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Seniors’ Captain’s Blog

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Ahoy there again, Master from the Bridge with the May Blog.

Well shipmates, what a month we have had.

A friendly “Chug” around the harbour with the “Dave Tomley Trophy” started the month off for main competitions and a well done and extra tot of Rum for Paul Simmonds on his victory.

The engagements against foreign invaders came thick and fast this month. Firstly the infiltration of S.S. Blankney and later, S.S. Spalding. Then, with a deployment to the port of Skegness and a voyage to engage S.S. Seacroft in their own waters. Three matches in eight days was a battle test for any body of men. Due to heavy seas and very wet conditions, the encounter with S.S. Blankney was abandoned at around the halfway point with the Greens looking more like the sea. The honourable half was agreed between myself and Graham (Capt.), and after all had dried out we then retired to the Clubhouse for tales of woe, food and grog.

To the coast! And off to S.S. Seacroft. – Whoa! – For someone who hasn’t played a Links Course like that properly before, “what an experience, and what Greens!”

Many thanks to the mentoring, advice and knowledge of my partner, Graham Tillman, on the day. We managed a very respectable half against their “Skipper” Keith and partner Dave, which I felt was a hell of an achievement on the day. As we approached some of the Greens it reminded me of a very “Choppy” crossing of the Bay of Biscay we had on a particular cruise ship. We did come away with an overall 6-2 loss in the battle, but agreed it was a great experience to play there and company was first class.

Back to calmer, home waters and a visit from S.S. Spalding. A fine body of men and up for a fight. After a keenly fought battle, we came away with a 4.1/2 to 3.1/2 loss. Many thanks to the brave men that stuck with me over a very busy period. A special thanks to the Spalding Captain, Trevor, and partner, Andy.

Now the serious stuff. As you may or may not know, Boston received the awful news of the tragic death of one of their Greenkeepers a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure South Kyme members thoughts are with his family and the Boston members. Their Captain, Mick, contacted me to inform me there will be a wake for the Greenkeeper at their Golf Club on Tuesday 4th. June, the day we are due to play our away match there. This is now not an option as the course is being closed as a mark of respect. We will try and re-arrange for a later date.

The match sheet is on the Seniors notice board for the away match at Southwell and although there are several names already posted, please be aware that we only need 12 players for this fixture so not everyone will get selected.

Super Seniors “Blue Tee” Golf.

As promised, we looked at several options on how to put things in place but it wasn’t easy as there are many issues to overcome, especially with pressure from the W.H.S. who seem to want “all” golf to now be played as “Qualifiers.”

With assistance from the Seniors committee, the Director of Golf and of course our Guru with the Systems, Martin H., we have put in place for June, Blue Tee competitions. These can be entered on V.1. the same as the normal Tuesday/Thursday Senior days.

You book your Tee time as normal, play with who ever you are booked in with. You then book into the “Blue Tee” competition. Initially, all entry fees for this separate competition will go back in 2’s and winnings for the trial period of June. We will monitor how many Seniors take up this option and decide next month if this option is worth continuing. If several members take this up and ask for it to continue, we will then consider and if agreed, retrieve a percentage of the entrance fee money into the Seniors funds as with all competitions.

This is one possible option to attract elder and less able Seniors to participate in Seniors Section golf. After speaking with D of G at the Club, I believe the following also to be correct.

Any Senior can enter the V.1. Booking system and book a slot with friends. They can then turn up and play in same group even if other players are entered into a competition. If they are playing off the Yellow tees ,you can still play off the Blue Tees if a “Blue Tee” competition option is there to enter. You book in and then enter your score in the “Blue Tee” competition score entry option on completion of round. The two competitions on the day will be totally separate.

I also believe you can book a slot on V.1. on a competition day and play with friends but not enter the competition. Turn up and play at allotted time on the day. If you do not want to enter a competition and just want to play off Blue Tees for fun, no problem. On arrival, “Do not” sign in on the V.1.System in the morning and “Do not” enter a score on your completion of play.

The May Seniors Captains Draw has been made and the following winners are;

£70 – Eddie Halliday

£40 – Martin Howard

£30 – Alistair Grant

£20 – Pete Zammit

£20 – Geoff Annibal

£10 – Norman Beavis

£10 – Rob Baldwin

Final few words this month, Best of luck to all that are playing in the “Seniors AM-AM”.

Graham, (Vice Capt.) is looking for “A few good men” to assist Sue (Ladies Capt.) with an exchange day with Boston Ladies on 27th. June, so let’s have some volunteers!

I am afraid I will miss this as I am away on a Cruise. I should be in Katakalon Greece, on 6th. June, visiting ancient Olympia and the birth place of the Olympic Games.

“It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!”

“ ta leme “ – (See you later)

That’s Greek you know! – If you were wondering.


“Avast me hearties”

This is the Master from bridge.

After an encounter with S.S. Boston in our local waters, we battled fearlessly and came away victorious with a 4 – 2 win. A good start to our 12 inter-club friendlies for 2024.

“Splice the Mainbrace!”

We are off and running in earnest now and the matches will come thick and fast.

With a match at home against Blankney on Thursday 16th. May I still need to “Press Gang” three players as soon as possible. Consideration will be given to loyal Sailors playing in Home matches when picking teams for the away encounters. There will be two more Away matches nailed to the mast, (Seniors Notice board), by the time you read this Proclamation so lets see plenty of you

“Jack Tars” signing up for the voyages of discovery with S.S. Kyme this year.

The second expedition to foreign climes will be away at S.S. Boston on Tuesday 4th. June and then away at S.S. Southwell on Thursday 20th. June.

The away match along the coast of Lincolnshire at Port of Skegness against S.S. Seacroft will be our first foray into enemy waters and will no doubt be a very stern task. When firing those shots blind at marker posts you are never quite sure you are hitting your target. There are many volunteers for this Voyage but the ship only retains 16 Sailors so some will have to stay ashore and be considered for future away forays.

Back to the serious stuff.

The April Seniors Captains Draw took place on Tuesday 30th. April. These results will also be nailed to the Mast. The results were;

1/ Norman Beavis £70

2/ Alistair Grant £40

3/ Duncan Bustin £30

4/ Terry Dixon £20

5/ Chris Wilmot £20

6/ John Henry £20

7/ Ian Humphries £10

8/ John Huthwaite £10

I am still looking for assistance with this if anyone feels able to help but if unable please try and make things easier for me by coming forward with your “Pieces of eight!” (£2’s) when you see me so I don’t spend hours sat in the Clubhouse chasing everyone when I have other “Masterly” things to do.

To bring everyone up to speed regarding my Senior Captains Charity this year, I have made the decision, prior to events starting, to change Charities. Due to uncertainty and little response with

requests from “Lives”, I have decided to raise funds for the “Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.”

They have already been very helpful and I am sure you will all agree a very worthy cause that we may all benefit from if, God forbid, if we ever needed them. I attended one of their presentation events last Thursday and was made most welcome. A presentation, cup of tea and a look around the Air Ambulance was very informative.

Lastly, on the subject of Charity, please don’t forget we have the Seniors AM-AM, , Seniors Captains Day and Seniors Open days coming up so any donations, raffle prizes, etc. would be most appreciated.

Ah well, it’s now 8-Bells, the sun is still out but well over the yard-arm, so goodnight all.

Pete B.



Yo! Ho! Ho! my hearties – This is the Master (Captain), speaking from the Bridge.

After setting sail on the S.S. Kyme (Seniors Section) at the beginning of April, we set a course for sea trials around local waters at South Kyme.

First challenge was to integrate some of the crew with the Ladies in the Cook Shield Trophy.

Myself and nine other sturdy jack tars competed in this mixed competition, superbly organised by Staff Captain Helen K on behalf of Master of the Ladies, Captain Sue Roberts. A fine time was had by all and not a drop of Rum was consumed. Congratulations to Penny Gilbert and Alan Cuthbertson on their win.

We then tried to navigate Woodthorpe Hall at home but due to inclement weather conditions and the inability to launch lifeboats (Buggies) we were “scuppered” before we started. The match at the request of Woodthorpe was postponed due to the fact they required the use of 4 buggies which we could not guarantee due to course conditions.

Then came S.S.Kyme’s biggest challenge so far. Home War game exercises against S.S.Rabbits!

Fourteen souls played for the Seniors in seven 4-ball matches against a Rabbits team of determined looking, rugged Rabbits players. Some with “Dodgy” looking shorts and handicaps (Chris), but competitive golf was played and no-one died. Retired Captain Zammit and myself earned the team an honourable half but the team lost 2-1/2 to 4-1/2. As it all took place with a friendly jovial ambience nobody went under the “Cat o’ nine tails!”

Many thanks to Alan Cuthbertson (Capt.) and Chris Wilmot (Vice) of the Rabbits for all the organising and help on the day. Many thanks, guys.

Now, on to more serious matters. If there are any “Stragglers “ left out there that haven’t yet paid their £5 Seniors membership, “C’mon!!”

For all players who have graciously put their names forward to play in the Seniors matches, there are three more match sheets going up on the Notice board. These are for the beginning of May. Blankney and Spalding at Home and Seacroft away.

We have our next Seniors Committee meeting on Tuesday 7th. May and if you have any issues you wish us to consider, please contact me or any Committee member to bring them to our attention.

With regards to my Away-day at Grimsby G.C. on Monday 1st. July, please put your name down on the sheet on Seniors notice board in the men’s changing room as soon as possible. You can still add even though sheet is full. Remember though, don’t delay paying Andy Battle for the privilege. It’s slightly subsidised at a cost of £40 per player. If you do require a Buggie on the day, please arrange this with, and pay Grimsby G.C. Direct. Their contact details are on notice board and please state that you are booking one of the Buggies reserved by South Kyme. Don’t forget however, it will be payable/chargeable to you when booking is placed.

Also don’t forget to get your teams entered for the Seniors AM-AM on Thursday 6th. June and yourselves in the Seniors Open on Thursday 25th. July. Any raffle prizes donated for either events plus my Seniors Captains Day on Thursday 11th. July would be much appreciated.

Lastly, but far from least, one of the most important aspects of a Seniors Captains year is the conducting and implementing the Captains Monthly Draw. Since the retirement of Mick Mawson from the Seniors Committee, we need to find bodies to assist with “Demanding money with Menaces” for this very important money raiser. I once again thank Mick for his stalwart efforts and determination carrying on this task after the passing of our beloved Pete Williams. I am currently trying to do this myself but with organising many other things as Captain I am finding it all too difficult to juggle all the balls at once. If anyone out there could help, say cover one week at a time through a month, please come forward and have a chat with me or any Committee member.

Well guys, it’s seven bells and the sun is over the yard-arm, so lower the ensign, fill the glass with Rum (Scotch actually) and let’s call it night.


Well gentlemen, we are here. The year has officially started.

As I’m sure you are all aware, when it comes to holidays my option of choice is a cruise. So on that note my blogs which I hope to post monthly will probably have a nautical theme.

My year prior to the A.G.M. Got off to a ropey start. Conditions and weather were not good and there was great uncertainty for times ahead.

As I prepared to take over from David our previous Master, (The Captain of a ship is known as it’s Master), apprehension started to build. Then on 22nd. February at the launching of the S.S. Kyme (S.S. Stands for Senior Section), I was presented with my Masters green jacket. This wasn’t the same as the one you can win at Augusta but it made me feel just as proud.

I then gave my inaugural speech from the bridge and hoped things were set fair. As I looked out over the amassed motley crew I thought, in the words of that famous song, “Things, can only get better!” I was due to set sail on my voyage of adventure for 2024 on Thursday 29th. February with a “cast off” on the first tee. However, conditions were yet again too rough at sea, (the course), and I had to stay in port a little longer. I finally “weighed anchor” on 13th. March.

Now on a more serious note, as the Captain’s Drive-in on the 13th. was unable to be played with a Shotgun start, I would like to say a big “thank-you” to all Seniors that turned up on the tee to watch me make a fool of myself. Many had to then wait for later tee-off times as it was a single tee start. It was very much appreciated. I managed to propel the ball a whole 79yds. 7 inches which I felt was no mean feat with that Persimmon driver, especially under that pressure. You all kindly raised £63.50 with your generosity. The winner of the £10 prize was Graham Leech with a guess of 79yds. 4 inches. – Well done Graham.

Just a couple more things. Thank-you to all members that have put their names forward for Inter-club matches. I will attempt to give everyone the chance to represent our section over the year.

It’s nice to see so many names on the list. Also take a look at the matches against the ladies and Rabbits. Secondly, don’t forget to get your name down for the “Away-day” and “AM-AM” competitions that are up on the notice board now for later in the year.

Oh, there is just one more thing, we are still looking for at least three more volunteers to sit on the Seniors Committee. So if you feel you could improve things or make a difference don’t grumble behind the scenes stand up and do something, put yourself forward and join us.

That will do for now, talk to you all again in April. – P.C.B.



Sophie’s Journey Cheque presentation at the Seniors’ Christmas Dinner 14th December 2023


Wednesday March 1st 2023

Tomorrow sees our new Captain Terry Regan drive off from the first tee at 8.oo am. I wish Terry all the best for his year and know that you will support him and the seniors committee as we continue to plan for an exciting year ahead. I would like to thank you all for making my captain’s year so fulfilling and enjoyable.

Many thanks



Thursday January 5th 2023

The Seniors January Medal will now be played on Thursday 26th of January. Please book in on the Club V1 App in the usual way.







Thursday 15 December
Alan Moore’s Funeral Arrangements.
Details of Alan’s funeral are confirmed as:
1330 on December 28th at Boston Crematorium and afterward at Great Hale Village Hall.
Beryl has requested that Captain and Past Captains wear their Green Blazers.







Tuesday 6th December 2022

Good afternoon seniors, this is just a big, big thank you to Don Donovan who has recently had his moustache shaved off for charity. Don raised the princely sum of £150 which he has very generously donated to my captain’s charity. Don, I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Many thanks.

Don’t forget the Whiskey Stagger on Thursday gentlemen, and for those of you who are attending the Seniors Christmas Meal later in the evening I’ll see you there.





Monday 12th October

Pinehurst Foursomes.

We are 1 player short for tomorrow’s Match. Neil Joyce requires a partner. If you can help out please book into the vacant slot at 07.54 on the V1 App.

Many Thanks








Tuesday 23rd August


I would like to address a subject which seems to be polarising opinion amongst the Seniors. I am referring to slow play. I am aware that the seniors  cover a wide age range and that we differ in many ways. However, we do share one thing, our love of this game of golf. In the interests of harmony, can we try to speed up the way we play? We can do this in many ways, the following are just a few.

  1. Play if you are ready.
  2. Pick up your ball if you can’t score.
  3. Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee.
  4. Leave the green promptly.
  5. Last, but not least, Keep up with the group in front of you. Your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately ahead of the group behind you. If you are consistently not able to keep up and a gap opens up ahead of you, invite the group behind you to play through, irrespective of the number of players in the group. This is not a law, it is simply etiquette.Playing at a better pace is not about hurrying up or rushing around the course. It’s about being more efficient with your valuable time, as well as everyone else’s.Regards,
    ShawnSunday 21 Aug 2022

This Thursday sees us competing for the Pat Stewart Trophy in the Seniors Championship. This is a strokeplay competition off the yellow tees and Pat will be on hand to present the trophy on the day. It would be greatly appreciated if as many of you as possible could remain behind for this presentation.





Yesterday’s Medal Results


1st. Mel Moxon              71 {Countback}

2nd. James Goodrum  71

3rd David Morgan        72 {Countback}

Dave Proctor                  72


1st Peter Sivill                62 {Brilliant score Peter!}

2nd Michael Mawson   69

3rd Bruce Silcock          70

Nearest the Pin – Tony Gwyllym.

Well done to you all, some very good scoring on what turned out to be a difficult day for most of the field.

I had a look at the team player nominations for the home match against Southwell on the 8th September. At the present time we are 6 players short. Please put your name down if you are available to play.

We are also 1 player short for the home match against Welton Manor next Thursday after a late withdrawal. Please let me know if you would like to play.











Friday 29th July 2022

Addendum to my Captain’s Day blog

Hi everybody, I have no idea how many seniors actually read this blog but I soldier on in hopeful anticipation that someone is.  

I returned home yesterday after a very poor round of golf in the Senior’s Open and as I was getting my gear out of the car, Pat Stewart, who lives nearby, stopped for a chat on his way to do some work at the house of friends of his who were on holiday. For those of you who don’t know him, Pat, is one of our senior seniors and is someone for whom I have a huge amount of respect. Pat, who has been a much better golfer than I could ever be, still plays off a handicap that the majority of golfers would find difficult to play to. He lives and breathes golf and I owe him an apology for an unintentional slight in my Blog about my Captain’s Day a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to mention the Spider Putting contest which is the very popular finale of the day. Pat has very generously sponsored this event for the last 10 years, being on hand to present the winner with a bottle of single malt which he has selflessly donated. So, a really big thank you to Pat for his generosity.

This got me thinking about all the other people who beaver tirelessly away in the background so that we can indulge our passion for this great game. Our Seniors committee is populated by like minded individuals to Pat who work to ensure that we enjoy our golf every week. The various club committee members are equally motivated individuals and they all deserve a huge thank you for the work they do. Please bear that in mind when you have a complaint about anything that is not right around the golf course. Please, make a note and let the appropriate committee members know what and where your problem is.

Until next time







Thursday 14th July 

 68 Seniors turned up for a shotgun start at 8am on a much cooler day than we had experienced recently. The overall winner, and recipient of the Dave Keats Memorial Trophy, was Alastair Grant with an impressive 46 points. In Cat1, the winner was John Stephenson with 42 points winning on countback from Geoff Annibal, Cat 2 was won by Richard Mills with 40 points a point ahead of runner up, David Blore. Cat 3 was won by Neil Taylor with 43 points and the runner up was Richard Attwell on 40 points.  The legendary generosity of the Seniors was evident yet again, with the raffle raising £280 for my charity, Prostate Cancer UK. The collection jar in the Half Way House raised a further £108, making a total of £388 towards our eventual target. A big thank you to my wife Bridie and granddaughter Isobel who made the food and ran the HWH. A special mention to Martin Howard for his help in the administration of the competition and speeding up the score entries. Many thanks Martin. Martin’s job was made much more difficult because of the number of cards which were scored incorrectly. A very grateful thank you to all of you who played today.









SENIORS CAPTAIN’S DAY – 14th JULY                                     



This is a Stableford competition played off Yellow Tees with a shotgun start at 8am.  There will be prizes for the overall winner, who will also receive the Dave Keates Memorial Trophy, & 1st and 2nd placed players in Cats 1, 2 & 3. The highest placed Past Captain will receive the Mick Bans Trophy. There will be a £200 prize pot. 

There will also be the following: 

Nearest to the Pin on all 4 Par 3 holes. 

Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 12th. 

Spider putting competition for a bottle of whisky donated by    Pat Stewart 

50pence sweep for a 2 on any hole. 

Myself and my wife Bridie will be providing refreshments at the Half Way House with any donations going to my Captains Charity (Prostate Cancer UK). 

The cost of entry into all of this is just £3.50 (No concessions).  Apart from the 2s sweep all proceeds will go the Captain’s Fund. If there aren’t any 2s this will also go to the Captains Fund. 

There will also be a Raffle with all takings going to my Captains Charity (Prostate Cancer UK). Donations to this raffle would be greatly appreciated. 

Booking in will commence at  7am on 23rd June using the ClubV1 booking system and starting tees will be allocated from 7am to 7.45 on the day.  You are then requested to proceed to your starting tee ready to tee off at 8am. 






Seniors Away Day to Stanton on the Wolds

Gents, the first tee time is 1003, so get there in plenty of time for the Coffee & Bacon Roll. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in category, Nearest the Pin on the 10th and Nearest the Pin in 2. The Club Captain, Steve Barlow, has kindly accepted our invitation to join us and has been given “Courtesy of the Course”. The weather forecast is good {don’t forget the sunscreen}, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 27th.

Kind Regards






Seniors Update 17 June 2022

Seniors Over 50’s AM/AM

Around 130 golfers from around the County played on the 8th of June and enjoyed good weather and a well set up golf course. I would like to thank the Ladies section, in particular Captain Joan Cowie and Helen Kirschner, for running the Halfway House throughout the day and for their legendary cake selection. The raffle, which many of you donated to, raised £424  and I would like to thank all 0f you who made a donation to the raffle for making it so successful.  This, together with the Halfway House Charity box, {£95} raised a total of £519 for my Captain’s Charity {Prostate Cancer}. Many, many thanks to you all.


2nd June 2022

The Over 50’s Seniors AM/AM is next Wednesday. If you were planning to donate an item for the raffle, which is in aid of Prostate Cancer UK, then you can hand it in to the Golf Shop, or any committee member. I would like to thank all of you who have donated, it is for a very worthy cause.

Many Thanks




11 May.

This is a reminder of the Seniors Away Day to Stanton on the Wolds on Monday 27th of June. The details for this outing are on the Seniors Notice Board in the Changing Rooms. The cost for the day is £45, which include Tea/Coffee and Bacon Roll on arrival, and a post golf meal. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Category and nearest the pin. The closing date for entry is 15th June and I would ask that those of you who are going, pay before that date. The preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer to SKGC Seniors, Account number: 0076964, Sort Code: 30-97-95 using reference Away Day. You may also pay by cheque to SKGC Seniors, or Cash by placing in an envelope addressed to Seniors Away Day and hand in at the pro shop.





8th May.

Gentlemen, there are still plenty of vacancies in the Senior’s over 50’s AM/AM on Wednesday 8th June. Teams will consist of 4 players, minimum age 50, best 2 Nett Medal scores on each hole to count. . Maximum handicap index is 28. If you wish to play sign in on the Club v1 site.



4th May{2}

We have an away match against Blankney on the 19th  of May 1st tee 8.45. At this time Blankney can only field 12 players so have asked us to make up the numbers to ensure that we fill the tees. At the moment we have 16 players and 3 reserves on the list in the changing room, so if anyone else wants to play at Blankney then put your name down on the list or contact me.





4th May{1}

Gentlemen, on the 8th of June we are holding the seniors AM/AM and it was felt that it was an ideal opportunity to collect a little money for our this years Captain’s Charity, Prostate Cancer UK. To that end I would be deeply grateful if you could donate something towards the raffle on the day, say a bottle of wine or a golf related item or anything really.

Sincere regards




22nd April.

Well done to the Seniors team who played against Tydd St Giles yesterday. we won the match 4 – 2 and following the 7 – 0 victory against Market Rasen last week the future looks bright for our players.   My sincere thanks to Ian Green who filled in at the last minute and to Chris Wilmot and Barry Rohland who also volunteered.  I am extremely grateful to all the seniors who volunteer to play in these matches, particularly the home fixtures. Next week we host Boston who are fielding a full side of 8 pairs and will prove to be a stern test for us.






5th April

It is with great sadness that I report the passing last Thursday of a stalwart of the Seniors, Harry Lee. We don’t have any further information at this stage but I will keep you informed.




Congratulations to our team who played in the match away at Spalding yesterday. We won 5-3 on a course which is considered to be tricky.

Well done!



I would first like to thank our outgoing captain, Duncan, for leading us through the very difficult Covid years and for rolling over his captaincy for another year. It has not been the easiest of times for golf clubs but Duncan soldiered on even when personal health issues intervened. He deserves a very big thank you from us all.

During my Captain’s year I will try to keep our members as well informed as I can, but in the past, we have been experiencing difficulty in getting the information to you. This is because a lot of our members do not seem to like to access information on the internet. If you wish to keep informed then the onus is on you, the members, to access the seniors section on the Club website. Here you will find the latest important notices, including the seniors programme for the year ahead and the captain’s blog. Further information will be available on the seniors notice board in the changing room.

I am also keen to see more volunteers for the many matches we have against local golf clubs. Regardless of your handicap, these matches can be highly rewarding, and I urge our many high handicappers to take part. For a relatively small outlay, you get to play on a variety of golf courses and finish off the day with a 2 course meal. What’s not to like?
My registered charity for the year is Prostate Cancer UK. This killer is the most common cancer in men with more than 47,500 in the UK being diagnosed every year. That’s 129 men every day. Every 45 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer, that’s more than 11,500 men every year. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Most of us probably know someone who is suffering from or has been treated for prostate cancer and these are the reasons that I have made it my charity for my captain’s year. I hope that you will give generously to this very worthy cause throughout the year and support the seniors section in their various projects.

I would like to thank Terry Reagan for taking up the post of vice captain, and I look forward to working with him over the next year. Thanks Terry.

The Captain’s Drive in will be held next Thursday. So please be on first tee before 7.45 to see me make a complete fool of myself. This will be followed by the captain v Vice Captain 4 ball better ball match play. The draw for this will take place tomorrow so if you haven’t got your name down then please do so. Following the golf, there will be a presentation of the Winter League prizes by our outgoing captain Duncan, together with a cheque presentation to his charity {Lincolnshire blood bikes}. Please, if you can, stay for this presentation.

Thank you.



Captains blog 29/01/22

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Following the sad events of last week Pete’s funeral will take place at 15:30 on Thursday 10th February at Boston crematorium and afterwards at South Kyme GC. There is no limit to how many attend, however the club are limited obviously by space and licensing restrictions. If those of you that wish to attend could add your name to the list that will be in the changing room it will give us an idea to work with. Thank you.

We had a management meeting on Thursday evening (my last one). There will be things published later in relation to planned projects at the club so keep your eyes open for them.

There was one thing that came up from the house chairman which I have to say did annoy me quite a bit. On Thursday after we had played it would seem that one of our section feels it is acceptable to clean the mud and grass off their shoes in the sink in the changing room! and leave the debris behind Just to be perfectly clear IT’S NOT! I said at the start I would give a voice to the seniors if I felt we needed to defend things, on this occasion I was embarrassed that A this had happened and B that it could only have been a member of our section. My rule is that if Nic would be unhappy if I did whatever then don’t do it.

There has been a lot of work carried out around the course over the last few weeks  and months which I am sure you will agree has made a difference and certainly makes the place look better. The vast majority of the work although overseen by the green staff is carried out by volunteers who not only give their time but also their chance to play golf. So please keep that in mind when you want to moan about something. Things are going to be repaired, cleaned and tidied but they are trying to prioritise.

Finally Thank you all for your support over the last two years IT’S BEEN EMOTIONAL!

Good afternoon Gentlemen

There are times when writing the Captains blog the words flow quite freely and it is easy to write.

Today however it is with an extremely heavy heart that I have to pass on the sad news that dear Pete Williams passed away on Saturday. I am not alone in thinking how much he will be missed, he was a huge part of our Golf club and his noise and often abuse for not paying up was unique to him. I have spoken to Yvonne and she has asked me to pass on her thanks for the messages of support she has received over the past few days.

You will be dearly missed my friend now rest in peace.

Look beyond the empty chair
To know a life well spent
Look beyond the solitude
To days of true content

Cherish in your broken heart
Each moment gladly shared
And feel the touch of memory
Beyond the empty chair.


Captains blog 06/11/2021

Good afternoon Gentlemen

This week started well with the first round of the winter league being played in some cracking weather and some good scores.

A bit of a change for the medal on Thursday, certainly a wee bit colder and windier! I think there were only 3 scores par or better so I’m obviously not the only one that likes the sun on my back. Although an NR after 3 holes is never going to cut it.

The Christmas hamper will take place on 16/12/21. This will be a shotgun start with the tee being drawn on arrival with a tee off at 08:30. As with previous years we are planning to have sausage rolls, mince pies and mulled wine after your round. There will be a list in the changing room for those playing, if you could tick your name then we know how many to cater for. This will be followed by the presentation of trophies and medals that have been won over the last 12-18 months. On a personal note it would be nice to have a few people in the clubhouse to see the trophies presented so please stay on after your round. The draw sheet for the hamper is available in the clubhouse.

The Christmas party at the Carr Arms Sleaford is on 09/12/21 (don’t over do the mulled wine after the stagger). we will be having a raffle so if you have any raffle type stuff knocking around all donations are greatly received.

I have a powakaddy electric trolley with a 36 hole lithium battery in excellent condition. If you would like to own this trolley it can be yours for £5!! Yes that’s all it will cost you. There will be raffle tickets available in the clubhouse (1 ticket £5)  simply put your name on the ticket and we will draw the winner after the Christmas hamper round. The proceeds from this will go towards my charity the Lincolnshire blood bikes.

Upcoming events

09/11/21 Winter league round 2

11/11/21 Poppy appeal stableford (Minutes silence to be observed at 11:00)

16/11/21 Winter league round 3

18/11/21 Stayers salver

Finally please remember the AGM on 10/11/21.

Stay safe folks


Captains blog 23/10/2021

Good afternoon Gentlemen

To start with, the club AGM will be held on 10/11/2021 at 19:30. I would encourage you all to attend if you possibly can, there are a number of important discussions to be had so to be fully informed it would be beneficial to attend.

I have put on the important notices the point raised at the last management meeting regarding a single purse. This is currently under review and I will update you as soon as a final decision is made.

I’m not too sure about this but I think there must have been fewer people playing over the past few weeks? only because I have noticed the Maltese falcon at the top of the leaderboard! How can this be?

As we approach the end of the golf season, (we have one home match left V Blankney on 28/10/21) I am pleased to report that although we haven’t played all the matches that were in the programme we have played 11 winning 5, halving 3 and losing 3 not a bad season especially if you’re a Lincoln City fan.

We held our invitation day last week which, was very well attended and everyone had a good day despite the weather god’s letting loose with a deluge for the first 4 holes, no big deal really once the wind started blowing at 30 mph I dried out pretty quick! I must at this point thank Pete Zamitt for his organisation and also Bill and Maureen for running the halfway house great job folks thank you.

Only a couple of weeks before we start our winter league, I’m hoping that this year someone will be able to knock Richard Atwell from his perch, given that because we haven’t had a full winter league for the last two years he is STILL the winter league champion.

Upcoming events

Tuesday 26th October            Seniors stableford

Thursday 28th October          Pairs betterball and home match V Blankney

Tuesday 02nd November       First round of Winter League

Thursday 04th November      Seniors Medal

Also please remember the Halifax memorial trophy will be played on Sunday 14th November followed by the remembrance service.

Finally stay safe and keep smiling (it makes people wonder what you’re up to)


Captains blog 24/09/2021

Good afternoon Gentlemen

It would seem I have been pretty slack in keeping you all informed by writing a blog, there are no excuses so if you feel you need to give me some grief then I will accept it graciously.

There are a number of things I would like to bring to your attention so this may go on for a bit!

Firstly our AGM has been confirmed as being held on 24th February 2022. If you have anything you would like to propose or discuss during the AGM please either put it in writing to the committee or via email

There has been some confusion over the tee’s we have played competitions off over the last few months. To clarify to some extent, the six summer medals will be played from the WHITE TEES, this was voted on at the AGM following extended discussion. Some of the competitions we play are played off the White tees because this was requested by the individual donating the trophy, those competitions rules WILL not change. For a lot of the seniors playing from the white tees is off putting and mean some individuals do not enter those comps. This is something that can be discussed at the AGM but can’t be a constant point of discussion.

We as a section have had a number of matches over the summer. The results have been encouraging Won 5 Lost 3 halved 1. I would encourage anyone that wants to play to please add your name to the list in the locker room. With the size the section is we shouldn’t struggle to fill the team lists. Higher handicap players would be helpful mainly to help balance the team and also give us a stronger chance of winning.

I would also encourage you to look at the notice board in the locker room for up coming events, comp rules and entry. It is extremely hard to know if the information we are putting up/on the various platforms is getting to the people that need to know so again please keep yourself informed.

We have also been running a meal deal on Tuesdays and Thursdays the list is on the notice board, the food is great quality and also a good price. There is no reason why you can’t have your wife/partner join you for lunch post golf.

Over the last few weeks we have been opening the halfway house on Thursdays for tea and coffee, there will also be squash and soup packets available in future. Please make use of this facility.

You will also see that the Seniors scorecard box has moved into the lounge (next to Mr Williams), the reason for this is to encourage you to part with your money for the monthly draw and also to cheer Pete up, he’s been sitting in the club house waiting for folk to come in and not seen anyone for ages.

As you know last year was a bit of a non event. That said we did play a number of competitions. We will be holding the presentations of trophies and any medals that have been won, after the Christmas hamper round on Thursday 16th December 2021. If you have won a medal in the last 18 months and have not received it you can pick it up from one of the committee members any time.  If you have won a board competition then your name should by now be up.

Upcoming events

Seniors traffic lights stableford – Tuesday 28th September

Seniors away match V Louth Wednesday 29th September

Seniors pairs betterball Thursday 30th September

Seniors stableford Tuesday 5th October

Seniors October medal Thursday 7th October

I hope you are all awake after this epic.

After we have played a match it is customary for the captains to make speeches thanking the opposition for their play, hosting etc. I have added a little joke to my speech each time which I have to say are received pretty favorably (yeah right). So I will close with one today to further encourage you to get your name on the team sheet.

Pete Zammit and Bill Dark are sitting in the clubhouse following a particularly rough, cold and wet round of golf in the winter league. While defrosting Bill says ” That was awful today” Pete replies “Yeah, horrible” there’s a couple of minutes silence when Pete says “Same time next week?” Bill replies “Oh yeah as long as the weather stays like this”

Stay safe folks and thank you for all of your support through what has been a particularly difficult year.





Captains blog 14/06/21

Good afternoon Gentlemen

My intention was to have this blog posted last week but I have been a little busy so I apologise for being late.

Firstly, I have had a complaint via the director of Golf in relation to slow play. This is a subject that is continually raised and I would like to point a couple of things out, which I have raised before. As far as the club are concerned the maximum time it should take to play an 18 hole round at South Kyme is 4 hours, this was decided after long deliberation during a management meeting last year. That said we are all responsible with keeping up with the group in front and as Gentlemen I would expect us to act accordingly if your group starts to fall back. The other thing I would also like to raise is that if you have a complaint of any sort it would help if you directed the complaint in the first case to a member of the committee or to me directly. The reason I ask this is done is so that we as a section can address any issues within in the section and attempt to deal with it. I would also expect the members of our section to behave like adults, meaning we should all be able to speak directly to each other to resolve any problems we have without the need to involve anyone else. Slow play is inevitable sometimes but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it and I would encourage all of us to call those responsible out and in the spirit of the game of golf behave like gentlemen. Telling someone they are playing slowly or they are holding groups up is not a reason for anyone to fall out but merely highlighting a problem, as I have said we are all adults so PLEASE lets play within the rules of the game and have the good manners to move over if that is what is required.

The teams for the upcoming matches V Southwell and Boston are on the board. If you have been selected remember NOT to enter comps at the club on those days ( As I did!). Also there is no requirement for players to wear collar and tie post match but I would ask that you don’t sit down afterwards in your playing gear (unless the home team are doing so). There is also a list up for the Cooke shield which is a mixed pairs comp played with the Ladies section. If you want to play put your name down.

As far as Golf goes there have been a number of outstanding results lately, not least the effort from Gerry Newby in both the Seniors June medal (1st) and in the club June medal (2nd). He does seem to be in and around the top at the moment so well done Gerry it’s nice to see someone doing well.

I would also like to make a special mention for our friend Pete ( The Maltese Falcon) Zamitt. Pete has struggled in matches so far this year having (up to last Thursday) not won any and if you manage to stay awake while he’s telling you how its very hard to win when your partner doesn’t help you will be happy to hear he finally won a match play match! His partner must have been very good is all I can say.

We are in the process of negotiating with the catering department to re introduce the meal deal on medal days and possibly every Thursday. Once Norman has come to an agreement with them I will let you all know.

From 1st July 2021, once you have finished playing you should enter your score as soon as possible after your round. All our competitions will have a cut off time of 20:00 on the day for you to enter your score. You should according to the rules of Golf, enter your score as soon as possible after your round has finished. If you haven’t entered your score by 20:00 on the day of the competition it will be disregarded regardless of where you would have finished. The computer in the club is the best way to do it and you can grab some refreshments while you are there.

There have been some questions raised about the halfway house, so just to clear it up this is the situation at the moment. When we first came back to Golf the halfway house was open on a Thursday solely for the seniors section. Unfortunately because it wasn’t being used by enough of us and was losing money it was decided to withdraw the facility. I did say it would be open for self service tea and coffee, I was wrong to say that because with the restrictions in place at the moment it is not possible to have it open for self service, we would still need someone in there to serve, to stop any cross contamination. So until the restrictions are lifted there will be no halfway house facilities available. I’m sorry if I caused confusion.

As I write this we are waiting for Boris to decide whether the restriction will be lifted on 21/06. My own feeling is that it is unlikely so we may have to postpone the AGM arranged for 15/07. I will keep you updated on what we will be doing.

Finally stay safe and enjoy the sun on your backs while we can.



Captains blog 24/05/21

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Things are certainly starting to get back to near normal.

How nice it was to be in the club house hearing all the noise and banter, how I have missed that. Not forgetting the dulcet tones of Mr Williams “LUCKY NUMBERS” I may have toned that down a little : ). As mentioned in previous blogs the monthly draw will take place on the last Thursday of each month, so good luck.

We have had another problem with slow play,( we are a victim of our own success) with the help of Martin we have come up with what we feel will alleviate the problem. From 15th June all of our groups on a Tuesday will be three balls NO FOUR BALLS for any reason. If you are last out and in a two ball you must stay as that do not join another two ball. All of our four ball competitions will now be played on Thursdays. We are going to monitor this and hopefully it will mean the Ladies can play without being hindered by us. If you find you are dropping back from the group in front then please let the group behind through, regardless whether it’s a seniors group or a Ladies group. It is up to us to make this work and we have to be mindful of other members of OUR club using the course.

We have had our second match of the season, this time against the Rabbits and Hares section. Unfortunately it resulted in a defeat 2-3. All I will say is that some of our team members positions are under review!

The notice board is full of good stuff that is worth reading so again please put your name down for the matches and anything else that catches your eye. Please also pay Bill for the captains away day at Styrrup Hall as soon as you can. Payment by bank transfer is preferred the details of how to pay are in the last blog (15/05).

Please also read the important notices page for up to date information regarding the AGM and Captains day on 15th July.

I am in the process of speaking to the big boss about the weather! I have told him we have suffered enough and now is the time to put the sun on our backs fingers crossed he’s listening.

Finally, with the restrictions relaxing and things getting back to near normal I hope we can have a decent season. Still stay safe.



Captains blog 15/05/21

Good afternoon Gentlemen

It has been a while since my last blog but I just wanted things to settle down a bit and see how the new changes were working, it would seem everything is on track and on Monday 17th May we will be allowed to use the club house again.

The Captains away day at Styrrup Hall is all set up. If you have put your name down please pay for the day using bank transfer (£35) to sort code 30-97-95 account 00076964 the reference should be Styrrup Hall and your surname.

The day will consist of Coffee and bacon roll on arrival, 18 holes of golf followed by a two course meal. You should be at the course (Styrrup Hall) by 09:00. The dress for the post golf meal is smart casual, not your golf gear please.

We have two away matches in June, 24th June away at Southwell and 29th June away at Boston Cowbridge. The list for both of these will be on the notice board in the next week. If you want to be considered for the team then please add your name.

Due to a lack of time it has been decided that the section will only run a singles knockout this year. This is on the clubV1 system (drop down menu click knockouts select seniors singles and enter). The list will be up until the end of June with the first matches to be played by 15th July once the draw has been made. It may seem a bit harsh as far as time goes but if we let it drag on as has happened in previous years we struggle to get a true and fair result. If you don’t feel you can stick to the time constraints then please don’t enter.

The seniors captains day is scheduled for 15th July 21. It is hoped that we can have a shotgun start at 08:00. The plan then would be to hold the seniors AGM after the golf. Further details will be published as soon as they are known.

It is also planned to resume the monthly draw with the draw taking place on the last Thursday of the month. BE PREPARED PETE WILLIAMS will be after your money!

The halfway house will no longer be open for snacks etc on a Thursday it has not proved to be very successful and has been losing money. There will be tea and coffee available as before on a help yourself basis.

Happily this week I finally led the seniors section in a match. I would like to thank all of those that took part and saw us to a great victory against the Ladies. Seniors 5 1/2 Ladies 2 1/2.

There is a match against the Rabbits on 22/05/21. I have a team but could do with one more name if anyone is interested. The team list will be on the notice board on Tuesday.

Finally, over the last few months I have had a minor medical issue going on, I would just like to thank all of the section for their best wishes and support it has made all the difference and both Nic and I are grateful for your friendship THANK YOU.


Captains blog 20/03/21

Good afternoon Gentlemen,

Finally we are going to be allowed out to play!

It has been a very difficult time for everyone, worse for some than others but we are nearly at the end of this unprecedented year. I have said before that your support and understanding has been appreciated and I would like to assure you that the club and the seniors committee have done all we can to make sure our return to Golf is safe and secure under the present guidelines.

For the first two weeks back (29/03/21 – 12/04/21) there will only be casual golf in four balls. If you want to play in two’s or three’s you should expect other players to add their name to your tee time. This has been discussed at length by the management committee and ultimately all the members of the club should have the opportunity to play Golf. If you want to enter a supplementary score during this period you can do that via the club V1 system when booking in. Although there will be guidance published by the club and England Golf it is your responsibility to know and understand the restrictions and adhere to them. As before the last lockdown we will be using alternate tees ODD DAYS 1st EVEN DAYS 10th (with the exception of Sunday competitions). There will be a 9 minute gap between tee times. Again as before lockdown during this first period please do not arrive at the club anymore than 10 minutes before your tee time.

From 13/04/21 we as a section will have organised competitions and revert to our normal Tuesday and Thursday sessions. Under normal circumstances we would pay £2 a year for the section subs, this has been waived this year for all those that were paid up members of the section for last year. Anyone joining will pay £2. There is a seniors programme published on the club website under the seniors tab.

The halfway house will be open for take away only from 29/03. Once the clubhouse can re-open there will be a marquee outside where we can sit, eat and drink, again within the restrictions that are in place. All of these changes and dates will be published by the club. Obviously there are going to be changes happening which may pass you by, if you have any questions about what is or isn’t allowed then please ask. From 12/04/21 the coffee machine(to take away) and the PSI will be available in the clubhouse.

I have mentioned this before but it’s worth passing on again. The Seniors committee is the first point of contact for any complaints or questions you may have regarding the club or Golf. If we can’t answer your question then you will be directed to the appropriate branch of the management committee. There is a list of e-mail addresses on the club website where you can put your queries or complaints in writing to the appropriate committee.

We have two in club matches in May. 22/05/21 V Rabbits and 13/05/21 V Ladies if you could give your name to me for either I will then select the teams. (Spoons you’ve got no chance : ) ).

We have an exchange day booked at Market Rasen on 02/08 which Norman is organising, more details will become available nearer the time. We have also provisionally booked the Carre Arms 09/12/21 for the Christmas party, proper organised.

Stay safe and see you all very soon.






Captains blog 24/12/20

Good morning Gentlemen

Well it looks like my letter to Boris worked and we will not be in tier 4 after Christmas which means we can (within the current restrictions) continue as we have been with our Golf. That said we still need to be on the ball and maintain the social distancing etc where we can.

The section will adopt the club rule for preferred lies in the rough (pick clean replace within 6″ no nearer the hole) this means ALL of the comps we play for the foreseeable future will be non qualifiers. The January medal will be played from the green tees. Because of the restrictions none of the team comps published in the new programme can be played so these will be filled with stableford comps.

It goes without saying this has been an unprecedented year and I personally would like to thank all of you for your support and understanding. There have been a multitude of changes which have been faced and overcome without too many issues so thank you. I would also like to thank Bill and Martin without the work Martin has done for the section we would most likely still be playing casual golf. Along with Bill they have made sure our comps have been played and published and despite everything have managed the section without moaning. THANK YOU.

Raising money for my charity has also taken a hit given we lost our big golf days. However thanks to you donations we have at the moment raised close to £700 which is a fantastic sum for which I am truly grateful. Thanks to Shawn, Terry, Pete and Norman for their donations this week.

The results for the winter league are on the drop down menu on the seniors page where you can also check your position in the eclectic. The December medal results are on the howdidido page but Dave Le Sage WON!

Although we all got the alert that there had been a hole in one, it’s not as it seems. I went to the players score card to see which hole it was on ………… 16th WOW that’s a big hit. It turns out while putting a series of zero’s in number 1 was hit accidently, hence the hole in one on 16 that wasn’t.

Below you will find a character name followed by the senior member that will play that character in the seniors Panto.

Prince Charming        Duncan Bustin

Mother Goose             Bill Dark

Fairy Godmother       Martin Howard

The Ugly sisters          Pete Zammit and Norman Beavis

The wicked witch of the North   Shawn Farren

Widow Twanky          Gerry Grimshaw

Wishy Washy              Bob Palmer BEM

Baron Hardup            Pete Williams

Robin Hood                Pete Turner

The Dame                    John Huthwaite

The Seven Dwarfs     Mike Key, John Dyson, Tony Hall,  Pete Limage, Graham Sylvester – Williams, Colin Underwood and Pete Sivill ( I ran out of little folk)


Given the current restrictions it’s unlikely we will be able to rehearse so if you do what I’ve done for the last 12 months and blag it we should get away with it.

Finally from me, Nicola and the seniors committee we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas but above all safe.






Captains blog 11/12/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Hopefully you are all safe and well and wide awake unlike I was yesterday when I played Golf with Hinge and Bracket. : )

There isn’t very much to tell you all, though we will be starting our winter league again on Tuesday 15th, please remember we are playing all the league comps from the 1st tee.

Myself along with a number of others will not be sending Christmas cards this year, instead we will be making donations to my Captains charity. So thank you to Bill Dark, Paul Eales, Mel Moxon, Gerry Grimshaw and Norman Beavis for your kind donations.

As far as the Golf goes I played a full 18 holes on Tuesday with the above mentioned Hinge and Bracket and Terry Regan. It was a lot of fun particularly for me and Terry. It was an amazing win ( 4&3) given that the other pair are out most days.

I did play on Thursday but nothing much happened. 🙂

I will be putting the cast list out on my next blog, so despite asking for volunteers you will get the part you are given.

Stay safe fellas and let’s get back to some competition Golf.






Captains blog 25/10/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

There are a number of things that you all need to be aware of in relation to the upcoming WHS.

Firstly, You can now access your new WHS handicap via the England golf website. This is not a difficult process. From the Club V1 (at the bottom of the page you will see “handicap certificate”) within this you will find your CDH number, make a record of this and go to the England web page follow the instructions and hey presto you will have your handicap. This will only work if you have supplied your e-mail address and DOB to England golf via South Kyme GC.


Secondly, because of the changes taking place ALL OF THE BOOKABLE COMPETITIONS WILL BE DATED 1ST NOVEMBER 2020. This is to allow us to book into the competitions. you will notice that the date of the actual competition will be *** 3RD NOVEMBER*** (for example) at the book in. The competitions will still be available to enter 2 weeks in advance. This is a short term thing until the WHS is fully up and running.

I hope all of the above is easy enough to follow, if you have problems speak to either Me, Bill or the oracle that is Martin. As I have said in previous blogs things are changing and your understanding is appreciated.

This weeks winners are on the howdidido site.

The twos this week.

Tuesday – Chris Wilmot 2nd

Bill Dark (wrong hole) 🙁

Thursday – Cliff Smith 14th Shawn Farren 8th & 14th (only one share I’m afraid Shawn)

Dave Hirst (wrong hole)

The Bogey competition on 12th November has now been changed to a Texas scramble. There will be teams of 4 with each player having to take 4 drives. If there is a team with less than 4 players the team will be given a Ghost player off a 18 handicap. Team handicap will be 10% combined (ie 40 combined = team handicap 4) When booking is open (29/10/20) either book as a team or fill in from the first available slot to help avoid partial teams towards the end.

The medal of medals was won by Gary Noble with a score of 73 beating Allan Williams and Chris Fowell on count back. Well done Gary.

The winner of the Stayers salver was Fred Greatorex ( Highest placed having completed the required qualifying comps) Well done Fred.

We have been given permission to use the 1st tee when we play our winter league. I have asked the Lady captain if they will also start from the 1st during the winter. This will STOP any hold ups for them given we only play 14 holes.

I have had a little bit of grief this week for not mentioning the gorgeous pasties that have been given to me over the past couple of weeks, Pete Zammitt will take orders if you catch him in the carpark or club house.

Finally stay safe fellas.







Captains blog 19/10/20

Good morning Gentlemen

It has been a while since I wrote a blog. I put this down to lack of cake, but fortunately there have been a couple of birthdays in our household so I’m fully stocked at the moment, but don’t let that stop any of you offering the odd slice as long as it’s to me first and not the other cake monster RB!

There is a seniors notice board on the left hand side of the halfway house please keep an eye on it as this is where all the important stuff will be ie winter league handicaps etc.

I have been asked by Bill to tell you that if you enter a seniors comp and then fail to play for whatever reason without withdrawing you will still be charged so to save any extra admin please withdraw if you are not able to play for any particular reason.

The contentious issue running at the club at the moment is whether you supply your e-mail and date of birth to England golf for the new WHS which is due in at the end of the month. It is up to individuals to decide if they want to share these details with England golf so please don’t feel pressurised into giving your details if you are against doing so. The club are in discussion with England golf over this issue and you will be updated accordingly.

The competitions still attract plenty of support so thank you all again for turning up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This weeks results are on the howdidido web page and you will see from Thursdays results that not only do I support you within the club I managed to lead from the back!! It goes to prove two things 1. In team events I do alright (Joyce Hill champion with Sue Roberts) 3rd in the Texas scramble with Bill, Paula Young and Helen Huthwaite and 2. I can play really really bad 🙁

Twos this week


There were none on 2 or 11

Don Donovan 2 on 14 ( unlucky Don)


Bill Dark and Gerry Newby on 14

John Stephenson 2 on 11 (unlucky John)


There have been a number of requests to shake it up a bit and introduce twists on our normal stableford/medal/bogey comps. Apparently Norman is very keen to play a string challenge? I’m not sure why because whenever I have played this type of event I’ve always ended up with too much string left. Thanks to Norman for his generous donation to my charity it helped soften the blow of no cake.

Still no takers for the pantomime which is slightly disappointing though I’m more than happy to delegate the parts 🙂

As above please keep an eye on the noticeboard and let everyone else know where it is. We have tried throughout this period to keep you all up to date with what is going on but its obvious it doesn’t always get through.

Finally stay safe fellas slowly but surely we will get through this awful time and on behalf of the committee thank you for your continued  support and understanding.









Captains blog 26/09/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

This weeks blog starts with a little bit of a moan!

As with most golf clubs different sections have their own day or morning. We as the senior section at South Kyme have a Thursday as our seniors day. Tuesdays are a bonus day for us and within the club it is known that Tuesday is Ladies day. There had been a few problems in the past on Tuesdays with the odd complaint about slow play and during the last management meeting the Ladies conceded that they would play in 4 balls to try and avoid catching up with the last seniors group. This had been working for a few weeks but on Tuesday this week there were only 8 ladies playing the course but they still managed to catch up with the last seniors group. That isn’t the problem as long as groups play at a steady pace, however the last group of seniors were up to 3 holes behind the group in front so were quite clearly not playing at a steady pace, not just that but this group failed to let the ladies through. When I took over as captain I said I would if needed fight the battles along with the rest of the committee to support the section. It is obvious that on this occasion there is no battle to fight. We all have a responsibility to play with others in mind, it is frustrating to say the least that this problem continues to occur. Having spoken to Roger Mead and the CCTV having been reviewed the last group out on Tuesday took about 4 1/2 hours to play 18 holes! There are times when this is unavoidable and I accept that this complaint made by the ladies is not directed at all of the seniors, unfortunately when it comes to responsibility it is all of us that get tarred with the same brush. If this continues I would expect the ladies to dig their heels in and push to have the seniors golf on Tuesdays suspended. I am meeting with the lady captain and the chairman on Tuesday to discuss this and will update you all with the outcome. In the meantime please be responsible and maintain the etiquette of golf but above all be gentlemen.

On Tuesday 29th September 2020 we are playing the Dave Burns trophy. This would under normal circumstances be a medal competition, we will be playing this as a stableford for this year only. There will be a notice on the tee box to advise of this change.

We are in the process of getting a noticeboard erected near the starters hut where all important notices and other information will be posted.

This weeks results are on the how did I do page. Some very good scores particularly on Tuesday given there was maintenance going on.

Twos this week are:


Alan Cuthbertson on 2nd and Jim Ferguson, Pete Limage on 11th

wrong hole Fred Greatorex and Barry Cooper on 14th


Steve Clifton on 14th

Wrong hole Pete Turner and Richard Mills 2nd

The Maltese falcon was missing his buddy on Tuesday which showed in his golf, I think Norman is getting a hard time from Rosemary over the new Kitchen perhaps you need to be a bit stronger Norm and start wearing the trousers ; )

Finally stay safe fellas





Captains blog 20/09/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Unusually I will start with an apology 🙂
So as most of you will be aware on Thursday during the Captains day you were asked to pay for tea/coffee at the halfway house. This was a concession I agreed to during a management meeting which I failed to pass on to you all. I am sorry for not letting you know that from now on you will pay for tea/coffee at the halfway house. Although you may feel disgruntled about this change I can assure you it has been done for the long term benefit of the section.
Another great week as far as the weather goes and this is shown by the huge turn out for the competitions we had this week.

The results from both days are on the how did i do site but here’s the nitty gritty.

2s Tuesday 15th
Neil Joyce, Norman Beavis and Graham Sylvester-Williams on the 2nd

Paul Eales, Mick Mawson and Dave Walsh on the 14th Unlucky fellas.

2s Thursday 17th
Par Stewart, John Spooner, Allan Griggs and Graham Tilmam on 14th
Chris Wilmot on 8th.

Mel Moxon 2nd Unlucky Mel.

The winners on Thursday for the trophies available were:
Dave Keats memorial trophy – Chris Fowell 41 points. also winner cat 1 Well done Chris.
Mick Bans past captains trophy – Bill Dark 40 points also winner cat 2 Well done Bill ( where did that come from?).
As was pointed out to me there was no chance of me winning the past captains trophy because I’m not (yet). and it would be remiss of me to win the captains day so I decided to prop you all up and lead from the back!!

I would like to thank Geoff Annibal and Mike Key for their kind donations to my charity Thank you fellas.

I am unable to play on Thursday (the boss has a significant birthday so I’m under orders) but will be out on Tuesday so look forward to seeing plenty of you out there.

As I have said before if you have any golf or section related problems if you ca direct these at the committee we will do our best to address them. We are in the process of purchasing a notice board which will be placed near the 1st tee where important notices etc will be posted. We do our best to get the information out there.

Finally stay safe





Captains blog 16/09/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Just a couple of admin points to cover initially.

Scoring in medals/qualifiers. It has been bought to the committees attention that some competitors are not submitting their scores correctly after an NR. It is vital that even if you NR you put your score into the system. The reason is that failing to add your score has an effect on the CSS for the comp and subsequently this can adversely affect other players handicaps. If you NR on for example 13th hole you should score 0 on the system for that hole but still play and enter the scores for the previous holes and subsequent holes, this way there is a true reflection of your score and the CSS for the course. Just adding 0 to the holes after you NR is not only unfair on the other players in the competition but also not a true reflection of your round. Please add your scores correctly for the benefit of all of us.


As I write this blog I am along with Sue Roberts the Joyce Hill mixed pairs champions! There are some that will pat me on the back and say well done both of you however, there are others that will say “Well played Sue you must have strong shoulders to carry him round” Jealousy is not a trait I fully understand but I suppose being good looking, charming and a good golfer I can understand why some feel like they do.

The weekly competitions are still being well subscribed to so thank you again for your support.

Some of the competitions carry trophies with them and I can assure you these will be given to the winners as soon as we can sort it out. It may be that you get your trophy presented with few people about and this is true of the medals that have been won since the re start. If you have won a trophy it will be engraved and board entries will also happen. I do feel the one trophy that should be presented with as many people as possible present is the Seniors Championship so we will try and come up with a date where even if its in the car park Dave Tasker will be presented the trophy.

I have played with a couple of the new (ish) boys that joined us from Sudbrook. I think you should all behave as they do towards their seniors captain! I was given an energy bar on the front nine and another little snack on the back nine, that’s how you look after your captain. That said though I have been given a lovely pasty and a bit of cake which were both gratefully received. The goodies from Norman have dried up a bit recently, I understand Rosemary has a new kitchen so I’m hoping she wants to get some practice in and bang out a few cakes.

Tomorrow is the Captains day but sadly it won’t be what we are used to which is a shame but given the current state of affairs understandable. There will be prizes for the respective divisions but because we are unable to control the serving of the food at the halfway house there won’t be any refreshments. I hope that next year we will be able to run these days as we have in the past and that is also true of our matches.

We have also taken the decision not to have a Christmas party. This is of course a great disappointment however I will be doing auditions for the seniors Pantomime in the next couple of months, so if you feel you have a particular talent or would be interested in the production please let me know and you will be considered. I have a couple of people in mind for some parts but am open to suggestions.

Finally stay safe.







Captains blog 04/09/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

I have had a little break away with the chief of staff and the dogs which is why there was no blog last week. Apart from that I don’t think they have tinternet in Norfolk they only just got electricity.

So we have had the seniors championship and again there was a brilliant turnout so thank you.

I turned up an hour early with a view to hitting a few shots on the practice ground which were pretty much straight down the middle and I felt quite pleased with myself walking onto the 1st tee. FATAL error tee shot through the trees to the left and middle of the 9th fairway, things got no better and to be honest by the time I’d walked off the 7th with an 11 I just wanted to go home. Fortunately a fair few did a lot better than me.

The results if you haven’t seen them already are:

The Pat Stewart trophy (best net) and Seniors club champion 2020

Dave Tasker net 66 (31 back 9)

Challenge trophy (best gross)

Paul Eales 79

Cat one winner Geoff Annibal net 66 (33 back 9)

Cat two winner Terry Ford net 66 (34 back 9)

There was only one counting 2

Chris Fowell 14th

Dave Knight (11th) and Dave Proctor (2nd) Both scored non qualifying two’s

Well done all the winners, well played.

So to this week and with the Ladies open on Tuesday it only left us our monthly medal yesterday (03/09/20)

Again a brilliant turnout and some good scores the results are on the How did i do page if you want to know where you came and who won. Though I think if you go anywhere near the club you will hear GN having a little moan about losing 2 shots (about time).

There were six 2s as follows:

Dave Proctor 8th & 14th (only one share of the kitty I’m afraid Dave)

Gerry Newby 8th

Bob Palmer 8th

Dave Tasker 14th

Terry Dixon 14th

There were 3 two’s on the wrong holes

John Stephenson 2nd

Martin Howard 2nd

Paul Eales 11th

Well played again gentlemen.

The final of the Covid 19 singles knockout has been played and the result was that The beast John Spooner beat His majesty Mike Brookes 1 up. I have heard that JS did try the old 4up with 5 to play trick him and Roger used at Woodhall Spa a couple of years ago where they were 4 up with 5 to play and managed to lose. Well played both finalist and thank you to everyone that took part.

During a recent management meeting I asked that the green staff be thanked for their efforts in keeping the course in great condition this was on behalf of our section and has been recorded in the minutes. I know there is a problem with the tee boxes and this too was addressed, it is worth putting you in the picture so that you appreciate the efforts the staff go to, at the moment there are on average 150 rounds of golf played on the course every day, that is a lot of traffic so I hope you agree the staff are doing their best for us.

Finally it’s been a while since I’ve heard from Hinge and Bracket, I hope you are both well and if by some very small chance I have upset you well…………………………………………………………. Get over it.

Stay safe Fellas



Captains blog 22/08/20

Good evening Gentlemen

Firstly there are a number of admin points that I want to bring to your attention.

There have been a number of complaints to the Chairman regarding slow play, whether that is from a senior section member or not I don’t know. However I would ask that if there are any complaints from any of the seniors section that they are directed at either me ( or to another member of the committee so that they can be dealt with promptly.

On to slow play. It is a fact of golf that some players are quicker than others. I ask all the members of the seniors section to be conscious of other players behind you and if you feel they are too close or you have dropped a hole to the group in front then please do the right thing and allow the group through. It is also a fact at the moment that the course  is very busy(thankfully), if you are a two ball following a three or four ball and there is no room to let you through I’m afraid your round will be long. Also if your group are playing well the chances are you will catch up with the group in front, again the above is true that you may get held up. It is up to all of us to play responsibly and with the etiquette of golf in our minds. Any complaints to the committee will be dealt with appropriately so if you complain be prepared to name names a blanket complaint doesn’t address the issue.

A complaint was made on Thursday evening to the Greens committee regarding pitch marks on the greens not being repaired. The seniors section had the finger pointed at them because we had 69 players out on Thursday. That is not to say we are responsible. The greens and the rest of the course is in great condition and I do believe that all of us do our best to make sure our pitch marks are repaired. Again it’s all about looking after each other and the course so please be mindful of any pitch marks, divots you make, repair them please.

From the 1st September 2020 there will be a trial run using alternate tees. On all odd days (1st,3rd etc) play will be from the 1st tee. on even days (2nd,4th etc) play will start on 10th tee. The trial will be running for 8 weeks. At the moment the only exception will be competitions run on a Sunday.

I may have caused some confusion about the qualifying criteria for the Seniors Championship next week. I will update the qualifying criteria on the important notices but in a nutshell the qualifying period due to Covid 19 is now from September 2018 to August 2020, the remainder of the information is as written. There will be a reminder on the 1st tee on Thursday.

The results for this weeks competitions are on the how did i do site. Again a brilliant turn out on both days thank you.

The twos for this week are:

Tuesday 18th August

Al Cuthbertson  11th

Dave Le Sage 11th

Thursday 20th August

Paul Eales 14th

Mike Carellton 14th

Bob Palmer 14th

Dave Tasker 14th

Well done all of you the winnings will be added to your cards.

The Doug Tasker trophy was won by Fred Greatorex(21 back nine) with 35 points, beating Shawn Farren(18 back nine) on count back. Well done Fred.

The Final of our little knockout competition has reached the final match where His majesty Mike Brookes will take on The Beast John Spooner. Good luck fellas have a good match.

A bit longwinded I’m afraid but you all know me, why use one word when a thousand will do 🙂

Finally stay safe fellas, I’m not playing on Tuesday so I’m sure Zamitt and Beavis will have storming rounds because there’s no pressure on them.





Captains blog 16/08/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Well at last I suppose some will say some welcome rain! Not me I’m happy with plenty of sunshine.

Our competitions continue to throw up some great scores so all the practice we had while waiting has obviously paid off for some, though I don’t think I’ll be signing up for the Pete Zammit school of putting, it doesn’t seem to have done Norman any good. If I was Norman I would ask for my money back.

The results for the week are on the how did I do page.

The two’s this week were as follows:

Tuesday 11th Stableford

John Spooner 2nd

Alan Griggs 11th

Jim Ferguson 2nd

Jodi Kirschner 9th :0

Each win £7.50

Thursday 13th Dave Tomley trophy

Ian Green 14th

Bob Palmer 14th

Richard Ayres 14th

Each win £10.00 each

all the winnings have been added to your cards well done.

Also well done to Nick Fewings who won the trophy with an excellent 42 points.

Due to the current restrictions we have decided that the qualifying criteria for the seniors championship will remain as it was for last year. For those not sure please read the important notices tab.

The monthly draw that Pete Williams runs has been put on hold for the time being to save Pete having to chase around for the money. The plan is that once we are back together it will resume.

My thanks this week to Terry Regan for his very generous donation to my charity Thank you Terry.

Finally stay safe fellas keep swinging.




Captains blog 09/08/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Firstly I want to thank you all on behalf of the senior section committee for the support you have shown this week as we start competitive golf for the first time for ages. Fantastic turn out for the Stableford and medal competitions this week.

Any worries I may have had regarding the V1 scoring system and problems rising from it were laid aside after everyone (almost) managed to sign in and enter their scores without any major issues, though I have had a call from the Guinness book of records regarding one seniors score from Tuesdays stableford competition, having posted a score of 87 points well done Norman ;-).

So with all those competitors there was bound to be some good scores and there were, so to Tuesdays Stableford results first:

Div 1

1st Mike Carelton 40

2nd Duncan Bustin 39

3rd John Spooner 38

Div 2

1st Terry Ford 44

2nd Ian Green 43

3rd Michel Lemangen 41


Alan Cuthbertson 11

Neil Joyce 2

Tony Hall 2

All above win £11.50 from the twos pot. Well done fellas.

Seniors Medal Thursday 6th August

Div 1

1st Ian Prior 69

2nd Gerry Newby 71 ( on count back)

3rd Shawn Farren 71


1st Doug Tasker 68

2nd John Dyson 72

3rd David Heath 74


There were 11 twos on Thursday across all the par 3s I will have to clarify with Bill but I don’t think there will be much money coming the way of those that got a two. That said well done everyone that scored a two.

Some really good scores on both days and it shows that although we were playing off the whites in the medal the scores were not too di-similar so all the practice is paying off.

Pete Williams has also done a monthly draw this week and those that have won will have their winnings paid to them direct by Pete. Pete will still be in the club house selling his LUCKY numbers for next months draw so please make sure you get in and see him.

Thank you to Robin Brown for his kind donation to my charity. Although we haven’t been together much the charity donations being made are going to make a difference so thank you all.

Finally, keep up the support you are showing by entering the competitions it makes for good fun especially if you are playing with the putting ninja also known as Pete Zammit, thanks for the lesson Pete :-).

Stay safe fellas.




Captains blog 02/08/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

There is a mystery surrounding what happened to my last blog, it was there for a few days then it was gone? I’m not sure anyone is going to find much out pinching the Seniors captains blog!

So I’m hoping you are all geared up for the coming weeks and the start of competition golf for us again. It has been a long time since we have had some real competition golf.

As I said in the blog that is AWOL the entry and scoring will be done via the howdidIdo web page, Martin is going to print out the guide to signing in and adding your score post golf for us and these will be available with score cards at the front of the clubhouse on Tuesday and Thursday. If you can’t manage the system then please ask one of the committee and they will attempt to help, also if you don’t have access to a mobile phone or laptop/computer your score cam be entered by someone else. Most importantly ask and there will be help for you.

On to my golf this week, fortunately you won’t have to put up with this after this week, I would much rather talk about how well everyone else is doing ( we all know I’m a demon). On Tuesday having already played with royalty (Mike Brookes) it was time to play with the Knights! Good (John) and Dark (David), David was playing with me and John had the Dungeon master as his partner, Mike Key didn’t want me to use his real name to stop any unwanted publicity. We had a good match although John was slightly off his game and it finished all square, which is as good as a win in my book.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of playing with last years captain Gerry, Paul Eales and Jody Kirschner I’m not sure what the score was but Gerry played as well as I have seen him play but was let down by his lack luster partner.

Today I played in the club medal and played fairly well. I knew it wasn’t going to be a brilliant round when I chipped in for a 3 on the 1st, all downhill after that.

The semi final draw for the singles KO has been done and the matches are as follows:

Neil Jenkinson V John Spooner

Mick Mawson V Mike Brookes

Well played all of you for getting this far and good luck in your matches.

One donation that I have forgotten to mention is £20 from my pal Norman Beavis oh along with a bit more cake from Rosemary, thank you both very much.

As I said this week marks a big move for us as a section as we start what should have started in March, but never mind lets all make the most of what we have. The clubhouse is open for drinks and pasties etc after your round so if you are comfortable using the facilities then please do, there are tables outside if you don’t want to sit inside. Everything we can do to help support the club is a reflection of how our section should be viewed by other members of our club.

See you all next week, stay safe.






Captains blog 11/07/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Rather than keep apologising for the lateness of my blog, lets just say I’ll post it on a Saturday afternoon.

So things at the club are moving forward and it would seem t be working fairly well, though if you go in I’ll give you a little advice, 1. go to the loo when you come off in the loos at the bottom and 2. make sure you’ve got credit on your club card, otherwise its a long walk round and round and round and round well you get the drift.

Something that has been bought to my attention is the scoring on the howdidIdo portal. It is a fairly simple process but I understand that some people may struggle or not have access to the internet. If you feel that you will struggle or don’t feel very confident either speak to Pete Chamberlain or Martin in the shop, failing that there are one or two of the committee that know how to use it and will try and help. I really don’t want to end up after all this time, having competitions without all those that want to enter because they can’t use the system. This is going to be with us for a long time so if you are struggling let us know so we can help.

Onto my Golf this week. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of playing with his royal highness Mike Brookes (I think that’s what you call the chairman of the county council), Tony Hall and some other bloke who rode in on a horse spoke with a whisper and looked remarkably like Clint Eastwood in one of his cowboy films. We all played well but there was no beating the poncho wearing stranger.

On Thursday Dave Knight and I took on The Maltese falcon and his side kick Stormin Norman, otherwise known as Hinge and Bracket. After most of the holes it was like an episode of silent witness full on postmortem, “If you’d done this or if You’d done that” It was obvious to Dave and I that Norman was going to have to carry Pete most of the way round despite being whinged at after every shot he played. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do to stop the power and precision of Bustin and Knight, if it had been a boxing match the Ref would have ended it after 9 holes.

Finally stay safe and as I have said above if you need help with the scoring or any other golf related problem ask and we try and help.




Captains blog 04/07/20

Good evening Gentlemen

I have been particularly busy over the last couple of days so I apologise for the late submission of the blog.

Very good news that the bar and kitchen are now open so fingers crossed it all runs smoothly. I would ask that if you are using these facilities that you keep in mind the social distancing rules and give the staff a chance to get it right, they are without doubt doing their best for all the members of the club. Small steps and a little understanding will get us through to the end of this awful pandemic.

There is one outstanding result from the singles KO so with the help of my Chief of Staff I have done the draw for the second round as follows:

John Sooner V Norman Beavis

Gerry Newby V Mick Mawson

Rob Baldwin V Mike Brooks

Neil Jenkinson V Terry Regan or Shane Wilcox

ideally I would like tis concluded before we start the seniors comps in August but no matter if that doesn’t happen but please play as soon as you can and send me the result ( or 07900891025).

So to my golf this week which even though I do say so myself wasn’t half bad! it was all bad 🙂 not really it was the same as previous weeks good for 15/16 holes then a couple or three disasters.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of playing with Bob Palmer and Dave Knight, nip and tuck until I blew up on the 18th AGAIN! well played Dave.

Thursday was the long awaited pairs match play with Norman and the Maltese falcon V Cliff Smith and me. It was a close match and I think the word that Norm and Pete are looking for is complacency ( don’t ever expect the ginger ninja and his partner to give up).

Finally, things are moving in the right direction and will continue as long as we all follow the guidelines and lookout for each other.

Stay safe Fellas




Captains blog 27/06/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

Firstly apologies for the late blog update, but it has taken me a couple of days to get over my crushing defeat (no one sees the tears).

We have had a greens committee meeting this week and there are a few things to let you know about.

As a section we donated £1250 to the greens committee for machinery, this has been put towards a new rough cutter which should be in use pretty soon (bonus for me). Secondly a question was raised regarding the new 11th tee and the problems it causes in competitions when there can be hold ups. The Greens chairman has asked the sections to canvas opinion on whether to move back to the old tee box. Obviously I’m not in a position at the moment to ask the question without using this media, so the question is do you want to stay on the new tee box or move back to the old one? As a vote can I ask you either drop me a text or e-mail me with your option, either 1 or 2 as below. (e-mail

  1. Stay on the new 11th tee box
  2.  Move back to the old 11th tee box

There are a number of projects that will be undertaken by the club in the coming months and the question was raised about volunteers. The greens chairman is keen to use people that want to volunteer but there has to be some structure to what volunteers do and how they are managed and who by. If anyone is interested in acting as a volunteer if they can let the Greens chairman know he will compile a list, If anyone is interested in becoming the Head volunteer ( for want of a better word) also let either me or Stephen know.

If anyone is interested in taking over as Greens Chairman if you let me know I will put your name forward.

I was also asked to pass on our thanks as a section for the great effort the green staff have made to have the course in such good condition, I was happy to pass this on and the greens chairman was grateful and would pass on our message.

So now to the golf!

A bit of a mixed week for me, having played a pairs match play game on Tuesday and a singles knockout on Thursday both results were poor but at least on Tuesday I saw something I never thought I would. We’ve all seen balls go in the pond after a half decent shot drops short on the 14th 🙂 but on Tuesday one of the seniors champion players only just managed to get it past the ladies tee (still into the water though), it made my chip in 2 feel even better, though ultimately the match ended in defeat.

So to my singles match which was eagerly anticipated but as with most of these types of things in sport failed (as far as I was concerned) to live up to expectation. you know you’re going to have a bad day when you lose 3!! balls in two holes, along with hitting more trees than a lumber jack at a lumber jack party meant that I was going to slip out of our little competition with a whimper. Not taking anything away from my opponent who had a steady round and to be fair played a number of good shots. Oh and Rosemary’s fruit cake is gorgeous. I won’t hear any noise about me throwing my match for cake, it’s just not true.

this weeks results for the singles knockout were:

Norman Beavis beat Duncan Bustin 1up

John Spooner beat Don Donavan 4&2

Rob Baldwin beat Roger Mead 1up

Just a couple of matches to finish round one so send your result to me soon as and I’ll do the draw for round two.

The team for the Cooke shield with the ladies is as follows, Sue Roberts will draw the pairs and I will let you know who your partner is once I have them

Duncan Bustin, Bill Dark, Shawn Farren, Pete Zammit, Mike Rowe, Chris Fowell, Ian Prior, John Barnham, Alan Cowie, Mick Mawson, John Spooner, Dave Le-sage, Geoff Annibal, Grahame Campbel, Jody Kirschner and Len Westlake. If you gave me your name and are not mentioned above then you will be added to the reserve list. Thanks to all of you for putting your names in.

I would also like to thank John Dyson for his kind donation to my charity, Thank you very much John.

Finally that’s all for this week so stay safe and enjoy your golf.




Captains blog 19/06/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

I will start this blog with the great news that we have a full schedule for August and September so please look at the important notices for details. Also I would like to thank Bill and Martin for all their efforts in getting us all some competitive golf, THANK YOU.

A little bit of admin also in the blog. As you know we are going to play the ladies in the Cooke Shield, not that I’m competitive but this is a match that is Seniors V Ladies so if you have given me your name but have not paid your £2 seniors subs for the year can you make sure this is done prior to the match, please contact Bill Dark for details, I don’t want to lose on a technicality, in fact I don’t want to lose what is probably the only match we will have this year 🙂

The singles KO matches are in full swing so here are the latest results.

Gerry Newby bt Mike Rowe 5&3

Neil Jenkinson bt Pete Zammit 1up

Mike Mawson bt Gary Noble 1up

Please don’t forget once your match is played send the result to me and we can crack on.

As far as my golf is concerned I’m pretty sure the three I played with on Tuesday will agree, you can’t keep a good man down ( “if I score 9 points in the last three holes and you score none will I beat you? ) If you would like the answer to this question please direct your request to: The senior section secretary!!

Some bad news this week, sadly the BIG match had to be postponed due to (according to Norman) bad weather, it was only a little bit wet. Those of you that saw the post about the questionable bribe, worse than the weather, I didn’t even get a cake :((

So with the upcoming competitions on the horizon things are looking up which will obviously cheer us up, in the meantime stay safe fellas.




Captains blog 12/06/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen

I have posted an update on the important notices page regarding our competition golf.

To start with I have 16 names for the singles KO so here is the draw, some tasty pairings for sure. I am relying on those people playing to arrange your own games and then e-mail me the result ( the rules are pretty basic, 18 holes match play full difference handicap. The first drawn player should arrange a time agree it with their opponent and play, if you have contacted your opponent and the match has not been played within 14 days you will take the match by default, I will have the final say on any disputes. Please play your matches as soon as you can so that we can move on, I won’t be chasing anyone to get matches played.

Rob Baldwin V Roger Mead

Norman Beavis V Duncan Bustin

Terry Regan V Shane Wilcox

Mike Brookes V Bob Palmer

Don Donavan V John Spooner

Mick Mawson V Gary Noble

Mike Rowe V Gerry Newby

Neil Jenkinson V Pete Zammit

We also have a match on 14th July 2020, This is an annual match V the ladies for the Cooke Shield, There will be a team of at least 12 players I have been almost inundated with names so if your name is not on this list then please let me know ( as soon as you can, team list so far.

Duncan Bustin, Bill Dark, Shawn Farren, Pete Zammit, Mike Rowe, Chris Fowell, Ian Prior, Graeme Campbell, John Barnham and Jody Kirschner.

As I said we are limited to 12 at the moment (subject to change depending on take up) so I will take names and have a reserve list if required, I will publish the team on here by 10th July 2020.

Moving on I have played twice this week enough said!! thanks to my playing partners 🙁

I have also been challenged this week to a pairs match play game which I was happy to accept and I’m very happy to have Cliff Smith as my partner. However as the normal banter started going from phone to phone things turned a little more sinister after a few days, a senior member  has attempted to bribe a club official, I have decided to deal with this myself after some consultation with other committee members.

Finally you can’t beat a bit of cake with a cuppa! 😉

Stay safe fellas hopefully we will be back to near normal very soon



Captains Blog 06/06/20

Good morning Gentlemen

Firstly I’ll apologise for being a little late adding this blog but I have been doing some admin.

I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying the course which I have to say gets better and better, so thanks to the green staff who are doing a great job.

There have been a few changes and rather than go through it all here, which is in my view supposed to be a little more light hearted ALL updates will be posted on the important notices page as often as I can, so please read them and again pass the word so the message gets through to as many as possible. If any of you want to comment or suggest anything that you think should be bought to the attention of the committee then please e-mail me

My golf continues to improve and it would seem that I have a challenger for the prestigious title of “Lumber Jack Golfer”, well done Norman you are doing a great job, keep it up you’ll soon have the accolade :).  There is also a question over how big is a whooping? I’m pretty sure that anytime you play and your opponent is never in the lead that is a whooping!!

I have had a few responses to the singles knockout question so I will let it run for another week and see where we are then. The important thing to remember if I do run this is that its a casual competition so I won’t be chasing people to play. contact me as above e-mail address.

unfortunately we have had to take the decision to postpone the Seniors Open which was due to be played on 30/07/20. anyone who has paid their entry fee refunds will be made by Bill as follows.


South Kyme members who paid the basic £7 entry fee your refund will be made to purse 1 of your club card. For all others and non South Kyme members Bill Dark (Seniors treasurer) will contact you about making your refund.

Thanks this week to Jim Baxter and Chris Fowell for your donations to my charity, its very kind of you.

Finally enjoy the course and as soon as we can we will get the group back together, although the golf is good and its nice to be out there I do miss the banter and Pete Williams sitting in the corner shouting for money.

Stay safe





Captains Blog 30/05/20

Good morning Gentlemen

I hope this blog finds you all safe and well.

There have been a few changes to the lockdown rules in the past few days, notably that clubs can now have four ball groups out on the course. At the moment this is under review by the club and there is no change as far as it stands today. Therefore we can only book tee times for two balls and you cannot join another two ball. Please be patient and carry on as we are until such time we have the full guidance from the club. There is no reason to phone Pete to ask purely because he is waiting for a definitive decision to be made.

So to my Golf 🙁

A few years ago (well maybe a few decades) my mother called me into the kitchen, nothing unusual there but as I walked in my Dad was sitting looking fairly stern, which wasn’t normal for him. So anyway Mum had an envelope in her hand and asked me if I knew what it was (not a good time to be a smart ar** I thought) “No Mum” “It’s your school report”, not too much to worry about I thought, I did alright at school. However as Mum and Dad were to tell me fairly harshly “COULD DO BETTER” isn’t a grade!! So really nothing has changed in all this time pretty much sums up my Golf. Although I did get an awesome birdie on the 6th (didn’t I Pete T)

There also seems to be some technical problems going on with some individuals phones/laptops. I often send messages to people I’m playing in the following week just to spice things up and get the competitive juices flowing, I don’t think that is a good enough reason to completely blank me, maybe I’ve upset this particular member, which to be honest is pretty good for me only one senior member upset with me after 2 months :).

I have also been asked about a Singles knockout competition, As much as I think it probably is doable I’m not sure the logistics etc are that easy to sort out. That said I am open to the idea and I am also happy to collate and run the draw etc. There will be no prize no entry fee it will be for fun. So if you are interested send me your name and if there are enough takers I will try and run with it. I will update the blog with the decision next week. ( Please let everyone you speak to know the blog is running as I’m not sure how many if any people actually read it!

So to my thank yous this week for donating their entry fees for the AM-AM to my charity. Bill Dark, Pete Williams, Mike Key, Pete Zammit, Pete Turner, Bob Palmer, Cliff Smith, Rob Baldwin, Denis Nattrass and Norman Beavis,  Thank you all very much.

As I said at the beginning please be patient, we are moving in the right direction and things will get back to normal with your understanding and support.

Stay safe see you all soon.





Captains Blog 24/05/20

Good morning Gentlemen

Hopefully you are all safe and well and enjoying being back out on the course.

The serious stuff first. I have had an e-mail from the Chairman giving us an update on how things are going since the course reopened. There have been nearly a 1000 rounds of golf played by members of the club and it would seem most things are going well. There has inevitably been minor problems which have led to a small number of complaints. When I say small I am talking single figures, however they are still complaints, whether they are directed at any of our section or not I don’t know. It is important for the health and safety of all the members that we stick to the rules as they are at the moment  this will ensure that the club can run safely and not have to put more restrictions on us. Please read the health and safety advice that has been published by the club and stick to the ten minute rule for tee times and distancing.

So to the golf.

I have played twice now and it was really good to see a lot of the senior section out playing, I must say that of the people I have seen you all look well. Also I think the course is in great condition and playing well, though the rough still isn’t much fun, do you think if they cut the rough and left the fairways I’d hit them? That said I think the Green staff are doing a great job in difficult circumstances.

My own golf is improving though as I have said before there is nothing like a bit of competition. It would seem that some of the other members felt the same so on Thursday in their two ball group Pete Z , Norman, Cliff and Terry R played a better ball stableford round. The lockdown has obviously been good for Norman because Pete told me he had lost weight! the Maltese falcon carried him round 🙂 I believe Pete, how else would him and Norman have won.

As I have said in previous blogs there will be times I have to thank people throughout the year, on this occasion (though I would rather do it in person) I’d like to thank Stuart Milner, Rod Sanderson, Jim Lee, Jim Goodrum, John Swift, John Spooner, Gerry Grimshaw and Paul Eales for donating their entry fees to various competitions to my charity, THANK YOU. I would also like to thank the committee for their continued support and advice.




Captains blog 20/05/20

Good morning Gentlemen

Firstly I hope you are all safe and well and the biggest problem you have is like mine a HAIRCUT!!

So we are now allowed to play Golf which is obviously welcome and a move in the right direction.

I wasn’t like many who flew out the door last Wednesday to get on the course, not me I have a chief of staff who gave me orders that until all the Jobs I had started were finished there was going to be no golf.

So doing as I am told all jobs nailed it was time to test the booking system which I have to say is pretty simple, even Norman has managed to work it out, though I’m not sure about Bob (I’ll leave you to workout which Bob 😉 ).

So on Tuesday 19/05 I ventured to the course to have a knock round with the Maltese falcon.

Now you all know me  I’m not one to hide my light under a bushel so only having played once in the last forever I knew it was going to be a hard day, also given that Pete has been out at least twice a day since last week  he was on it from the start.

We had a good solid game and had I walked away victorious I would have given you a hole by hole commentary, but I didn’t so you are spared that at least.

Two things that I did find out were firstly all the lifting, sawing, digging and the like has given me the power of Grey Skull as I was launching short irons miles, I’m not exaggerating honestly. Secondly the trees are a lot thicker than the last time I played.

Finally, Sadly most of our matches have been cancelled along with the majority of our big days. Nothing is going to change for the foreseeable so the likelihood is that there won’t be any competitive golf this year, which on a personal level is disappointing though on the plus side we haven’t lost a match this year!!

Stay safe fellas, see you all soon




Captains blog 03/04/20

Good evening Gentlemen

I hope you are all managing to stay safe and looking after each other.

As I have said before if you find yourself in difficulties please contact either me or one of the committee, we will do our best to help out.

Pete Chamberlain has sent an e-mail out to everyone in relation to club subs I have pasted it below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Take care all of you and look forward to seeing you soon


Good afternoon all

I hope you are all safe and well! Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who has managed to pay their subs either by cheque or bank transfer. It is encouraging that so many of you have been able to set up payments one way or another. It is probably a good time to remind you that your playing memberships are frozen and will only come into force once we are able to reopen. Further details on how this will work will be sent out in due course.
We have been able to now set up an additional method of payment which enables you to stay at home and still pay your subs. Simply call the club on 01526 861113 and have your Debit / Credit Card details to hand. The club number is on divert to my mobile so am happy to take payments from 07:30 – 19:30 7 days a week.

The other methods of payment are still available. Our preferred method of bank transfer to the South Kyme GC account :
Sort 40-42-07 A/C 81304011

Cheques can be made payable to South Kyme Golf Club and posted to:
South Kyme Golf Club Skinners Lane South Kyme Lincoln LN4 4AT

If you wish to pay monthly please contact us on or call 01526 861113 for more details.
Owing to FSA rules we are not allowed to give details out in a blanket email , but can do so individually on request.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. I have been buoyed by a number of acts of good will and support for the club in these unprecedented times for us all. If you have any questions us via one of the means above. We are in this together and we will get through this together.

Stay safe.

Peter Chamberlain
PGA Professional / Director of Golf






Captains Blog 24/03/20

Good afternoon Gentlemen,

So finally we have been directed to stay away from the golf course.

This will undoubtedly have a huge impact not only on us as individuals but also on the club as a whole. It is worth mentioning at this time the most important thing is that we all stick with the measures given by the government and Pete Chamberlain and that we look out for each other and stay safe.

It is also worth mentioning that this will not last forever and we will get to the end of this awful situation. To that end it is with our support the club will continue to function so please renew your membership, despite the last few months , which are pretty unprecedented the club has been going from strength to strength and is rightly viewed as one of the best courses in Lincolnshire and certainly the best value.

The club website will have any updates in relation to when it will be open for play again, though that won’t be for at the very least 3 weeks.

Finally keep in touch with each other and please keep an eye on those that are vulnerable.

Stay safe and we will be ripping it up in no time (with the sun on our backs).








Captains Blog 20/03/20

Dear Norman

When I ask you what club to use, look the other way and say nothing, especially if I’m in a bunker.

Welcome to the Blog gentlemen.

Things are changing at a fast pace and there will be guidance from all over the shop.

As a section and committee we will endeavor to keep you all updated but more importantly SAFE.

As with most things common sense has to prevail and it is down to all of us to accept that things will be different for a while but we will get through this if we heed the advice from above and lookout for each other.

As you are aware the team matches have been cancelled until the earliest 06/06/20 which is a downer. However we do have two in club matches scheduled V the Ladies and the Rabbits so I will publish the teams and pairings shortly.

There is also a suggestion  that on some of the days we would have played matches we will have matches within the section, pretty much like the Captain V Vice Captain just to change things up a bit for us. The way it will work is as you come in you will be put in a team and play a pairs better ball match. This won’t interrupt anything we have planned.

Both rounds this week have been well attended and some good golf played although I’m not so sure about this Med/Stab thing.

Finally as I have said above, at the moment the most important thing to all of us is that we look after each other.

I am mindful that some members of the section may well end up having to self isolate and this could cause those affected difficulty.

If anyone finds themselves in a position where they are in isolation and are unable to get essentials I would ask you to contact me and me and the committee will do our upmost to assist you.

My mobile phone number is 07900891025

Stay safe






Captains Blog 13/03/20

Dear Norman

The perfect match partner is one who is slightly  worse at golf than you. Thanks for being my partner at Spalding.

So Gentlemen we have at last managed to have two full rounds of golf in a week, I knew if I had a word the big man would help out.

Both Tuesday and Thursday were well attended  which is always good to see.

The weather although dry was extremely windy, some of us struggled (most of us) however, some I’m pretty sure just made their scores up. Seriously though some great scores.

I have had a message from HMRC in relation to Pete Turners income, I was baffled at first but then they explained he was earning a sack load from SKGC out of  the seniors twos pot!!

I have posted the team for the up coming match against Spalding 23/03/20 on the important notices page so please check for your name and partner. It will also be posted on the notice board in the changing room.

Finally, we are having a maintenance session on Monday 16th March, mainly painting stuff so if you are at a loose end and want some uplifting company come down with a paint brush and join in.

See you all next week

Carpe diam




Captains Blog 05/05/20

Dear Norman,

As this is my first blog as your seniors Captain I have written it slowly because I know you can’t read very quickly.

As I said last week during the AGM I am extremely proud to have been given the privilege to be your captain for the year.

So to the drive in today. I was a little nervous while I was getting my gear from the car and a couple of things were on my mind 1. Give Gerry a yellow ball ( I had heard that an exploding ball had been put on the tee for a previous captain) 2. DON’T Duff it as Richard Atwell had put on the drive distance sheet.

As it turned out I had nothing to worry about, despite or maybe because of the barracking I nailed it, well done Mick Mawson for guessing the nearest to my actual length of 214 yards.

There will be numerous times throughout the year that I have to thank people for various things on this occasion I would like to thank all of you for making my first day a good day, I had a few laughs with people and although I didn’t play that well the captains team managed to dodge the wooden spoon so thank you team. Also a quick thank you to Bob Palmer and Norman Beavis for your extra contributions to my pot I am most grateful.

Fingers crossed the weather will start being a little more favourable for us and we will soon start feeling the sun on our backs.

Finally the team sheets are up for a few up coming matches so don’t be shy put your name down.

Carpe Diam



Captains Blog Stardate 12122019


Ladies and Gentlemen, I must thank you all who attended the Seniors Christmas Dinner Dance on Thursday the 12th in the Poachers Hotel.

I am totally amazed how generous you the Senior Members are.

In the Raffle you raised £240 for my charity and once all the monies have come in for the Silent Auction we raised a total of approximately £410.00. so the grand total of £650, Thank you all so very much.

This week weather permitting we have the roll up on Tuesday (If the course is open), and on Thursday the Arthur Brown Trophy/Christmas Hamper and Mulled Wine Mince Pies and Sausage rolls.

I hope to see you there, it’s not too late to buy a ticket for the Christmas Hamper.


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and thank you all once again for your support over the last year.


Best wishes Gerry (Bald Eagle)


Good Day Gentlemen.


First I must apologise that I didn’t write a blog after My Captains day. At that time I was particularly bad and was really quite ill and eventually I totally forgot.


On to the Seniors Open on Thursday 25th July 2019.  I think it’s a day that will remain in many golfers minds as the day of the Great Sun. boy was it hot, and I applaud all of you who finished, I can also understand why those who only did 9 Holes,(perhaps they were the wise one’s).


It was a Fantastic day, outstandingly organised by John Spooner (Thank You John) and superbly run by the committee, we have had nothing but praise from all the competitors who took part, even if thy didn’t win.

My Thanks to all who helped organise this great event which we at South Kyme have become renowned for.

First of all as I have mentioned John Spooner, All the committee, the catering staff for the meals post match, The greens staff for looking after the course and keeping it in such a great condition, the Air Ambulance volunteer “Les” who helped raise some of the money towards the total, Great that they turn up and support us.

Finally, It’s a job I have done in the passed, the halfway house, In the weather conditions It has to be the most demanding job of the lot,  The cabin is red hot and to say the least there were some argumentative customers who thought they know better and tried to argue with Wendy, Jane and Sue, (please don’t try this at home folks, the 3 amigos have nothing on these three great ladies, and remember they do it voluntary). Last but by no means least, Maureen Dark,  The stalwart of any golf club committee, Thank you Maureen for running every Raffle on major competitions and then helping out at the halfway house, you really are priceless.

The total raised on the day was £ 5 46.00, thank you all so much for donating to this worthy charity, and thank you every single one of you who helped on the day.


See you all soon. 14th August Seniors AM/AM.


Bald Eagle.








Captains Blog Stardate 04072019


Good day Gentlemen,

Today we played the July Medal off the White Tee’s, Considering the Dry and warm weather and run on the ball the scores didn’t reflect the playability of the course.


There were two 2’s today, both on the 11th Hole,  Dave Proctor and Gary Noble (Well done Gentlemen).


Nearest the Pin

Nearest the pin on the 14th Hole was won by Bob Palmer with a 13′ 6″ Well done Bob.

The Results for the day.

Cat 1.

In 4th Place Pete Zammit     77.

3rd Place      Mike Rowe        76.

2nd Place     Gary Noble        73.

1st Place       Shawn Farren   72.


Cat 2.

in 4th Place  Tony Hall        77.

3rd Place      Neil Taylor     76. (On countback)

2nd Place     Peter Limage  76.

1st Place       Mel Moxon     71.


Well played Gentlemen.

Handicap Increases.

Alan Jude                  25    to 26

Ian prior                    13    to  14

Harry Stanley          22    to 23

Colin Underwood   22   to 23

Handicap Decreases.

Shawn Farren          11    to 10

Peter Limage           35    to 34

Mel Moxon              19    to 18

Gary Noble              18    to 17

Excellent gentlemen,  However, I know this reduction means the world to Mel because he has battled so hard to reduce his handicap.


Special Notices.  Next week.

On Tuesday there is a friendly Match V the Ladies Section @10.30. and a normal Stableford (Non Qualifier).

On Thursday is my Captains Day.  It’s a Roll up as Normal, However, Please book in between 07.00 – 08.00, Ready for the Shotgun Start @ 08.30.

There is a Raffle, Ticket available on booking in.

Also many prizes to be won, and enjoy a snack at the Halfway House.  The events will be followed by a Spider Putting Completion Sponsored by Richard Attwell.

So turn up and have a great day.;

There is a change to the Seniors Programme, The Bob Tait Trophy has been moved from the 18th July to the 22nd August, and in it’s place there will be a roll up invitational Game open to Members of the Former Boston West Golf Club as a Gesture of good will.


I look forward to seeing you all next week especially on Thursday, Come and enjoy the day and win some money.


For those of you who have put their name to play in the Match on Friday 12 July at Spalding please confirm your playability.


See you all next week.


Bald Eagle







Hello Everyone,

Up and coming events.




50 Pence for a 2 on any Hole.

Nearest the pin on all Par 3 Holes.

Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 12th Hole.

Nearest the Fairway Marker on the 9th Hole.  (Please leave the marker there.  DO NOT MOVE IT.


The overall winner will receive the Dave Keats Memorial Trophy.

Prizes :- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Placed players in Cat 1 & Cat 2.

The highest placed Past Captain will receive the Mick Bans Trophy.


I will provide refreshments at the halfway house, (All Donations to my Charity Please, (Lincs and Nott’s  Air ambulance)


For an extra 50p donation, payable on booking in, to take part in the spider Putting Competition at the end of the day, For a bottle supplied by Richard Attwell.


See you all there.










Bald Eagle.



Captains Blog Stardate 30052019


Hello everyone,


As most of you are aware we now have a weekly bulletin from Martin highlighting the winners for the weeks competitions.

So my Blog will focus more on matters arising from the committee and main competitions.

On the 13th June 2019 we are hosting the Seniors AM/AM competition, to make the day more competitive there will be a raffle when you are booking in, and the chance to buy tickets and maybe win a prize.


What I am asking is for donated prizes for the raffle to make it so more people win.

Please bring in any raffle prize you wish to donate please and hand it to any committee member.

Thank you.


If you haven’t done so already and you wish to play in the SENIORS OPEN DAY  on the 25th July 2019, PLEASE FILL IN THE APPLICATION FORM IN THE FOYER OR ON-LINE. And pass it to John Spooner along with the fee.


Many thanks

Keep Swinging that golf club.


Bald Eagle.


Captains Blog Stardate 07052019/1

Hi Everyone, at last more or less back to normal, This week has been very busy with some interesting results.

Today we played the Perry Bogey Trophy,  There were 6   2’s today the three which didn’t count were

Martin Howard (14)

Pete Zammit (14)

Ray Duncan (14)


The 2’s which did count are:-

Paul Eales  (Again).

Bill Smith

Roger Mead.

Well done gentlemen.


In the main competition the results are as follows:-

Division 1.

1 st  Gerry Newby  +4

2 nd. Martin Howard +2

3rd. Jim Baxter +1

4th. Mike Rowe +1


In Division 2.

1 st Allan Williams +4

2 nd. Tony Dixon  0

3rd. Bill Smith  0

4th. Colin Underwood -2

There are a lot of names which always seem to be winning or in the top 4 – 5.  I think I shall have to monitor these cards and consult the handicap secretary.

Apart from that well played.


Stardate 09052019/2

Today only 26 players went out to brave the weather, (either that or they thought the play may be slow following the Match half way round) Answers to me if you feel the need to comment).

Today’s  Stableford Non Qualifier.

Only 1 x 2 today, sadly on the wrong hole (Tony Dixon)  good two all the same Tony.


In Division 1.

1st Terry Dixon 37 Points.

2 nd Geoff Dutton 36 Points.

3rd Gerry Newby 34 Points.


In Division 2.

1st Colin Underwood 37 Points.

2 nd David Heath 37 Points.

3rd Tony Dixon 35 Points.

Well played to you all good scores.

Stardate 09052019/3


Finally in the Match V Spalding we were victorious by 6 / 2. (Thank you Duncan for being the captain, but you will have to lead by example and win next time).  (I’ll have to make sure I win in the next Match)

The win was against great odds as their Handicaps were to say the least were very high, with the lowest being 15 (which was the only one). and the highest being 37.

Well played to the team.

I would also like to thank Bill Dark, Paul Eales and the committee for pulling the administration together on the Match as I was non too well,  Thank you.

Please Check the seniors notice board in the changing rooms because there is always something to put your name down for.


If you fancy playing in any of the Matches, please feel free to put your name down.  It’s a great way to play other courses, all you pay for is the 2 course meal at the end.

Or alternatively speak to me or any other senior’s member who already play in the Matches to get an ideal of what they entail, you might enjoy playing.


Finally for this week, we have got some big competitions coming up where the halfway house will be manic.  At the moment there are a few members of the committee’s wives get involved and provide a great service not only to our members but also visiting teams/players who put a lot of money into our club.

It would be superb if we could have a couple more volunteer’s from our Senior Members wives to help run this facility on big competitions.

If your wife/partner might be interested please contact myself for details.  (Thank You).


Thank you all for your support this week and the well wishes and phone calls.


I will see you all next week.


Bald Eagle.



Captains Blog Stardate 09052019.

Good evening all, Unfortunately the blog will be delayed this week because as some of you will know I wasn’t too good this morning and didn’t play in the match.


However, I will get around to it when I feel 100% over the weekend.


All the best

Bald Eagle.


Captains Blog Stardate 30042019/1


Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Blog, On Tuesday 48 players took part in a Team Stroke play Competition.

The winning Team comprised of :-

1st Place

Graham S-Williams

David Hirst                    :-  126/(59 Strokes on the back nine).

Allan Williams

2nd Place

Cliff Smith

Terry Reagan                :-  126 / 63 (on the back nine).

Pete turner

3rd Place

Tom Kelly

Graham Horton          :-  127 strokes.

Jodi Kirschner


There were 8 2’s today, 6 of which didn’t count :-

Pete Turner, Graham S Williams, Geoff Dutton, Shane Wilcox, Peter Limage, John Swift.

The 2’s which took the £12 each were :- Graham S Williams, (11) hole, Tony Harvey (11) Hole

well played Gentlemen.

Stardate 02052019/2

In the medal today 50 + players took part.

In Cat 1.

1st place :- Terry Dixon with 71 on countback.

2nd Place :- John Fisher 71

3rd Shawn Farren :- 74.


In Cat 2.

1st Place :- Steven Clifton 71.

2nd Place :- Mel Moxon 72.

3rd Place :- Allan Williams 74.

Well Played to you all.

Nearest the pin on the 14th hole was Terry Reagan winning two bottles of wine (well Done Terry).

Three 2’s out of four counted today all on the second hole :- John Fisher, Paul Eales and Steven Clifton, each player getting £10 (well Done).

The non counting two on the 14th hole was Allan Williams.


There were two players with a Handicap increase today :-

Tony Dixon :- 25 to 25.5 :- 26 New Handicap.

Cliff Smith :- 15 to 15.5 :- 16 New Handicap.

The Handicap decreases were :-

Steven Clifton :- 20 to 18.8 = 19 new Handicap.

Terry Dixon :- 13 to 11.9 = 12    ——- ” ——-

John Fisher :- 8 to 6.9  = 7       ——- ” ——–

Mel Moxon :- 20 to 19.1 = 19  ——- ” ——–

Well played everyone.

I have to report that John Taylor Totally lost his head today,  On the 6th hole he played his second shot and the head of his utility wood flew down the fairway,  We never saw the ball but eventually after playing a provisional ball we found it right down the fairway.  Hope your Gorilla Snot Glue works John.

Next week on Tuesday there is a Perry Bogey Trophy off yellow tee’s and on Thursday a Stableford (Non Qualifier), there is also a Match V Spalding Golf Club.

Please read the Seniors notice board in the changing rooms, there are plenty of Competitions/Matches/and June’s Medal List is up so get your names down.

Thank you for your support this week, see you all next week (Keep Swinging that Golf Club).

A big thank you to Mac Towers today for the new hat for me.  with a massive Bald Eagle on the front.


Bald Eagle



Captains Blog Stardate 23042019/1

Good day everyone welcome to this weeks blog, this week has been busy again, with two competitions on Tuesday and Thursday plus a Match v Rutland County.

Tuesday we played the Pairs better ball competition, 48 members went out to challenge the course.

There were 5 2’s, sadly 3 didn’t count they were, Geoff Dutton (14th), Yours Truly (14th)  and Tony Hales also on the 14th hole.

The two 2’s which did count were Geoff Dutton on the 2nd Hole and yours truly on the 11 th (£20 each thank you very much).

We paid out for 3 places today, in :-

1st:-   was John Taylor and Rod Sanderson (with 45 Points)

2nd on countback,  Gerry Grimshaw and Tony Gwillym (44 points, 26 on the back nine).

3rd  Graham Horton and Jim Baxter 44 points 23 on the back nine.

also with 44 / 22 points was Gary Noble and Colin Underwood. (sorry Guy’s you were narrowly beaten).

I was told today by Colin Underwood he is a font of “Course knowledge”    No Colin, when you hit a ball sharp left of the tee on the 2nd and 7th holes and hit the side wall of the deep ditch and it bounces back onto the fairway, it’s called luck or more appropriately JAMMY  “Not even a members bounce.

Graham Horton is looking for donations to his new “Tee’s” fund so he doesn’t have to tie five or six together so he doesn’t lose them (I have some spare one’s Graham if you are in need).


Stardate 25042019/2

Today only 27 players turned out for the Med/Stab (it might have been the thought of getting wet that put members off).

Only one 2 today that was Tony Gwillym on the 8th hole, well done Tony .

Martin only paid out to two places in each division.

Cat 1.

1st  John Taylor 14 points.

2nd Jim Goodrum 20 Points.


Cat 2.

1st Jodi Kirschner 11 points

2nd  Steve Clifton 18 points, 20 on the back nine.

also with 18 points,  David Lamyman 18/18.  Colin Underwood 18/18, Allan Williams 18/16

Well played gents.  I think John and Jodi might be chopped , your cards are with the handicap secretary.


In the Match against Rutland County, sadly we lost 5/3.

Other news.

Sorry to say Paul Eales had yet another “Senior Moment”, a few weeks ago he forgot to put his golf clubs in the car,  today even after his wife Jane reminded him he forgot his clubs, shoes, trolley and battery.  Paul you need some stick-it labels to remind yourself (stick one on your steering wheel).

Gentlemen, although Tuesday’s Competition ran smoothly, all of that was down to Martin Howard organising the “Drawn” list and sorting Cat1 and Cat2 as teams.  It doesn’t help if you put your name down and don’t turn up, or alternatively not putting your name down at all and expecting to play in the competition.

I know some offenders have apologised to Martin for the inconvenience caused but please try to make his job that little bit easier and cause less hassle.

If you can’t make it when you have booked the clubhouse Phone number is :- 01526 861113

Please read the Seniors notice board in the changing rooms, All competitions/Matches are displayed well in advance.


For those of you who like to play in the “Friendly Matches” (Not) I am looking for places to be filled in forthcoming events on the notice board.

Thank you for your support this week, see you all next week.

Bald Eagle







Captains Blog Stardate 16042019/1

Good Day Gentlemen and welcome to this weeks blog.

Today we Played the unusual “Bogey” Competition, 48 members played coming in with some good scores.

There were 4 2’s today, Bill Smith and Duncan Bustin on the wrong holes.  The 2’s which counted was Jim Lee and Mike Brookes, Well done gents.

In Cat 1:-

1st was Jim Goodrum with +3 (On countback)

2nd David Lesage also  with +3

3rd Gerry Newby with +2.

(Is this format OK Jim or would you like the font bigger so you can understand and read it easier?)

In Cat2:-

1st was Allan Williams with +3

2nd Bruce Fairly with 0

3rd Jim Meadows with -1

Well played to you all.

Stardate 18042019/2

Today was busy with a Stableford Competition 40 Members played in this competition, and a Seniors Match against Tydd St Giles.

The Stableford Competition saw 3 2’s, unfortunately Tony Gwillym was on the wrong hole, However, David Lamyman and Alister Grant got their 2’s on the 2nd hole (£20 thank you very  much).

In Cat 1 :-

1st Cliff Smith  36 Points

2nd John Taylor 35 Points

3rd Geoff Dutton 34 on countback from Graham S Williams

Cat 2:-

1st was Allan Williams 37 Points

2nd Tony Gwillym 36 points on countback.

3rd Jeff Stamford 36 Points

Well played Gentlemen, good scores.

In the Seniors Match today against Tydd St Giles we came a credible 2nd losing 4/3.

Pete Turner won nearest the pin on 14 with 8′ 10″, sadly this didn’t help him win his match.

Thank you team for your support today.  Sadly we can’t win them all, but next Thursday might be our time.


For those of you who might have thought you were nearer the pin on 14 instead of Pete, this was part of the Match Play only and not the Stableford (Sorry). you lost.

Please check the Seniors notice board in the changing room for up and coming information and competitions.

Thank you all for your support this week and I will see you next Tuesday.


Bald Eagle





Captains blog Stardate 06042019/1

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, I say that because I do know some Ladies do read the blog, especially Hazel Milner, so welcome to you all.

This week was very busy, starting on Saturday when the Seniors played the Rabbits and Hare’s, each fielding 12 players, unfortunately the Seniors lost 5 – 1  this is mainly due to all the shots which they had to give to the opposition,  thank you for your efforts Gentlemen.

Stardate 09042919/2

Today we played a challenging and interesting team Stableford , 1 score to on 1 – 6,   2 to score on 7 – 12, and all three to score on 13 – 18, the back 6 holes always catch players out which makes it more interesting.

The results are:- 3rd place Pat Stewart, Geoff Dutton and Alister Grant, in 2nd place:- John Taylor, Jim Goodrum and Gerry Newby, 1st place:- Pete Turner, Cliff Smith and T Reagan.  Well done gentlemen.

There were no 2’s on the correct holes.  The only two of the day was Bob Palmer on the 14th hole, Unlucky Bob.

Stardate 11042019/3

What an interesting today was with some great results and right down to the last few players coming in.

Worthy of mention is John Fisher who had two Eagles in the round. A 2 on the 13th hole stroke index 1 and a 3 on the 6th hole par 5, outstanding, well played John.

The other 2’s were John Taylor on the 11th hole and Pete Turner on the 2nd hole, unfortunately John Spooner and Terry Reagan got a 2 on the 14th which didn’t count.  Well played gentlemen.

Bill Dark paid out to 4 places in both categories today:-

In Cat 2:- 4th place went to Tony Dixon with a 71, 3rd place to Neil Taylor with a 70, 2nd went to Jodie Kirschner on countback also a 70, and the winner  was Terry Reagan with a 69, excellent golf guys.

In Cat 1:-    4th place with a 73 was Duncan Bustin  (Good to see, Normally he sets himself low targets and constantly fails to achieve them)well done Duncan only kidding.  3rd place on countback Gerry Newby with a 73,  2nd also with 73 John Taylor and the winner of Cat 1 was Cliff Smith with a fabulous 66.   The overall winner of the Dave Burns Trophy   with an outstanding 65 off 8 handicap  was Pete Turner,  well done to you all gentlemen I hope you enjoyed your day.

There were quite a few changes in handicap today the increases are:–  Pat Stewart from 13 – 14, Jeff Stamford 29 – 30, John Spooner 16 – 17, Mike Key 19 – 20, Tony Harvey 19 – 20 and amazingly John Fisher 7 – 8, even with two Eagles in the round. (The computer works it out not the committee).

The decreases in handicap :– Tony Dixon 26 – 25, Jodie Kirschner 23 – 22, Terry Reagan 22 – 21, Cliff Smith 17 – 15, Neil Taylor 26 – 25 and finally Pete Turner 8 – 6 making him the lowest handicap golfer in the Seniors Section (Well played Pete). and congratulations gentlemen.

Thank you for all your support this week, please check the Seniors notice board in the changing rooms for up and coming events/competitions.

If you wish to play in the AM/AM you will need to place your entry A.S.A.P as there are only a few places left (Speak to Bill Dark as soon as you can and he’ll take your money).

Keep swinging that golf club, you know it makes sense.

See you all next week.

Bald Eagle.



Captains Blog Star date 02042019/1.

Good day gentlemen and welcome to my blog for this week.

What a week of complete opposites, Today we saw it horrendously  cold and wet,  35 of us braved the conditions, only 11 intrepid golfers returned.  24 players saw sense and came in to get warm and dry.

The 3 clubs and a putter competition didn’t prove to be  very popular (then again it could have been the weather).

The winner if Cat 1 was Geoff Dutton with a very respectable 35 points, second was Gerry Newby with 33 and 3rd Jim Goodrum with 30 points (see Jim you got a mention this week).

In Cat 2 Rob Baldwin won on countback  with 31 points, second was Alister Grant and 3rd Dave Heath with 27 Points, your perseverance paid off gentlemen well done.

Stardate 04042019/2

Today’s medal saw reasonable weather, although the wind did have an effect on the scores, it was also a day of differing contrasts. 60 members turned out, what a fantastic turnout.

First of all Happy Birthday to Bruce Fairley and thank you for the tipple on the bar.

3 players were disqualified for playing off the wrong tee on the 4th hole (should have gone to Specsavers and have your colour-blindness checked)  They were Colin Underwood, Tony Gwillym and Bruce Fairley (not a very nice birthday present Bruce).

Nearest the pin was won by Gerry Newby with a wonderful 3′ 9″ (well done Gerry).

There were 7 2’s today, unfortunately only one counted on the 2nd hole, well done John Fisher £20 on your card.  The 6 none scoring 2’s were Colin Clark, Michael Fell, Gerry Newby, John Stephenson, Dave Proctor and Dave Tasker (unlucky gents).

Bill paid out 4 places today, In Cat 1, in fourth place with 78  was John Stephenson (consistent John same as last month) Third place was Michael Fell with 76, 2nd Place on countback was Jim Goodrum (Another mention Jim) and the winner was Duncan Bustin with 75 (more improvement Dunc, keep it going)

In Cat 2, Fourth place was Alan Jude with 79, third Mel Moxon with 77, second with 74 Rod Sanderson and the winner with 72 Norman Beavis Well done to you all gentlemen.

The only changes in handicap were both decreases, Norman Beavis down to 21.6 and Rod Sanderson down to 21.5 (well played gents).

Thank you all for your support this week, next week on Tuesday we have a team Stableford competition and on Thursday Dave Burns Trophy (qualifier off yellow tee’s)

Please check the seniors notice board in the changing room, there are plenty of notices/competitions coming up in the near future.

See you all next week

Bald Eagle




Blog from the cattle shed caretaker.

Sorry Captain Gerry, don’t wish to invade your blog territory, but we have to let the members know and it is at short notice.

To all Seniors, we have been informed by the catering chairman Mike Mawson that there will be no Bacon baps as from this coming Tuesday morning the 2nd of April. Any more information will be given out as and when we get it.



Captains Blog Star date 26032019/1

Welcome to this weeks  Captains Blog.

Today we played a Stableford Qualifier, with 40 Plus going out on the course.

There were 5 two’s today, 4 of which did not count (all on the 14th hole).  Tony Hall, Gerry Newby, Mel Moxon and Don Donovan (Hard luck gents).

The two which did score was Norman Beavis gaining him £20.00 to himself (Well done Norman).

The winner of Cat 1 with a majestic 38 points was Cliff Smith, 2nd was Bob Palmer with 35 points  and 3rd  on countback also with 35 points was Jim Baxter.

Cat 2 winner was David Lamyman with 37 points, 2nd on countback was Jodi Kirschner and 3rd with 36 points beating Don Donovan into 4th place on countback was Norman Beavis (hard luck Don, well played Gentlemen).

Star date 28032019/2

Today the section played a Texas Scramble and a Match against Boston Seniors.

The Texas Scramble saw some very impressive scores with all three teams within 1 score of each other.  The winners with a score of 65 were Tony Dixon,  Steve Cockcroft and Eric Langley, 2nd place went to Mel Moxon, Terry Dixon and John Stephenson with a score of 65.5, finally in 3rd with a score of 66 were Richard Attwell, Graham Horton and Jodi Kirschner, well played to you all.

In the Seniors March each team fielded 12 players, the result was quite pleasing as our team were giving away a lot of shots to the opposition.  we ended up with a draw 3-3 Great result gentlemen thank you for playing out of your skins.  Even Duncan won (He’s improving each game).  However,  he remains the vainest man I have ever met,  he comes out of the shower, dry’s himself off and then blow dry’s his hair under the hand dryer on the wall. (only you could do something like that Dunc).


Yours truly lost, so no doubt Duncan will probably say I played like a Turkey   and didn’t soar like an Eagle.

Please check the Seniors Notice Board each week as there are plenty of events coming up,

Next Tuesday we have a 3 clubs and a Putter competition and on Thursday April’s Medal off white tee’s.

Thanks for your support, see you all next week.


Bald Eagle





Star date 21032019/2

Unfortunately I haven’t got any results for today at South Kyme, so I will add them to next week’s blog.  However, in the away match v Boston West the team were victorious with a 4½ – 2½ win.

The 2 loss came from a two very unexpected pairings, Shawn Farren/Terry Reagan (1) and Pete Zammit/ Bob Palmer (1). Shawn was injured and didn’t play well which is acceptable, so what happened to the other 3. (answers on a postcard/Stamp).

The ½ point came from the pairing of Duncan Bustin/ Norman Beavis (you are improving Dunc keep going).

I’d like to thank the whole team for their support and turning up on time apart from Jim Baxter who thought I meant 09.00 was the arrive time and not the tee time. (Better late than never Jim).

Please check the Seniors Notice Board each time you come to the club as there is lots of information coming up over the next few months.

See you all next week, thanks for your support.

All the best

Bald Eagle.



Captains Blog Star date :- 19032019/1

Good day Gentlemen and welcome to my blog for this week, and what a busy week it has been.

First of all and extremely worthy of mention is Harry Lee, he has decided he can no longer carry on playing golf,(his body is telling him a story).  Harry has been a member of the Seniors Section for over 20 years, which is when South Kyme was in its infancy.

The Seniors Section wish you well Harry, come and see us anytime.

Today saw a Seniors Stableford Competition and a Seniors match against the Ladies.

First of all, 30 of you played the competition, in Cat 1, Pete Turner came in  with a very credible 38 points, 2nd was Martin Howard with 35 points and 3rd Jim Goodrun on 34 points.

In Cat 2, David Heath won with 37 points, 2nd was Mel Moxon with 36 points and 3rd Tony Gwillym on 35 points.

Well done to you all gentlemen.

There was a 2’s festival today with nine in all, sadly Mel Moxon and Jim Ferguson got them on the wrong hole.  The other 7 managed them on the right holes.  However, with so many 2’s it wasn’t viable to pay out, so Bill Dark very kindly donated the money to the water jar, thank you Bill/Gentlemen.

The Ladies V Seniors Match was won by the gentlemen with a 5 ½ – 2½ victory.  After the match, Duncan Bustin excused himself before the finish of proceedings with the excuse (I’ve got a piano lesson) can you imagine!!!  It would be like a Gorilla playing the piano with fingers like he has.  (He is practising to become Eric Morecombe, by playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order. Good luck with that Duncan.

Myra Lesage the Ladies Captain very kindly split the takings for the day into our respective charities, Thank you Myra.

I saw another funny thing today (Well I thought it was funny) the ex-captain Zammo carrying milk to the halfway house, how the mighty have fallen, from Captain to milk monitor in one move.


Captains Blog: – Star Date 12032019/1

Good Day Gentlemen and welcome to my blog for this week.

Sadly the weather gods were not with us this week, Tuesday we had horrendous winds and the threat of heavy showers.

Notwithstanding this, there were 7 intrepid golfers who braved the elements to play.  Martin Howard, Geoff Dutton, Alister Grant, Graham S-Williams, John Stanford, Tony Gwillym and Colin Underwood, well done gentlemen, even though you only played 9 holes (at least you had a go, not like the rest of us cowards).

Star Date 14032019/2

Unfortunately the weather was even worse today, Torrential rain at the start of the monthly Medal, which to be fair did improve along the way as we got into the round, (Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t my fault I am not a water wizard, at least this year is slightly better than the start of last year, ask Zammo he’ll tell you a story. (you can sit on his knee if you like).

My Vice Captain Duncan, one minute was going to play, then he wasn’t, in the end he did, (He used to be indecisive now he’s not so sure). Well done Dunc.

44 seniors braved the conditions today (you could say we are all mad) but that’s indicative of the spirit of the Senior Section.  Although there was some reluctance at the start to actually go out and brave the conditions.

Nearest the pin was won by Alan Williams with a magnificent 4’ 3” into the teeth of the wind (Well done Alan).  He did get his 2; sadly it was the wrong hole.  There was one other 2 on the 11th Hole won by yours truly.

Cat 1 was won by John Stephenson with a gallant net 78, 2nd was Shawn Farren on countback and 3rd Terry Dixon with a net 79.

Cat 2 winner was Richard Attwell with a superb net 78, second on countback was Alan Broome and 3rd also on countback was Tony Gwillym (must have been the practice on Tuesday Tony?) well done gentlemen in such challenging conditions.

There were no increases or decreases in handicaps today as the wind did have an effect on the scoring (It was Brutal out there).

Next week’s diary.

On Tuesday there is a Stable ford non qualifier/ seniors team v Ladies at 10.30.

Thursday a Med/Stab / Seniors Match away at Boston West.

Please check the seniors notice board for information on competitions and Matches which are all about to start next week.

Gentlemen well done to you all and thank you for your support, see you next week.

Chow for now

Bald Eagle.

Captain’s Blog Star date 07032019/1

Good Day Gentlemen, Firstly, I would like to thank all the Committee for guiding me through what could have been a very hectic first week as Captain, and secondly to you the members of the Seniors section for supporting my charity/project and turning up for my Drive-in.

As far as first weeks go it ran very smoothly, probably because I was only here for 1 day of it, due to a previous booked appointment, thank you again.

On Tuesday you had a Stableford Competition where 47 members went out to play, the weather although windy and cold at first turned out reasonable.

In Cat 1, David Le Sage came 3rd with 33 points, Jim Goodrun 2nd with 35 Points and Geoff Dutton a very credible 1st with 37 points, congratulations gents.

Well done to Duncan Bustin on getting a 2 on the right hole for a change.


In Cat 2, Robert Baldwin came 3rd on count-back with 37 Points, Second was Tony Gwillym also with 37 Points, but the winner with a marvelous 39 Points was Alistair Grant, gaining him a handicap chop, unlucky but well deserved. (Only Joking).

Handicap increases were Shawn Farren, Tony Hall, Graham Sylvester – Williams, Pete Turner and Alan Williams, all gaining 1 Stroke.

Star date 07032019/2

My Drive in today went very well with quite few members turning up for the Spectacle of my drive, I must say my bum was sixpence/half a crown especially with all watching, until I hit the ball, thankfully it went 169 yards 7 inches (much to my relief).  The funny thing is that my drive in the match v the Vice Capt. only just made it passed the ladies tee. (I obviously peaked too soon).

44 Members went out in the Captain V Vice Captain match which had a wonderful result in my favour, the score 9 ½ to 1 ½ a thoroughly majestic scudding wouldn’t you say Duncan! (Oh dear, how sad never mind).  Although the number one who lost was myself and Alistair. (Such is Life).

Nearest the pin was won by John Swift with 4 ‘ 6” well done John. There were four two’s, all on the wrong holes (what numpties).

Guess the drive distance was won by Pete Zammit, 2nd came Rob Baldwin and 3rd John Spooner (well done guys).

Sadly my prize for nearest to my drive on the 9th hole had to be cancelled as the marker was moved, wasn’t it Mick Mawson, who thought it was the longest drive, a forgivable mistake, and especially as it was a marker on the fairway (Should have gone to Spec Savers Mick).

Many thanks to you all in helping raise £245.50 towards my charity (Air Ambulance) and my project which is for equipment to help maintain the golf course.

Next week we have a non-qualifying Medal on Tuesday off the Green Tee’s, followed by the March Medal off yellow tees on Thursday.

Please check the senior’s notice board for updates and Seniors Matches.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Cheers for now

Gerry (Previous AKA the Bald Eagle)

(Duncan will probably say I played like a Turkey today).