back (B9 – 19) and the winner of Cat 2 was Mick Young with an outstanding 34 points. In Cat 1, 2nd place went to Shawn Farren with 30 points (B9 – 20, B6 – 13) who was beaten on count-back by the winner Pete Zammit also with 30 points (B9 – 20, B6 – 14). Only 1 two was scored on the correct hole today (11th) by Colin Underwood who won £18. Thursday’s competition is the January Monthly Medal, weather permitting, for which the start times are published on the website.


Thu 21st Dec 17

48 players turned out today for the Christmas Hamper & Arthur Brown Memorial Trophy. A very mild and still day, although the start was threatened by the fog which lifted just enough for us to start on time. The scoring was once again very good with the results being Cat 2 – 4th place Keith Myatt with 38 pts, 3rd place Pete Shucksmith with 39 pts, 2nd place Allan Williams with 41 pts (17 B9) beaten on countback by David Lamyman who had 22pts on the back 9. In Cat 1 – 4th place Martin Coleman with 40 pts, 3rd Gary Noble with 41 pts (20 B9) beaten on countback by John Stephenson who had 22 pts on the back 9. The winner of Cat 1 and the Arthur Brown Memorial Trophy with 42 pts was Martin Howard.

The results of the Seniors’ Captain’s Christmas Hamper Draw are as follows:

Christmas Hamper – Ian Prior

Glenlivet Malt Whisky –  Colin Underwood

White & Mackay Whisky – Colin Underwood

Sweets Hamper – Cliff Smith

2 Bottles of Wine – Barry Short

Bottle of Port – Mac Towers

Bottle of Sherry – Jim Goodrum

Bottle of Wine – Sue Duncan

Bottle of Wine – Bill Dark

2 Boxes of Thorntons – Mike Meacham

Box of Biscuits – Maurice Lee

Tin of Biscuits – Suzanne

Tin of Quality Street – Mick Young

Jack Daniels & Hip Flask – Ian Prior

Bag of Golf Tees – Terry Dixon

Jigsaw Puzzle – Tony Harvey

Jar of Quality Street – Barry Short

Small Cadbury’s Roses – Alec Nurse

Small Celebrations – John Dyson

All the prizes were donated and £451 was collected towards the Seniors’ Captain’s Project Fund.

On behalf of the Seniors’ Committee may I take this opportunity to wish you all A Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Tue 19th Dec 17

Well better late than never, it’s now Wednesday afternoon. The weather was kind to us again yesterday for round 7 of the winter league. A couple of the 51 players were even seen playing in shirt sleeves (Paul Eales & John Spooner).  This time last year we had managed just 4 rounds due to course closures caused by fog and rain.  There was some good scoring again yesterday with the results being Cat2 Runner Up Neil Gilbert with 33pts(21 B9) beaten on countback by David Lamyman who had 22pts on the back 9. In Cat1 there was a clear winner in Roger Mead with 33 pts. Runner up on countback with 31pts (21 B9) was Jim Goodrum beating Graham Sylvester Williams and Terry Dixon both of whom had 20pts on the back 9.

Don’t forget its The Christmas Hamper tomorrow for The Arthur Brown Memorial Trophy. There will be Mulled Wine, mince pies and sausage rolls afterwards and also the draw for my Christmas Hamper and other assorted prizes. You’re last chance to buy tickets will be in the morning before going out to play.

Tomorrow is the last formal Seniors Day of the year, we will resume again on January 2nd with the Winter League.

As this is my last blog entry before Christmas (Martin will be doing tomorrows update for me) may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the very best for Christmas and the New Year and I will see you for the January medal on Jan 4th.


Sat 16th Dec 17

When I woke this morning at 7.30 I thought should I go and play golf but then a fuzzy head told me that it was probably not a good idea to be driving the car. I would like to thank those members of the committee who made last nights party at The Legionnaires Club  such a success. Firstly Pete Zammit who did most of the organising prior to his trip to Australia when I took over, also to our former member Bryan Copp who is a member of the club and did the in house arrangements for us.  Also to Paul Eales and Neil Gilbert for organising the very successful raffle. Unfortunately Neil carried on in the same vein as Maureen and sold me all losing tickets.  The raffle raised £255, so thank you very much to all of you who bought tickets.

The music this year seemed to be at a more acceptable noise level as most people stayed until the end. My final thanks are to all of you who attended and I hope you enjoyed the night as much as Maureen & I did.

For those of you I don’t see in the coming week may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.  I will hopefully see you again in 2018.


Thu 14th Dec 17

Just 41 turned out on what turned into a pleasant but cold day for our annual Whisky Stagger. The results were as follows: Cat2 in 4th Place myself with 37pts, 3rd was Dick George also on 37pts, runner up was Doug Tasker with 39pts and the winner on 43pts was Keith Myatt. In Cat1 4th was Mike Meacham 36pts, 3rd was Pat Stewart 37pts, runner up also on 37pts was Trevor East and the winner with 42pts was Terry Dixon. The overall winner, winning a bottle of Malt Whisky was Allan Williams with 44pts. Nearest the Pin today with a distance of just 7inches was Pete Turner.  There were 5 players with 2s on the nominated holes (8 & 14)today, they were Paul Eales and Allan Williams on the 14th and myself, Terry Regan and Stewart Milner on the 8th each winning £9.

Next week we have round 7 of the winter league on Tuesday and our final meeting of 2017 on Thursday is the Christmas Hamper incorporating The Arthur Brown Memorial Trophy. This will be followed by mulled wine sausage rolls and mince pies. There will be no charge for this so all you have to pay is 50p for the 2s sweep. I will also be carrying out the draw for the Christmas Hamper. Hopefully a few more of you will make this one as I have catered for 60.


Tue 12th Dec 17

Well winter is well and truly with us now, with the snow from the weekend still lying around many parts of the course, especially on the main greens. There were many theories being bandied around as to why it wasn’t clearing from the greens as quickly as other parts of the course but no one had a conclusive answer. Who thinks they know the real reason? Thirty five of us turned out in the bitter cold this morning for this weeks Winter League. before I come on to the results, Martin’s independent adjudicator (his Computer) found an error on Allan Williams card which has affected the results I announced after the event. It appears that his gross score only gave him 31pts and not 32 as I revealed. Therefore it came down to countback between Allan and Graham Horton for the winner and runner up in Cat2 and with 23pts on the back 9 to Allan’s 19 the winner was Graham. In Cat1 it was more straight forward, runner up with 31pts was Mel Moxon and the winner with 32pts was Cliff Smith. There were no 2s today so there is a rollover to Thursday’s whisky stagger. For the Whisky Stagger all you have to do is book in by 9am and book in on the computer. The entry fee is £2 and there are prizes for the overall winner plus the first four places in both Cat1 and 2. There is also a bottle for nearest to the pin on a hole to be decided on the morning depending if it is main greens or aprons.

Then next week it is the Christmas Hamper followed by mulled wine, sausage rolls and mince pies. This is all free to those who turn up. Again there are prizes for the first four places in each Cat plus the overall winner will be presented with the Arthur Brown Memorial Trophy. I will also be doing the draw for my Christmas Hamper raffle. Prizes include the main hamper, a sweet hamper, bottle of malt whisky, bottles of port, sherry and wine plus boxes of chocolates and biscuits etc. Remember you have to be in it to win it, tickets will be available up to the Thursday morning.


Thu 7th Dec 17

47 brave souls turned out in wet and very windy conditions for todays December Medal. As was to be expected scoring, with a couple of exceptions, was very high and the Comp Standard Scratch ended at 73(reductions only) therefore no handicap changes. The results were Cat2 in 3rd place Pete Shucksmith with a net 77 beating 3 others on countback, runner up was Tony Gwillym  with 74 and the winner of the Cat2 Medal was David Lamyman with 73. In Cat1 3rd place went to Paul Eales with a net 78, again beating 3 others on countback, runner up was Roger Mead with 75 and the Cat1 medal winner was Terry Dixon with 73. There was only one 2 today by John Stephenson on the 2nd winning him £20. Nearest to the Pin on the 14th and winning 2 bottles of wine was Dave Heath with a distance of 10ft 7ins.

The monthly draw was also held today with the 1st prize of £60 going to Mick Young. Full details of all prize winners can be found on our notice board in the locker room.

Finally my thanks go to Terry Dixon who donated his £10 medal winnings to my project fund and to Stewart Milner who did likewise with the £10 he won on the monthly draw.

An update on my project fund is that with Neil Gilbert’s expert help it is hoped to start refurbishing the Entrance Foyer in early January.


Tue 5th Dec 17

Mild and overcast for todays 5th round of the Winter League, that’s one round more than we played in total before Christmas last year. Todays results were in Cat2 runner up Alistair Grant with 30pts and the winner with 31pts was Mick Young. In Cat1 the runner up was Gary Noble with 31pts with 16pts on the back 9 and the winner also on 31pts but with 22pts on the back was Gerry Newby.  There were two 2s today, both on the 14th, by Shawn Farren and John Spooner. Winning them each £20 and with £3.50 rolling over to Thursday.

We have quite a small field (for us) for the medal on Thursday so if anyone didn’t have their name down but now finds they can play just turn up by 09.00 and you will get a game. Don’t forget the first tee off is 08.30 so you can all enjoy an extra 30 minutes in bed.


Thu 30th Nov 17

Winters finally arrived, -1 and a strong wind right down from the North Pole today. It was decided at the last minute to change todays comp due to the anticipated lack of numbers caused by the weather. There were still 31 out, although somewhat less than that finished, for  a stableford  off the green tees. The results were as follows: 3rd place Graham Horton 35pts with 19 on the back 9, runner up was myself also 35pts and 20 on the back and the winner with an excellent 39pts was Dave Heath. There were no 2s on the correct holes so £15.50 rolls over to the Winter League on Tuesday.


Tue 28th Nov 17

Well the weather was kind to us yet again today with no sign of the forecasted overnight frost although I know many of you found it a tad cold. 59 turned out for the fourth round of the Winter League and whilst good scores were slow in coming things did improve as the morning went on. Final results were Cat2 Runner up was Dave Heath with 33pts and the winner with an excellent 36pts was Dennis Nattrass. Only 2.4 off your handicap for next week Dennis. In Cat1 things were a little bit closer with the runner up being Mike Key with 31pts and 21 on the back nine, with the winner on countback being Dick George with 31pts and 22 on the back nine.

There were four 2s on the correct holes, they were by Pat Stewart, Roger Mead, J Ferguson and David Lamyman. They each receive £12.

This Thursday’s competition will be a Texas Scramble with a draw for teams.

The December Medal draw time will be on our web page shortly and on the board on Thursday.

Finally just a reminder that for the months of December and January the Thursday start time will be 8.30am with the booking in desk staying open until 9am. Tuesdays for the Winter League will stay as is and booking in will close at 8.30am.


Thu 23rd Nov 17

As expected a strong cold wind to contend with today, this coupled with heavy overnight rain was probably instrumental in making people think twice about turning out.  Just 41 players in todays Scratch Stableford.  I say just 41, I am sure there are many clubs who would love to see that number turn out on their Seniors day.  Highlight of the day was Gerry Newby signed his card only to miss out on Cat1 runners up spot on countback.  Results were Cat2 Runner up Jodi Kirschner with 40pts beaten on countback by Allan Williams.  In Cat1 there 4 players on 35pts but the runner up was Martin Coleman with 15pts on the back 9 and the winner on 36pts was Martin Howard. There were no 2s today so £20.50 rolls over to next Tuesday.

We have had 3 birthday bottles on the bar in the last week so my thanks and happy birthday go to Richard Attwell(?), Pete Williams(80) and Martin Coleman(?).

As we approach the Christmas period I would like to remind you of  forthcoming events:

Thu 7th Dec – December Medal

Thu 14th Dec – Whisky stagger – all prizes are bottles of whisky

Fri 15th Dec – Christmas party

Thu 21st Dec – Christmas Hamper for The Arthur Brown Trophy followed by Mulled Wine and sausage rolls

There will be no organised Seniors golf between Christmas and the New Year so the first events of the New year will be:

Tue 2nd Jan – Winter League

Thu 4th Jan – January Medal – entry sheet will be on the board from tomorrow.


Tue 21st Nov 17

Another lovely November day for this weeks Winter league, I’m sure we are going to pay for all this good weather later as the league progresses. 63 players out today with some excellent scoring in both Categories. The results were Cat2 Runner up with 32pts beating John Dyson on countback was Neil Gilbert, the winner was Alan Moore also with 32pts but with 23 on the back 9 to Neil’s 22. John had 21 on the back 9. In Cat1 the runner ups place was also decided on countback on 32pts with Pat Stewart just beating Ray Duncan, both had 21pts on the back 9 but Pat won with 15 on the last 6 to Ray’s 12. The Winner in Cat1 was Martin Coleman with 34pts. The 2s sweep was shared by Colin Underwood, Rod Sanderson, Martin Howard, Mike Key, Roger Mead, Terry Regan, Martin Coleman  and Allan Williams, they each received £3.50. Many thanks to those of you that donated your share to the Water Jar.

Thursday’s comp is a scratch stableford from the green tees. The weather forecast is for morning sunshine with strong south westerly winds which should make for some interesting scoring. See you then.


Thu 16th Nov 17

51 players out today for a Stableford qualifier on what was a very pleasant morning considering it is the middle of November. The scoring was low with no one able to match the Standard Scratch for the course of 70 (38pts). The results were Cat2 3rd  Allan Williams 35pts, 2nd Colin Underwood 36pts and the winner was Steve Clifton with 37pts. In Cat1 3rd was Graham Sylvester Williams 34pts, 2nd Dave Proctor 34pts and in 1st place was Martin Howard with 35pts. The 2s sweep today was shared by Paul Eales and Roger Mead, both on the 2nd, each receiving £12.50. Commiserations to the five of you who had 2s on the other Par 3s.

An update on the situation regarding the Half Way House. It is currently running at a loss on a Thursday and if this doesn’t improve we will loose the soup, baps  and Avril’s cheery welcome. The answer is simple ‘Use it or loose it’. If this should happen there will still be tea, coffee and cold drinks available as at present.


Tue 14th Nov 17

After a damp start conditions improved and it turned into an excellent morning for todays Winter League. There were 60 players (including one guest) and the scoring was very good from most of you.  Those in the money today were Cat2 runner up Doug Tasker with 30pts and the winner with the best score of the day was Richard Attwell with 34pts. In Cat1 the runner up was Keith Myatt with 32pts and the winner with an excellent 33pts playing off 7 was Paul Eales. There 14 2s today, but 5 of them were the wrong hole, the sweep winners were pat Stewart, Jim Lee, Gerry Grimshaw, Colin Clark, Duncan Bustin, Gerry Newby, Keith Myatt, Dennis Nattrass, all on the 14th and Martin Coleman on the 8th, each winning £6.

Numbers for the Christmas Party now stand at 74, so if those of you who haven’t already done so could let me have you menu choices and payment asap it would be appreciated. many Thanks.


Thu 9th Nov 17

52 of us out today for a Team Stableford with a slight difference.  One score to count on the first six holes, two on the next six and all to count on holes 13 to 18. All sounds quite simple but that coupled with a two tee start complicated things somewhat.  I’m pleased to say you all managed to get it right.  The results were as follows – runners up were Geoff Dutton, Pat Stewart and Stewart Milner with an excellent score of 81pts but the runaway winners with 85pts was the team of Mike Key, Keith Myatt and Terry Regan. There were six 2s today but unfortunately for those that managed one they were all on the 14th which was not a nominated hole.  £26 rolls over to next Tuesday.

We have found a shortfall with my blog now that it is on the new web page in that it doesn’t give you the members an opportunity to enter comments.  If any of you wish to make comments then email them to Martin and he will enter them for you.


Tue 7th Nov 17

Firstly my apologies for the lack of HWH facilities  as I detailed in my entry on Friday, a bit of a misunderstanding between ourselves and the catering staff. Hopefully it will all be resolved by next week.

Today saw the start of the Winter League 2017/18. Sixty-two of you turned out on what was a cold but dry early morning although those teeing off later had to contend with damper conditions. The conditions were right for someone to return a very good score and that they did. Results for Cat2 were 1st Graham Horton 33pts & Runner Up was Rob Baldwin 32pts. In Cat1 1st was Keith Myatt 32pts and the Runner Up, beating John Taylor on countback was Pete Turner 31pts with 22pts on the back 9 to John’s 19. The 2s sweep winners today were Pete Turner, Mac Towers, Dave Fensom and Pat Stewart all on the 14th.

Thanks today to Mike Key for the bottle of whisky on the bar to mark his 80th birthday which was on Monday. Happy Birthday Mike from all of us.

Can I ask that, if you haven’t already done so, you all read the letter in the main foyer concerning Golf England/LGU subscriptions for the period April 1st to June 1st 2016.  I hope, as many have already done,  you will all find your way to donate your rebate to the club to help purchase some much needed green keeping equipment.

Finally I need all those that are attending the Christmas Party to fill in their menu choices and hand to me with either cash or cheque as soon as possible.


Fri 3rd Nov 17

With the start of the Winter League next Tuesday, Avril will open the Half Way House from 8am for the sale of Sausage/Bacon baps. These will be available to the early starters as they come off the ninth and also those of you who are waiting to start your round. This will be for a trial period only and if it doesn’t operate at a profit the facility will be withdrawn. Let’s try and make it work.
Also the Club AGM is on Monday 6th November, it would be nice to see as many of you there as possible to show that we really do show an interest in how our club is being run. Could all Past Captains attending please wear their blazers.


Thu 2nd Nov 17

Firstly thank you to Martin for Tuesday’s update in my absence at Bob Riley’s funeral.

66 of us turned out today on what was a mild & calm yet misty morning for the November medal. The results were in Cat2 – 3rd Rod Sanderson with a net 71, 2nd Keith Myatt with a 69 only to be beaten into 1st place on countback by Allan Williams.  In Cat1 – 3rd John Taylor with net70, 2nd also with 70 but beating JT on countback John Stephenson and the winner with an excellent net 64 was Ian Prior. Handicap cuts arising from these scores were Ian from 14 to 12 and Keith from 20 to 19.  Nearest to the Pin today and winning 2 bottles of Hardy’s best plonk was Roger Mead. There were three 2s today but the only two on qualifying holes were by Mel Moxon and John Dyson both on the 2nd and winning them £20 each. A special thanks to John who donated his £20 to my project fund. The unlucky person today was John Stephenson whose 2 was on the 8th.

There were 4 players disqualified today for not signing there cards and whilst not overly important today with regards to their scores it could prove costly if you do this in the Winter League which starts next Tuesday. Here it is your 10 best cards that count towards your final score and also there is the eclectic to consider. Any unsigned card will be disqualified and will not count towards either competition. Be warned!!

I’m pleased to see 4 more couples have added their names to the list for the Christmas party. The event should now go ahead but there still places available if you are still thinking of attending. For those who are going could you please fill in your menu choice slip (available on Notice board) and return to me with the appropriate cheque or cash asap.  There will be a raffle on the night organised by Paul Eales and Neil Gilbert,  if anyone would like to donate a prize please contact one or the other of them.

As mentioned earlier Winter League commences next Tuesday, with 1st tee off being around 7.30am or slightly earlier if light permits. There is a £2 entry fee and then it is £1.50 each week.  So £3.50 next week, please try and have the correct change if possible.  Prize money each week will be £10 for 1st and £5 for 2nd in both Cat1 & Cat2.  All other money will be pooled and paid out as prize money after the last event, hopefully at the end of February. However the league will continue after this if necessary to ensure a minimum of 14 qualifying rounds are played.


Tue 31st Oct 17

38 players turned out on a damp morning for today’s Stableford competition off the Green Tees.

There were 6 twos today but only 2 of them were on the correct holes, John Taylor and Mike Key both on the 11th winning them each £9.

Today’s results were: Cat 1 – 1st Pete Turner with 39 points and 2nd Ian Prior with 38 points. Cat 2 – 1st Colin Underwood, on count-back, with 39 points, 24 on the back 9 and 16 on the back 6 and 2nd Dick George also with 39 points, 24 on the back 9 but 15 on the back 6.

Unfortunately, Dick would have had 40 points but he signed for a 6 on the 9th hole when he actually had a 5 (although his Net Score & Stableford Points were correct). Checking the Gross Scores on your card is important!

Thursday’s competition is the November Monthly Medal, the start times for which are on the Seniors’ page on the website and the Seniors’ Noticeboard. These times are subject to slight changes due to people dropping out.

The Winter League starts next Tuesday (7th November).

Martin H (On behalf of BillD)

Thu 26th Oct 17

A great day weather-wise today for playing golf, only a slight hint of a breeze and no sun to get in your eyes but still warm enough for some to play in shirt sleeves and in one case (Al Cowie) to play in shorts.

Before I come on to the results, a couple of notable incidents from around the course today. Firstly congratulations to Bruce Fairley for his Hole in One on the 14th and thank you for the bottle of whisky on the bar afterwards. For those who didn’t get the opportunity to have a drink with Bruce the bottle will be out again on Tuesday. Next it’s commiserations to John Dyson for putting his tee shot in the water on the 14th, especially as when playing 3 from the tee he holes the shot. The donation to my water jar was much appreciated John.

The Glen Cormode Stayers Salver competition was a scratch stableford with the highest placed person who hadn’t won a major comp and had played in at least six monthly medals winning the Salver. In 4th place was Robin Brown with 39pts, 3rd was Dick George with 40pts, in 2nd beating Dick on countback was Steve Clifton and the winner with a magnificent 44pts was Tony Hales. As Tony had only played in four medals and Steve was in the pair that won the Doubles Knockout the Salver  was won by Dick.

In the Medal of Medals Roger Mead was 3rd with net 69, in second, losing out on countback, was Pete Shucksmith with 68 and the winner was Graeme Campbell. All three had their handicap cut by 1 shot.

The Nearest the Pin was obviously Bruce and the 2s sweep was won by Colin Davies and Mac Towers on the 2nd and Bruce for his hole in one. Each received £20.

Next Tuesday is a Winter League warm up, that is an 18 hole stableford played from the green tees. I will not be there as along with some others we will be attending Rob Riley’s funeral

As I said on Tuesday the Christmas Party is fast approaching and as of today there only 57 names on the list to attend. If this doesn’t rise to around 75 in the next two weeks it may well have to be cancelled. The committee spend a lot of time in organising such events and I believe deserve better support than this.


Tue 24th Oct 17

48 players set out from first light this morning in The RBL Stableford for The Alan Jude Trophy.  Conditions first thing were mild and calm, however the wind got up as the morning progressed. The results were as follows:     5th Allan Williams 37pts, 4th Roger Mead 37pts, 3rd Shawn Farren 37pts, 2nd Martin Howard 39pts and the Winner of the Alan Jude Trophy was Martin Coleman with 41pts.  Nearest to the Pin on the 14th, winning two bottles of wine, was Gerry Grimshaw at 2ft 2.5ins from the pin. There was only one 2 today, that was by Roger Mead on the 2nd, winning him £20. After deducting prize money today we raised £40 which will be added to that raised from the sale of poppies this morning. Thank you all for your support.

The Christmas party is now less than 2 months away, so if you wish to attend please add you name to the list on our notice board. If you have already done so please fill out a menu selection slip and hand to me with your money. There will be a raffle on the night so if anyone would like to donate a prize please speak to Neil or Paul.


Fri 20th Oct 17

We played our final club match of the season today at home against Southwell.  After a wet start the weather cleared and stayed dry until at least the first match was back in the car park.  I would like to thank Terry Dixon and Geoff Dutton for stepping into the breach at the last minute to make up the team and also John Dyson for turning out when not feeling 100% fit.  Thanks also go to Janet and her team for another fine meal to add to all the others throughout the season.  Your food and the service we receive really are the envy of many of the other clubs we play. Special thanks also to our Greens Chairman Ray Duncan and the green staff of Shawn, James and Ken for continuing to present the course in the very best of order.  Southwell Captain Dave Archer said in his post match speech that he always considered it a privilege to come and play at South Kyme.  Now for todays results, nearest to the pin on the 14th was Duncan Richardson of Southwell at 4ft 5ins from the pin, he duly converted this into a birdie 2 to win two bottles of wine.  The match ended in a 5-3 win for us. This gave us a seasons tally of Played 25 – Won 13 – Halved 4 – Lost 8. My  thanks to each of the 44 of you who have represented the club this year this is a tremendous result of which as your Captain I am very proud.


Thurs 19th Oct 17


I think the weather forecast must have put a lot of people off this morning as just 41 turned up for The Doug Tasker Over 70 Trophy and the Under 70s Stableford. However apart from being foggy first thing the threatened rain never really materialised. The results of the two comps were as follows:

The Under 70s Stableford was won by Shawn Farren with 44pts and the runner up was Mick Mawson with 34pts.

The Doug Tasker Trophy was won by Dave Proctor with 40pts, runner up was Terry Dixon with 38pts and in 3rd place was Doug himself also with 38pts.

There were five 2s, but only Doug Tasker managed it on a nominated hole winning himself £20.

Nearest the Pin today, winning two bottles of wine, was Jim Goodrum whose tee shot ended 5ft 5ins from the hole on the 14th.

The notable handicap changes were Shawn from 11 to 9 and Dave 11 to 10

Next Tuesday is The RBL Stableford for the Alan Jude Trophy. No pre booking required, just turn up and play, all proceeds from the day will go to the RBL Poppy Appeal. Then Thursday is the Medal of Medals and the Stayers Salver. See details on our notice board.




Tue 17th Oct 17

34 players out today for the Stableford competition. There were no 2s scored on what was a tough scoring day. Today’s winners were: CAT 1: 1st Pete Turner with 37 points and 2nd Graham Sylvester-Williams with 33 points. Cat 2: 1st Rob Baldwin with 35 points.

Thursday’s competition will be the Doug Tasker Over 70s Trophy, the Draw for which is available on the Seniors’ Notice Board. There is a separate Stableford Competition for the under 70s, both of which will be qualifiers.

MartinH (On behalf of BillD)

Thurs 12th Oct 17

43 players turned out for today’s Scratch Stableford, a good number considering the Match being played as well. 4 twos were scored today but the only counting one was by Pete Shucksmith on the 2nd hole, winning him £20. Today’s results were Cat 1: 1st Mac Towers 39 points, 2nd Jim Ferguson 37 points with 13 on the back 9 and 3rd Gerry Grimshaw also with 37 points and 11 on the back 9. Cat 2: 1st Tony Hales 41 points, 2nd Graham Horton 40 points and Allan Williams 39 points. Also on 39 points, losing out on count-back was Steve Clifton.

MartinH (On behalf of BillD)

The club match today was a closely fought competition with the visitors taking the spoils 4.5 matches to 3.5. The nearest the pin was won by Bob Manser from Blankney at a distance of 5ft which he converted into a birdie 2 winning 2 bottles of wine. Thank you to all who turned out for SKGC. Just one more match to go, next Friday at home to Southwell. Team will be on the board on Saturday.



08 Oct 17

This is the new Seniors’ Captain’s Blog.

It should be fully up and running next week.



08 Oct 17

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